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Daily Fantasy Value Plays – Week 16

1- Dak Prescott- QB- Cowboys $6000

Maybe not the cheapest but a good bargain still.  The Seattle defense is not the same as the past.  More cheap shots than defensive stops nowadays.  And with Zeke back it should open up for Dak.  Also, it always seems those 4:25pm prime games with Dallas end up high scoring?

2- DJ Foster- RB- Cardinals $3400

If Williams plays spend the extra money on him.  But if he doesn’t and Foster is named the starter check him out.  The Giants have given up and their once tough defense has gone the same road as the Seahawks.

3- Tyrell Williams- WR- Chargers- $4500

Williams is always a low risk high reward guy.  The Chargers should come to the East and go early for the knockout in hopes of staying in the playoff race.  The Jets have also lost their early season toughness and could roll over.  Without Hunter Henry the middle of the field will need a new occupier.

4- Kenny Stills– WR- Dolphins $4000

Just like Williams, Stills can be your high reward fella.  Nothing the past two games means he is due for a big one.  Cutler on the road is a risk but the Chiefs even coming off a couple wins can be beat deep.

5- Adam Shaheen- TE-Bears $3600

Watch the injury report here on Shaheen but if he goes he is a great call.  The Browns let tight ends walk all over them and before getting knicked up Shaheen had his best game as a rookie.  It is a good week to go high at tight end but if you don’t he is an option.



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