Mistakes I’ve made in NFL DFS the last Two Seasons: Part 6 – Summary

Daily Fantasy

If you made it this far, thank you! I hope seeing my mistakes can help you think about your DFS process too. We can all find ways to improve, especially in this very competitive DFS landscape.

If you want to review any of the sections, here they are below. In summary, these are my main takeaways for how I’m going to improve my DFS game and get back into the green this season:

-As a hand builder, focus on quality over quantity of lineups.

-Don’t be afraid to zig when others zag, as long as it fits my research and process.

-Monitor the who, how, and when I digest content. Follow more closely to analysts that play in similar types of contests as I do.

-Always start building my shell lineups on Friday and finish by Saturday. Never wait until Sunday morning to be building lineups. I can always have planned pivots based on injury news.

-Lean into the right combination of data and being a “feel” DFS player.

-Play more Classic on FanDuel and Tiers and Showdowns on DraftKings. Also, play more short slates and niche contests that lack content support to find an edge.


Remember, we will have plenty of free, useful DFS content right here on Fanspeak.com this NFL season! So we hope we can help you this season find the green too!



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