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Marvin Harrison Jr. – WR9, ADP 16.1:

One of the most talked about WR prospects in years, the son of HOF Marvin Harrison is worth the hype and should be part of any Best Ball Portfolio.

The only real concern would be the landing spot, particularly if say the Patriots took him at 3. Other than that, it’s tough to poke holes in his game. He’s the complete package and can make a Ja’Marr Chase rookie impact.


Malik Nabers- WR 19, ADP 28:

Nabers stock has exploded this past year, and he’s very much an elite WR prospect. In any other season, he’s likely the top WR off the board. He should go in the top 7 picks and will be an immediate top weapon for whichever team drafts him.

While there is always a bit of a risk here given some of the other big names going around him, it’s hard to deny his talent. I do like that you get a 12-pick ADP discount from Harrison Jr.


Rome Odunze- WR 29, ADP 46.3:

Odunze is likely to be the 3rd WR off the board, but it’s much closer than this ADP suggests. Odunze could end up being the 2nd WR selected depending on the team, and even if he remains the 3rd feels like a lock as a top 10 pick.

For a guy who has been extremely productive in college, has the size you want, and athleticism, his ADP gap has remained constant. Odunze will likely go within 2-4 picks in the NFL draft of Nabers and maybe Harrison Jr. as well. Yet he’s going 30 spots after Harrison Jr. and almost 20 after Nabers? That doesn’t make sense unless we knew that the landing spot was that much worse.


Brian Thomas Jr.- WR 38, ADP 66.1:

Thomas was underutilized his first two years at LSU, but got the chance to be a full-time starter this year. That led to the Tigers having one of the best passing attacks in the country, with Thomas leading the FBS in receiving TDs.

He has elite speed, and size making him a top deep threat and red zone weapon. Thomas does a tremendous job adjusting and tracking the ball, and should make an early impact as a rookie.

Despite only having one year of big production, Thomas looks to have the tools to produce as a rookie. I don’t mind taking shots at this ADP range for him.


Adonai Mitchell- WR 45, ADP 92.8:

Mitchell is a big, fast WR who transferred from Georgia to Texas this past year.  Mitchell can be the complete package and a true number 1 if he puts it all together. He has the raw traits, but he struggles more with his route-running and hands. These aren’t bad, just not as strong as you would like for such a high pick.

The upside here is great, and I have no problem taking shots on a player like this profile who could have 7-10 TDs as a rookie.


Xavier Worthy- WR 48, ADP 98.2:

Worthy set the NFL Combine 40-yard dash record with a blazing 4.21, and rocketed his stock up in draft and fantasy circles. Worthy is undersized in the weight department, but not to the point that people should overly worry. He does need to be more refined as a route-runner, especially in the intermediate area. A lot of Worthy’s game right now are deep balls and screens that just allow his speed and quickness to dominate.

Despite a few concerns about him developing the whole route tree, Worthy is still a great prospect and a potential major weapon for an NFL offense in 2024. Ideally, he goes to a team with a QB who has the arm talent to get the ball to him vertically.


Ladd McConkey- WR 56, ADP 119.8:

McConkey has seen his draft and fantasy stock continue to rise, as his route-running prowess and speed have been on display at the Senior Bowl and Combine. He is now in the mix for the late 1st round and should go off the board early 2nd at the latest.

Given his advanced route-running, good hands, and speed there is no reason he shouldn’t start and have a significant role as a rookie. And if he ends up going late 1st round he could end up tied to an elite QB, making his fantasy outlook even better.


Troy Franklin- WR 57, ADP 123.9:

Franklin has seen his draft stock take a hit since the combine, and it could end up Fantasy player’s benefit. Franklin was “sloppier” in the route running drills, but his height and athletic measurables were all very good. Franklin also has multiple years of very strong production to back him up as well.

He can be a deep threat receiver and as the route running improves also has some quickness to succeed in the intermediate game, especially out of the slot. He likely won’t be an every-week fantasy option, but he should give you some spike weeks. With the ADP drop here, I like the value I’m getting now.


Keon Coleman- WR 61, ADP 135.3:

Coleman was at one time the 5th or 6th rookie WR being taken so we are now getting a bit of a discount here. His poor 40 time sent his fantasy stock in a bit of a tumble, but it’s not clear it impacted his draft stock all that much.

He is still likely a top 50 pick, and will be seen as a key weapon in whatever offense drafts him. He’s a highly productive, big, physical receiver, who is known for his jump ball ability and his ability to track the ball. Coleman will likely have a strong red zone role, and should be able to start as a number 2 WR as a rookie. At this ADP I think he’s a solid addition.


Xavier Legette- WR 69, 152.8:

Legette is one of the more intriguing NFL WR prospects, but probably not as strong of a 2024 Best Ball option. Legette has the size/speed combo you want, and can be physical at times. The concern is that he’s very much a one-year wonder, and it’s hard to know if he’s refined enough to make an impact this year at the NFL level.

Long term I’m more bullish on Legette, but I think it could be tough for him to earn playing time as a rookie. Even as a 2nd-3rd round pick, him being raw could make it tough to crack the line-up vs guys who have been in the league for a few years.


Roman Wilson- WR 71, 158.2:

Wilson never got to fully showcase his upside at Michigan in their run-first offense, but he’s got great hands, speed, quickness, and improving route-running. Wilson has the ability to be a very good weapon at the next level, operating primarily out of the slot.

His draft stock seems varied, but I’d guess he’s a late 2nd rounder, and could be going to a playoff-caliber team. Don’t be surprised if he produces right away as some team’s number 2 receiving weapon. I love the value upside here this late in the draft.


Ricky Pearsall – WR 72, 160.8:

Pearsall has seen his draft stock rise and he should be in the late 2nd-early 3rd round mix. More of a slot guy who will be able to contribute in the intermediate and short areas. He likely won’t rack up TDs, but in a good offense if he’s the 2nd or 3rd option, his fantasy outlook could be strong.

Even as a rookie, I don’t mind taking some shots this late on a guy like Pearsall. His skill set shouldn’t see a large developmental period for the NFL, so he should be able to produce as a rookie. He can easily find a way to outplay this ADP with a starting role.


Others to keep an eye on- Ja’Lynn Polk (178.8 ADP), Malachi Corley (183.1 ADP), Devontez Walker (191..2 ADP), Jermaine Burton (193.7 ADP), Javon Baker (199.9 ADP):

Some of these receivers may well end up in the 3rd round or early 4th and have a decent role as a rookie, but they feel less sure until we see a landing spot. Also, many of them are a bit more underdeveloped, and it might take them a bit longer to make an impact.

I wouldn’t mind taking a shot as an 8th-9th WR in build, but I wouldn’t be too invested in any of these players until we see landing spots.


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