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Using the On the Clock mock draft simulator, which is accessible at, I participated in a fourteen team mock draft with a standard scoring format. I prefer deeper leagues such as this. Deeper leagues not only require a bit more research and knowledge, but they also allow for teams with later draft spots to still be competitive. In a ten team league, the team drafting first overall can still get a great running back in the second round. This is not the case in a fourteen team league. The draft strategy must be adjusted due to the number of teams picking in between your picks. Here are my results from the On the Clock simulator.

I use a random number generator website to dictate which draft pick I will select. This way it is random and I do not just pick where ever I want so I can ensure the best possible team. The number generator gave me the thirteen overall pick.

Peyton Manning is the number one guy at the position for 2014.

Peyton Manning is the number one guy at the position for 2014.

I am a believer in the old method of always grabbing a running back in the first round. However, by the time my pick came up there were no running backs that I would consider a first round talent. Even four of the top five wide receivers were gone at this point. So I took Peyton Manning. I have always loved Peyton and though I do not think he will replicate his stats from last year, I still believe he can gain more fantasy points than any other quarterback.

After taking Manning, my decision for my second round choice was between Le’Veon Bell and Brandon Marshall. The team picking last in the draft selected Montee Ball and Le’Veon Bell, so my choice was simple. I ended up with the best quarterback and a top five wide receiver with my first to pick, so I was pretty satisfied.

By the time my pick came up in the third round, I knew I absolutely needed to grab a running back. If I did not do it now I would be starting running backs who were not even starters. I had the choice between Toby Gerhart, Ben Tate, Frank Gore, and Bishop Shankey. The choice was obvious. I had to go with Frank Gore. Gore is the only back out of these four that has a proven track record. Everyone is afraid of him this season due to his age and the number of running backs on the 49ers’ roster. These factors should not be a problem for Gore. He has had back nipping at his heels for carries throughout his entire career. We have also been discussing his age now for a couple of year and it still is not slowing him down. Gore is a lock to produce 1000 to 1,100 rushing yards and seven to nine touchdowns a year. While these numbers may not be eye-popping, they are still very good. Since I know the running backs are getting scarce, I had to go with a guy who is consistent and will not be a bust.

Crabtree could emerge as one of the best wide receivers in fantasy football in 2014.

Crabtree could emerge as one of the best wide receivers in fantasy football in 2014.

You would think with my fourth rounder I would have taken one of these other guys and get two of these running backs. That is not what I decided to do. None of those backs seem good enough to warrant that high of a pick. There were still some decent backs on the board of a bit lower quality than these guys, so I figured I could wait and grab one of them. I instead wanted another wide receiver because those were going to fly off the boards now that all upper tier running backs were gone. I choose Michael Crabtree. Though Crabtree is not a sure thing, he does have a ton of potential this season. He was the last guy on the board who could be considered a top fifteen wide receiver before there was a major drop off in talent.

For my next two picks I ended up grabbing Jeremy Maclin and Maurice Jones-Drew. Maclin is set to be the number one wide receiver for the high powered Eagles offense. Last year, DeSean Jackson was not demanding a very high price tag in drafts and he ended up being a top ten wide receiver. It is very possible that Maclin will have a huge season in this offense. Jones-Drew is now with the Oakland Raiders and will be sharing carries with Darren McFadden. However, we know how dependable McFadden is. It s more than likely at some point, Jones-Drew will have to be the main guy in Oakland.

While waiting for my seventh round pick in the On the Clock simulator, I had my eye on a very specific running back. I was think Ray Rice might be a nice addition to my team. Yes, he will be suspended. However, I can live with a two game suspension. Then I definitely would have a strong back up or even a starter. Unfortunately, two picks before I was up Rice was gone. I instead was forced to take wide receiver. By this point any running back that is sure to get carries is off the board. I got Anquan Boldin.

The next round I took Fred Jackson. Nobody really knows who will be the main guy in Buffalo. If Fred Jackson performs the way he did last year, I am in business at the running back position. However, C.J. Spiller is not coming into this season injured, so there is a good deal of risk involved with relying on Jackson.

Heath Miller is always a good tight end for the fantasy owner who just wants a consistent producer.

Heath Miller is always a good tight end for the fantasy owner who just wants a consistent producer.

With my ninth rounder I selected Heath Miller. I knew I needed a tight end. The two guys I was watching the whole time was Miller and Charles Clay. I was definitely leaning more towards Miller than Clay because Miller is a safer pick. Since my running backs are not of the best quality, I wanted to make sure that my other players such as quarterback, defense, and tight ends were going to be consistent, sure things. Miller is this type of player.

After taking Miller, I grabbed Darren McFadden. McFadden was really the last of the remaining running backs that is ensured to get playing time. I figured if nothing else having both he and Maurice Jones-Drew was not a bad decision.

My next two picks were Doug Baldwin and the Panthers Defense. Since Sydney Rice retired, Baldwin is automatically the number two wide receiver in Seattle. At this point in the draft, getting a number two wide out is amazing. As I have said before, I believe the Panthers will have the top scoring defense in 2014 in terms of fantasy points. So in order to have a well rounded starting roster, drafting them was a must.

By the time round thirteen rolled around, a lot of quarterbacks were off the board. Peyton Manning has a bye in week four. That is pretty early in the season and more than likely some young or backup quarterback will not emerge as a proven fantasy starter by then. If I wanted to have that bye week covered, I knew I needed to take a quarterback here. I wanted E.J. Manuel, but sure enough the team who was up before me took him. Instead, I took Jake Locker. He did not do too bad and he is at least going to start the week Manning is out. After that I would probably drop him and pick up a different position.

Then I took a sleeper. I went with Travis Kelce; the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Since I know Heath Miller is not the type of player that will win me any fantasy games, I should at least take a chance on another tight end. Miller is a sure thing and will never let me down, but there is no reason not to grab a backup who could potentially put up some monster games. The Chiefs’ offense uses the tight end a lot because Alex Smith goes for high percentage passes. Kelce would be that option for Smith.

With my final pick, I took Greg Zuerlein. Normally, standard scoring league formats award points for the distance of a field goal. Zuerlein has one of the biggest boots in the league. Since all the top kickers are gone, I saw no reason not to go with the Rams’ guys.



This is how my roster looked at the end of the On the Clock mock draft.

Maurice Jones-Drew will see his fair share of chance in 2014, making him worth starting in deeper league formats.

Maurice Jones-Drew will see his fair share of chance in 2014, making him worth starting in deeper league formats.


Out of all of the standard scoring mock drafts I have done so far, this is definitely my favorite team. Sure my starting running backs are not the best, but I have a ton of depth. In fact, that is what I like most about this roster. I have an awesome bench. I can switch players in and out whenever I need. This is usually the problem for owners in deeper leagues. After the first couple rounds, they run out of ideas and then they have no depth. The second one of their main players gets injured, their season is done for. This would never happen to me with this team.


If you need to practice you drafting skills be sure to check out the On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator at

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