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NFL Draft Data

We are excited to introduce a new feature to Fanspeak.com – NFL Draft Data! This data will be both historical NFL Draft Data that is interesting for diehard fans, and data from On the Clock.

The data from On the Clock will be updated twice a week thru the 2019 NFL Draft. It will show different trends in how users are drafting, for both their favorite teams and data for positions and players. We hope you find this interesting and we look forward to continuing to expand this feature!

Historical Data

NFL Draft Data History Part 1:

Shows the number players picked at each position for each round of the NFL Draft from 2000-2018.


On the Clock Most Drafted Round 1:

User data of On the Clock that shows the currently most drafted player in Round 1 for each team. Again these are the players most drafted by each team by our users, not the computer. Be sure to click refresh button for most accurate results/updates.

MORE On the Clock Data COMING SOON!