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The Sports Fan’s Interactive Toolbox!

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NFL Draft Tools

On the Clock 2019

Be the GM and make picks for your team while seeing different scenarios for the 2019 NFL Draft.

On the Clock 2019 Premium

Trade, save your custom rankings and more with On the Clock Premium. Choose from a harder algorithm and randomized computer big board!

Ultimate GM

The ultimate tool for NFL fans! Manage your team through free agency, then draft for your team needs.

2019 NFL Mock Draft Database

Who will go #1? Check out NFL mock drafts from experts across the Internet. Good way to see different scenarios that could play out NFL Draft weekend from training camps, in-season to offseason!

NFL Draft Data NFL Draft Data

We are excited to introduce a new feature to Fanspeak.com – NFL Draft Data! This data will be both historical NFL Draft Data that is interesting for diehard fans, and data from On the Clock.

NFL Draft Rumors

Now you have a one-stop place for all NFL Draft rumors from the top NFL Draft experts and sources in the industry! Includes latest tweets, articles and more for top writers.

NFL Draft Coverage

Complete coverage and predictions for the annual NFL Draft. Big boards, player rankings, news, team needs, and more.

On the Clock 2018 Redraft

This gives fans the opportunity to re-do the 2018 NFL Draft for their favorite team with the picks your team had in 2018 Draft.

User Voted Team Needs Simulator

Rank your NFL team’s most pressing positional needs and share! Plus this data is used as an option for On the Clock!

On the Clock Hall of Fame

Ever wonder how you stack up against other armchair GMs and diehard NFL Draftniks? The Hall of Fame is a fun way for you to see how die-hard an On the Clock fan you are!

NFL Tools

Ultimate GM

The ultimate tool for NFL fans! Manage your team through free agency, then draft for your team needs.

NFL Power Rankings Simulator

Make your own NFL power rankings weekly & share!

Manage the Cap

Be your team’s GM and navigate your team through NFL free agency. Make cuts, restructure contracts, resign players and then hit free agency and make moves to improve your team.

NFL Daily Beat

One stop shop for news & tweets from beat writers for all 32 NFL teams!

Top 10

Rank fun football top 10s & share with other fans!

Daily Fantasy Tools

Best Daily Fantasy Plays

Our expert’s recommended best plays for FanDuel & DraftKings weekly during the NFL season.

Daily Fantasy Beat

One-stop place for all the top Fantasy Football writers and analysts’ Twitter feeds.

Season-Long Fantasy Tools

On the Clock Fantasy

Practice for your Fantasy Draft with this Mock Draft Simulator. Set it up for your league’s format based on size, PPR/Standard, and more! Multiple rankings available to use for FREE!

Custom Cheat Sheets

Make your very own Custom Cheat Sheet to use live during your Fantasy Draft! Rank players overall and/or by position. This is another 100% FREE resource!

Bye Weeks

List of Bye Weeks for all 32 NFL Teams for the 2018 season.

MLB Tools

MLB Power Rankings Simulator

Make your own MLB power rankings weekly & share!

MLB Power Rankings

Fanspeak’s Power Rankings for all 30 teams across the majors. Updated weekly.

NHL Tools

NHL Power Rankings Simulator

Make your own NHL power rankings weekly & share!

NHL On the Clock NHL On the Clock 2018

Simulate the NHL Draft and see who’s available for your favorite team. Be the GM for your favorite team and make the picks for your team while the computer simulates the rest of the picks.

NBA Tools

NBA Power Rankings Simulator

Make your own NBA power rankings weekly & share!

NBA On the Clock 2019