NFL Draft Data

Welcome to Fanspeak’s NFL Draft Data page! This data include both historical NFL Draft Data that is interesting for diehard fans, and data from On the Clock User’s draft simulations.

This On the Clock User data will show different trends in how users are drafting, for both their favorite teams and data for positions and players. Remember, this data is based on On the Clock USER’S draft simulations and picks! So this is unique to only and is very useful, interesting information.


NFL Draft Data History Part 1:

Shows the number players picked at each position for each round of the NFL Draft from 2000-2018.

2019 On the Clock USER Data:

Various interesting data points of the Clock USER data from the 2019 NFL Draft.



2020 On the Clock User Data: Position Percentage by Round

This is the first look at User data for 2020 On the Clock! This shows which positions were most important to all 32 fan bases, as drafted by the fans/users. Data is broken out for each team by round and percentage that position was drafted in each round.

2020 On the Clock User Data:  Most Drafted in Round 1

Which player or players is  your team drafting most in Round 1. And when we say your team, we mean the On the Clock users drafting for your team! Check it out!


Latest Data