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Redskins Practice Squad Prediction after 2nd preseason game

Steve Shoup

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1 . QB Kevin Hogan:

-Hogan hasn’t been that impressive so far in the preseason, and has no real chance of earning a 53 man roster spot. He should still find a way to earn a place on the practice squad as the Redskins are going to want a 3rd QB with the team all year to help in practice. It’s possible the Redskins look outside the organization, but Hogan does at least know the offense already and probably there probably aren’t many QBs who will get cut who would be improvements over Hogan. Hogan should have a long run (maybe the full game) in week 4 of the preseason to lock-up a practice squad role.

2. WR Cam Sims:

-Sims has been a training camp and preseason gem as an undrafted free agent. Many are pushing for him to earn a spot on the 53 man roster and he’s making a very strong case. Right now I think it’s likely he’d still make it through waivers to the practice squad, so that makes it a bit easier from the Redskins perspective. Sims has made some highlight reel catches, but he’s also still quite raw as a prospect and he likely wouldn’t be able to contribute much as a rookie. Now if Sims has strong showings in the final two preseason games it could increase the odds that he’d get claimed and may outright earn a roster spot. The bottom of the receiver depth chart is going to be an interesting battle these last couple weeks of the preseason.

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3. TE Matt Flanagan:

-Flanagan has looked pretty decent as a blocker in the preseason so far (albeit versus mainly 3rd stringers) and that could be enough to earn him a practice squad role. With the Redskins keeping only 3 TEs on the active roster, keeping a 4th on the practice squad makes some sense. Having one that is a decent blocker helps as well. Flanagan gives the Redskins a true inline TE in case they feel they need to add that during the season, and maybe down the road he could develop into the team’s 3rd TE.

4. OL Tyler Catalina:

-I think the final offensive line spot comes down to Catalina or Kyle Kalis, with the loser of the battle headed to the practice squad. It’s tough to say who is ahead right now, but I think Kalis offers more interior OL versatility, where as Catalina has guard/tackle versatility. There is a chance the loser of this battle (in this case Catalina) gets claimed on waivers, but it’s tough to see a scenario where both make the 53 man.

5. OL Casey Dunn:

-I see the Redskins likely to keep 2 offensive linemen on the practice squad. While I think Timon Parris is an intriguing UDFA with some upside, I was impressed with Dunn in the 2nd preseason game. He held his own for much of his time in the game and has a little upside as a center/interior OL.

6. DL Ondre Pipkins:

-Not a lot of options to chose from, but I see the Redskins keeping an extra DL on the practice squad. Pipkins has eligibility and has been with the team for a couple years. He hasn’t done much in the preseason or camp, but I think he gets the nod here.

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7. LB Pete Robertson:

-Robertson has a shot to make the 53 man roster, but I see him coming up just short. The team clearly likes him and if he clears waivers (which seems likely) he would be an obvious option for the PS. Robertson has good versatility and some special teams ability and could easily find his way on to the 53 man roster with any LB injury either inside or outside. That is a good extra piece to have on the team, and he could have a longer term future with the club as well.

8. LB Jerod Fernandez:

-Fernandez as an inside linebacker has no chance to make the club in one of the deepest position battles on the team, but he has shown enough to warrant PS consideration. He had a strong 2nd preseason game and could be a solid option to develop further on the practice squad. Fernandez led NC State in tackles this past season and has the speed to be a coverage linebacker at the next level. He’s not ready yet, but maybe in a couple years he could develop.

9. CB Ranthony Texada:

-Texada has had a solid camp/preseason and still could potentially earn a spot if Adonis Alexander isn’t ready (though the Redskins would probably opt to bring in a veteran), but he’s more likely to be ticketed for a practice squad spot. The undersized TCU corner hasn’t stood out like Danny Johnson, but he’s held his own this year and it’s wise to have extra corner depth on the practice squad.

10. S Fish Smithson:

-Smithson has played well in camp and the preseason and if the team could keep 5 safeties he would make a strong case for that 5th spot. Unfortunately it just doesn’t seem likely the Redskins can afford to use a an extra spot at safety. Smithson shows nice range and instincts and also plays well on Special teams. There is a chance he would get claimed, though it’s probably pretty small at this point. If he was claimed UDFA Quin Blanding would probably get the nod for the practice squad.

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