User Submitted Fantasy Football Mock Drafts: 08/08

Fantasy Football Fantasy Mock Drafts

1. Kaz – Non Dynasty and PPR League, 16 Team Mock Draft

Link to mock draft:


QB1 Peyton Manning (BYE: 4)

RB1 Giovani Bernard (BYE: 4)

RB2 Trent Richardson (BYE: 10)

WR1 Roddy White (BYE: 9)

WR2 Sammy Watkins (BYE: 9)

FLEX1 WR Brandin Cooks (BYE: 6)

TE1 Jared Cook (BYE: 4)

DEF1 Seahawks Defense (BYE: 4)

K1 Matt Prater (BYE: 4)

BN1 QB Tom Brady (BYE: 10)

BN2 WR Danny Amendola (BYE: 10)

BN3 WR Andrew Hawkins (BYE: 4)

BN4 RB Denard Robinson (BYE: 11)

BN5 WR Jeremy Kerley (BYE: 11)

BN6 RB Chris Polk (BYE: 7)

Why I like this Mock: First off, Kudos for doing a 16 team league, that is serious fantasy football right there. While some may wonder why you don’t grab 2 RB’s at the top of a 16 team league, I love the idea of taking Peyton Manning here. In a 16 team league the gap between Manning and the rest of the QB’s really shows up. Not only is Manning far and away better than the QB’s after the top 5 or 6, but in such a big league you aren’t going to be playing any teams twice, (and you aren’t playing even every team once), that means Manning might face one of the other top QB’s just once or twice in the regular season. Also, grabbing Tom Brady as a back-up is a great move as well. Not only could it be huge upside if Brady returns to form and give you great trade value, but in a 16 team league, even if Brady plays like he did last year you have some real value. Though Bernard and Richardson aren’t guaranteed studs, both are young guys with talent who are apart of strong offenses. Both should also fare well in a PPR league. The Receivers are younger (outside of Roddy White), but if you are going to look for upside (particularly in a PPR league) both Watkins and Cooks are great picks.

Mock 2: Zach- Non-Dynasty and PPR, 12 team Mock Draft

Link to Mock Draft:


QB1 Tom Brady (BYE: 10)

RB1 Eddie Lacy (BYE: 9)

RB2 Lamar Miller (BYE: 5)

WR1 Antonio Brown (BYE: 12)

WR2 Larry Fitzgerald (BYE: 4)

WR3 Michael Crabtree (BYE: 8)

FLEX1 WR Terrance Williams (BYE: 11)

TE1 Kyle Rudolph (BYE: 10)

DEF1 Cardinals Defense (BYE: 4)

K1 Blair Walsh (BYE: 10)

BN1 RB Steven Jackson (BYE: 9)

BN2 WR Cordarrelle Patterson (BYE: 10)

BN3 RB Darren McFadden (BYE: 5)

BN4 WR Jarrett Boykin (BYE: 9)

BN5 WR Andre Holmes (BYE: 5)

Why I like this Mock: I’m a big Eddie Lacy fan as he could see more total fantasy points even if his carries do dip slightly with the return of Aaron Rodgers. Lacy last year had to do some tough running with Rodgers out, but now he should see favorable fronts and could have similar success to what Knowshon Moreno did a year ago in Denver (and Lacy is the superior talent). Lacy also figures to be more involved in the passing game and should do well in PPR formats. Speaking of Moreno, I think he’s overrated and Miller will end up being the Dolphins top back so I really like his pick here. The Dolphins rebuilt their offensive line so Miller should have a nice chance to put up 1,000 plus yards on the ground. What is really impressive about his team is the WR corps. Brown, Fitzgerald, Crabtree and Williams gives this team 4 guys who could all top 1,000 yards this year, and 3 of which who should be their team’s number one WR. Even the depth at WR is pretty good with upside plays in Patterson, Boykin and Holmes. Steven Jackson and McFadden are decent back-up RB’s, giving this team good match-up potential.

Mock 3: Simon, Non-Dynasty, non-PPR, 12 Team Mock Draft

Link to Mock Draft:


QB1 Aaron Rodgers (BYE: 9)

RB1 Eddie Lacy (BYE: 9)

RB2 Rashard Jennings (BYE: 8)

WR1 Alshon Jeffery (BYE: 9)

WR2 DeSean Jackson (BYE: 10)

FLEX1 RB Steven Jackson (BYE: 9)

TE1 Dwayne Allen (BYE: 10)

DEF1 Bengals Defense (BYE: 4)

K1 Alex Henery (BYE: 7)

BN1 WR Eric Decker (BYE: 11)

BN2 RB Darren Sproles (BYE: 7)

BN3 WR Sammy Watkins (BYE: 9)

BN4 RB Danny Woodhead (BYE: 10)

BN5 RB Khiry Robinson (BYE: 6)

BN6 WR Miles Austin (BYE: 4)

BN7 WR Brandon LaFell (BYE: 10)

Why I like this mock draft: Going Lacy and Rodgers at the top of your draft does make you Packers dependent, but that’s not such a bad thing. Green Bay should be one of the highest scoring teams in the league and you should be the beneficiary of the vast majority of their offensive touchdowns and yards. Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson give two more big play weapons from two offenses who are projected to do quite well this year. Rashard Jennings and Steven Jackson aren’t the safest bets, but both look to be the featured backs and decent pass catchers on their teams this year. Both should also be guys getting some nice goalline work as well. Dwayne Allen could end up being the number one TE in what should be a top 5 passing attack. What really makes this team intriguing is their impressive depth. Sproles, Woodhead and Robinson are all interesting RB options. While Decker, Watkins and Austin all figure to be their team’s number 1 WR. Sure they might not be great passing attacks, but that shouldn’t keep them from putting up decent fantasy numbers.

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