2019 On the Clock USER Data: Number of Mock Drafts Run by Team

UPDATED:  4/26/19

User data collected from On the Clock mock draft simulator from January 1 through now. Over 1 MILLION full Mock Draft SIMULATIONS! Not picks or rounds, 1 MILLION SIMULATIONS were ran in less than 4 months! THANK YOU so much to all our loyal & dedicated On the Clock users!

Number of Mock Draft simulations run by team the last 4 months are in descending order from most mock drafts run by Minnesota Vikings fans!

Not surprising, teams with multiple 1st round picks ranked high like the Packers, Raiders & Giants. And teams with no 1st round picks ranked a little lower. Though, we can always count on our loyal Browns & Cowboys fans, despite being without a Round 1 pick.

Thought this was interesting to look at after Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft! Be on the look out for much more exciting DATA analysis from Fanspeak & On the Clock moving forward!



# of Mock Draft Simulations:

Vikings 106,365
Packers 103,405
Raiders 74,071
Giants 65,738
Redskins 59,509
Cowboys 59,298
Steelers 54,774
Browns 48,474
Dolphins 46,263
Lions 43,828
Patriots 35,171
Colts 31,090
Eagles 30,528
Chiefs 29,894
Broncos 29,596
Bills 27,275
49ers 26,112
Falcons 25,441
Bengals 25,417
Panthers 20,716
Cardinals 19,612
Ravens 16,363
Jets 15,881
Texans 13,832
Jaguars 12,385
Buccaneers 11,101
Bears 10,301
Chargers 9,283
Titans 8,928
Seahawks 6,340
Rams 4,808
Saints 4,221

Total Mocks Jan. – April: