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Odds to Win Super Bowl & My Picks

High end pick – Philadelphia Eagles 8-1

Getting a defending champion at 8-1 is probably unheard of.  Even with the uncertainty of Carson Wentz being ready week one.  Then again it wasn’t Wentz who held the Super Bowl MVP trophy in February.  The roster is pretty close to the same as last season.  They even added a Pro Bowler in Michael Bennett.  The one concern may be that they lost both their offensive coordinator and quarterback coaches.  But then again, Petersen is an offensive head coach which should make the transition easier.

My favorite pick – Los Angeles Chargers 20-1

Started slow last season but then got it together.  They have a Super Bowl capable QB in Rivers, a potential dominant force in Bosa and a solid secondary including a gift in Derwin James through the draft.  Their top two picks a season ago will finally be on the field in Mike Williams and Forest Lamp.  The AFC West is winnable and I believe the AFC is very up for grabs.  I really think this team is ready to breakthrough.

Longshot $5 call – Tennessee Titans 50-1

They did win a playoff game last season.  I think Mike Vrabel could bring some life back to the this team.  Mariotta has to take a huge step though but hopefully getting Corey Davis for a full season would be huge.  The line is also pretty solid and Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry could be interesting.  They have talent on defense and winning the AFC South is very possible.  And like the Chargers if you can win your division I think you have a chance in the AFC.

Don’t waste any money on…Los Angeles Rams 12-1

All the new toys on defense look nice but will they come together?  This feels like the Fortune 500 Redskins of the early 2000s.  I have a bad feeling even with the great Wade Phillips this crew is gonna be tough to make it work like they want.  I know the talent is there but I like the Eagles, Vikings, Saints, and Falcons still better than the Rams in the tough NFC.



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