Where the top WR’s are being drafted in user mock drafts

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Using On the Clock user selections we are going to take a closer look in where the top WR prospects are being selected in mock drafts.  Data below is from the last 6 weeks of user drafts to get a feel where the general public is taking particular players.


Jerry Jeudy:

Average Draft Position: 12.7

Top 10 pick: 38.7%

Top 20 pick: 95.5%

1st round percentage: 99.1%

Top 3 teams: Jets, Raiders, Dolphins

CeeDee Lamb:

Average Draft Position: 15.8

Top 10 pick: 21.2%

Top 20 pick: 88.7%

1st round percentage: 97.2%

Top 3 teams: Raiders, Broncos, Jets

Henry Ruggs III:

Average Draft Position: 18.2

Top 10 pick: 10.3%

Top 20 pick: 71.4%

1st round percentage: 91.4%

Top 3 teams: Dolphins, Broncos, Raiders

Tee Higgins:

Average Draft Position: 23.9

Top 10 pick: 2.1%

Top 20 pick: 57.6%

1st round percentage: 75.6%

Top 3 teams: Bills, Dolphins, Vikings

Laviska Shenault Jr.:

Average Draft Position: 25.6

Top 10 pick: 1.2 %

Top 20 pick: 52.4%

1st round percentage: 70.1%

Top 3 teams: Eagles, Patriots, Vikings

Justin Jefferson:

Average Draft Position: 31.8

Top 15 pick: 5.8%

Top 25 pick: 48.6%

1st round percentage: 68.9%

Top 3 teams: Packers, Bills, Dolphins

K.J. Hamler:

Average Draft Position: 37.8

Top 20 pick: 24%

Top 30 pick: 42.7%

1st round percentage: 47.8%

Top 3 teams: Eagles, Packers, Vikings

Jalen Reagor:

Average Draft Position: 42.6

Top 30 pick: 18.7%

Top 50 pick: 65.7%

Top 2 rounds percentage: 84.2%

Top 3 teams: Eagles, Dolphins, Broncos

Michael Pittman Jr.:

Average Draft Position: 45.8

Top 30 pick: 12.4%

Top 50 pick: 61.5%

Top 2 rounds percentage: 75.8%

Top 3 teams: Jets, Vikings, Packers

Brandon Aiyuk:

Average Draft Position: 53.7

Top 30 pick: 7.5%

Top 50 pick: 54.5%

Top 2 rounds percentage: 73.2%

Top 3 teams: Colts, Eagles, Dolphins

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