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Predict how your favorite NFL team will do in 2015!

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Get an early look at the players available for the 2016 NFL Draft.

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Practice for your Fantasy Draft with this Mock Draft Simulator. Set it up for your league’s format!

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Make your very own Custom Cheat Sheet to use live during your Fantasy Draft!

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Insights from Fanspeak Content Manager and resident NFL/NFL Draft Expert Steve Shoup is a credentialed member of the media for multiple NFL Draft Scouting Events, including the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game. His focus is covering the NFL and NFL Draft. Steve’s passion for sports is supreme. He stays up all hours of the night researching sports news, facts and analysis and studying tape on players. He’s been a guest on The FAN and ESPN Sport Talk Radio affiliates around the country analyzing the NFL and the NFL Draft. And now he loves sharing his analysis with you diehard football fans! Fanspeak also has great staff writers that help Steve breakdown everything football!

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