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One thing I have learned about the https://fanspeak.com/fantasyotc/ mock draft simulator is that you are not always going to get a good team. This is because this draft simulator is set up to be realistic and let’s face it, not all the teams you draft are good. Fortunately, this was not the case of me this time.

PPR leagues add a little extra challenge when it comes to drafting. In these leagues the difference in value between running back and wide receivers is almost non-existent. In a standard scoring league, you need strong running backs. However, in a PPR league you just need the guys who are going to catch the football.

I was awarded the fourth pick in the draft by an online random number generator. The first three picks in the draft went as follows: LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Matt Forte. I had an opportunity to take Adrian Peterson, but I just could not do it. He just does not catch enough passes. If I had the sixth pick and he was there I would have taken him, but I just could not pass up the opportunity to grab Calvin Johnson in a PPR league.

Marshawn Lynch is a touchdown scoring machine. He may not catch many balls out of the backfield, but he is still a good first running back in PPR leagues.

Marshawn Lynch is a touchdown scoring machine. He may not catch many balls out of the backfield, but he is still a good first running back in PPR leagues.

I wanted a running back in the second round. When the time came I had to choose between Giovanni Bernard and Marshawn Lynch. I went with Lynch. Logic would say go with Bernard because he is used in the passing game, but Lynch is an every down back, unlike Bernard. Lynch is also a touchdown scoring machine.

As we all know, there are always a few surprises in fantasy drafts. This On the Clock mock draft was no different. I was pretty set on taking a solid pass catching running back in the third round, but something happened to make me rethink this. Julio Jones dropped to the late third round. I could not resist the idea of having Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones on my PPR roster. Jones was the highest scoring wide receiver before he got injured. When players like this drop, you just have to take them even if it was not a part of the plan.

In the fourth round I still was able to grab a pass catching running back. I got Reggie Bush. Bush has a lot more value in PPR leagues than he does in standard scoring formats. He is one of the best dual-threat running backs in the league. He has some issues staying on the field for a full sixteen game season, but if he can do that he will be one of the best running backs to own in a PPR league.

In the fifth round I got another player that I was surprised made it this long in the draft. This player is Julian Edleman. I figured Edleman was a fourth round wide receiver in PPR leagues. I firmly believe Edleman will lead the NFL in receptions this season. He had 105 last year and was not even expected to be a full time starter at the beginning of 2013. He established himself as Tom Brady’s main wide receiver and did terrific at filling the Wes Welker role. There is no reason to think 100 receptions is out of the question for this guy.

It is always important to get a good tight end in PPR leagues. In order to ensure you get one these guys, you need to draft them a bit earlier than you normally would. I wanted a tight end who would not only catch the ball often, but is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. I selected Jason Witten. Witten has a rich history of being a top tight end and is constantly being targeted because the Cowboys pass the ball more often than most teams.

Chris Johnson is going to find his place in the Jets offense. He is a great first option to have at the position on your bench. He is even worth starting in the flex spot.

Chris Johnson is going to find his place in the Jets offense. He is a great first option to have at the position on your bench. He is even worth starting in the flex spot.

In the seventh round I knew it was time to grab a backup running back. If I did not do it at this point, my first option to fill in the starting role was not going to be very good. Having a strong backup was of great importance because of having Reggie Bush in my starting lineup. One should expect Bush to miss a game or two at some point, so if you want him get a strong guy to fill his spot every once in a while. I choose Chris Johnson. Johnson is somewhat of a fantasy football joke. Ever since that 2,000 yard season, he just has never lived up to expectations. However, he has rushed for 1,000 every year he has been in the league. Rex Ryan is a crazy man who loves using his new toys. He will try to get Johnson involved as much as possible.

After drafting Chris Johnson in the seventh round, I still was not ready to take a quarterback. There were still a number of quality quarterbacks available so waiting to take one would not be a problem. Instead I decided to take Jeremy Maclin. Maclin’s potential for the 2014 season is sky high. DeSean Jackson did great last season and Maclin will be filling his spot. There is no reason to think he will not be a stud this season.

I grabbed my quarterback. I felt that with the strength of my team so far, I was in a good spot to pick a bit riskier player who has potential to ut up tons of fantasy points. I went with Robert Griffin III. RGIII is falling in drafts because of his poor performance in the 2013 season. The injuries definitely hurt him, but hopefully they taught him a valuable lesson. RGIII has been taking all off season about him learning about the importance of self-preservation. Now instead of taking massive hit to gain an extra yard, he is just going to run out of bounds and not taken any risks. He is just one year removed for being one of the five highest scoring quarterbacks in terms of fantasy points. If he can get to that level of play again, my fantasy team would be unstoppable.

I spent my next my next two picks on wide receivers. You definitely want to have a good stock on wide outs in PPR leagues. Wide receivers can perform very well or very poorly based on what defense they are going up again, so you can never have too many in leagues that give points for receptions. I took Tavon Austin and Cordarrelle Patterson. These are two second year wide outs with some potential to have big years. If nothing else, I at least do not want any other team to be able to have them.

Tavon Austin is a nice sleeper in 2014.

Tavon Austin is a nice sleeper in 2014.

In the eleventh I grabbed another backup running back. I took a sleeper here. I chose Dexter McCluster. McCluster is listed as a running back this year, but last year and in the years prior he was listed as a wide receiver. Obviously, he can catch the ball. The Titans are going to find a way to get the ball in his hands. He is a much better option in passing situations than Bishop Sankey or Shonn Greene so there are opportunities for him to get on the field.

I then took another pass catching running back. I chose Khiry Robinson. Robinson showed a lot of good things in the Saints offense in 2013. With Sproles out of the picture, the Saints are going to be looking for another running back that can catch ball out of the backfield to fill that void. Neither Mark Ingram nor Pierre Thomas is ideal for this type of role. More than likely it will be Robinson’s job.

In the thirteenth round I went ahead and got my defense. I was very pleased because the Cardinals defense managed to drop to me here. The Cardinals have one of the best front sevens in the NFL. That means lots of sacks and lots of fantasy points.

In the final round I took Packers’ kicker Mason Crosby. This is a huge steal. He should be ranked much higher among the fantasy kickers. Crosby was putting up between 10 and 15 fantasy points a game. I can definitely live with those numbers.


In the end my team from the fanspeak.com On the Clock mock draft simulator, which is available at https://fanspeak.com/fantasyotc/ looks like this.


When you are strong at both running back and wide receiver, you can afford to take chances on players like RGIII.

When you are strong at both running back and wide receiver, you can afford to take chances on players like RGIII.



This team turned out great. The only unfortunate thing is that it was not a real league. If this was a real league instead of being a mock draft, I would be sitting here talking about my championship victory that will come in the final weeks of the season. I love the wide receivers. The running backs are strong. I have good depth. My quarterback, tight end, defense, and kickers are all solid. This is the type of team I dream of.

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