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John’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

By John Manuel:

Updated:  April 25, 2018


1- Cleveland Browns- Sam Darnold- QB- USC
Allen is a popular name but I think in the end it will still be Darnold. Don’t forget how sick Darnold was after becoming the starter for USC. Down the stretch and into the Penn State win in the Rose Bowl.

2- NY Giants- Josh Rosen- QB- UCLA
Barkley seems to be the popular choice but when will NY be at this point again? Eli is not the QB of the future. Can the Giants afford to pass on a QB? I think they can’t if they feel any of the remaining QBs can be franchise guy.

3- NY Jets- Baker Mayfield- QB- Oklahoma
Maybe switch the top 3 all around and Rosen or Darnold is here. But the Jets taking a QB has to be one of the drafts locks.

4- Cleveland- Bradley Chubb- DE- NC State
Could they pass on Barkley if he is at 4? Yes. Getting the top call on QB and the best defensive player in the draft back to back years will do that. Plenty of good backs will be there at the top of round 2 or if they want to move into the back of the first.

5- Denver Broncos- Saquon Barkley-RB- Penn State
Denver seems to be a QB spot but I think Elway rides with Keenum for now if he can have Barkley. Trading back with Miami or Buffalo is also possible.

6- Miami Dolphins (trade with Colts)- Josh Allen- QB- Wyoming
I bet Miami and Buffalo both call the Colts and with all the QBs and no Chubb the Colts will still get a great guy at 12. And Tannenbaum will probably give up more than Buffalo to move up.

7- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derwin James- S- Florida State
Tampa would start salivating if Barkley gets by the Giants and Browns. But in the end a guy like James works well for them.

8- Chicago Bears- Quenton Nelson- G- Notre Dame
Remember when Joekel and Fisher went 1-2? Nelson may go 8th and is a way better prospect for the Bears. They would have to be thrilled for this to happen.

9- Indianapolis Colts (from 49ers)- Roquan Smith- LB- Georgia
Indy has been able to stockpile picks with good moves and sees Oakland eyeing Smith so they move up a few.

10- Arizona Cardinals (from Raiders)- Lamar Jackson- QB- Louisville
The fear of Belichick having two 1s now forces the Cards hand into moving up. A lot of talk about Jackson, but remember from 2016 when Louisville went to Clemson. Jackson not Watson was the best player on that field.

11- San Francisco 49ers- Minkah Fitzpatrick- CB- Alabama
For the second straight year the Niners are able to move back and still get a guy they wanted at their original spot. Maybe the go Denzel Ward? But calling Minkah.

12- Buffalo Bills- Tremaine Edwards- LB – VA Tech
Could they make the stretch for Mason Rudolph here? I doubt it since they have another pick in the first round. Will try and move up but may just lose out on musical chairs.

13- Washington Redskins – Denzel Ward- CB- Ohio State
Everyone is expecting Payne, Vea or reaching for a back. Obviously the best call would be to try and move back. They need to hope Jackson or even somehow Allen are still around but I doubt it. I think they take a guy in the end who is worthy of the 13th pick.

14- Dallas Cowboys (from Packers) – Calvin Ridley- WR- Alabama
Lots of guys the Packers could choose here so Jerrah and Junior get ansy after dropping Dez. And see the Ravens and Seahawks as possible Ridley takers.

15- Oakland Raiders- Vita Vea- DT- Washington
This is all Gruden here. Fits a need and Gruden will have memories of Warren Sapp. Would be a good situation for the Raiders to move back and still get Vea.

16- Baltimore Ravens- Mike McGlintchey- OT- Notre Dame
Ravens decided to go the vet route on wide receiver. It could work but finding a tackle opposite of Stanley is still a need. Need to address tight end but it is too early.

17- Los Angeles Chargers- Mason Rudolph- QB- Oklahoma State
Call me crazy but is Rivers in it for the long haul? And I feel like the Chargers have a pretty good 22 going on. And if they want to go QB they can here.

18- Seattle Seahawks- Harold Landry- EDGE- Boston College
Have to rebuild the defense after all the losses. Real news could be if Earl Thomas stays in Dallas after the draft?

19- Green Bay Packers- Da’Ron Payne- DT- Alabama
Another case where a team could trade back and still get a player they may have already taken. Davenport also there and Clay Matthews feels like he is truly breaking down.

20- Detroit Lions- Derrius Guice- RB- LSU
Adding Blount does not fix their recent history of not having a true running back. Just make the move now and don’t get cute Lions.

21- Cincinnati Bengals- Will Hernandez- G- UTEP
Could be another Zack Martin type pick here. The draft is running out of falling stars at this point so take a potential stud and be thrilled.

22- Buffalo Bills- D.J. Moore- WR- Maryland
Kelvin Benjamin kinda sucks. Lets face it. And Zay Jones is kinda crazy. Let’s face that also. Missing out on the QBs will be the story though.

23- New England Patriots (from Rams)- Marcus Davenport- EDGE- UTSA
Probably way off here but its just where Davenport fell to. Pats could look RB, WR, OL, or even QB here. Crazy that it seems they have holes like that for such a solid team?

24- Carolina Panthers- Josh Jackson- CB- Iowa
With Moore and Ridley gone I think Jackson would be a safe and solid move for Carolina. Still need to find a replacement for letting Josh Norman walk.

25- Cleveland Brown (from Titans)- Nick Chubb- RB- Georgia
After passing on Barkley I felt like the Browns would come back with a RB next. Michel’s medicals may move him under his teammate Chubb. Could still be Michel or Guice if he is here.

26- Atlanta Falcons- Taven Bryan- DL- Florida
Atlanta like the Chargers I feel have a real good 22. So they could go many ways here. But Poe is gone after one season and Bryan fills that hole.

27- New Orleans Saints- Mike Gesecki- TE- Penn State
Other tight ends seem to rank higher but I think Payton sees some of Jimmy Graham here. Last year’s draft was a monster and filled so many holes. I have to keep reminding all how sick it was.

28- Pittsburgh Steelers- Rashaan Evans- LB- Alabama
So sad about Ryan Shazier still. I think the Steelers would be jumping for joy if Evans is here.

29- Jacksonville Jaguars- Jaire Alexander- CB- Louisville
Crazy with their money corners already? No. Load up and go to war! Don’t be shocked if the Jags are a team to make a big move up for a QB.

30- Minnesota Vikings- Leighton Vander Esch- LB- Boise St
Almost a luxury pick for a loaded roster.

31- New England Patriots- Anthony Miller- WR- Memphis
Shooting up the boards.

32- New England Patriots (from Eagles)- Kyle Lauletta- QB- Richmond
Think they move up to secure a QB.