Mistakes I’ve made in NFL DFS the last Two Seasons: Part 4 – Building Lineups Too Late

As you read from Part 1, I need to make improvements to my NFL DFS game to get back in the green! I am determined to find my mistakes and make improvements for the 2022 season. Part 4 is 100% my fault and a bad habit I developed!


Issue/Mistake #4 – Building lineups too late:

Why am I building lineups, actually building (not tweaking or editing) on Sunday mornings? Great question! I have no idea how I developed this bad habit, but it has gotten worse over the past two years. I’ll blame it on Covid. I blame everything else on Covid, so I’ll throw this in too!

I think part of the problem I cited in Part 1 of this series, and I was trying to play too much volume. So that left me still building a lot on Sunday mornings even if I started Friday nights. The other issue that I mentioned in Part 3 was that I was trying to take in too much injury and Covid news BEFORE I built lineups.

WRONG! It’s alright to build shell lineups Friday night and then edit accordingly based on injury news. I don’t need to wait for the breaking news to build my lineups. I just need to have a plan for pivots if a certain player is ruled in or a certain player is ruled out.


Answer:  Build my shell lineups MUCH Earlier!

This one is easy. I need to build my shell lineups much earlier! No excuses, all my lineups for all types of contests must be built by Saturday afternoon at the very latest. Ideally, I’m starting to build them Friday.

Again, I can always tweak lineups based on injury news Sunday morning. But no more actually building lineups Sunday morning. And going back to Part 1, I need to remember quality over quantity. If I build fewer lineups in total, that’s fine since I don’t mass multi-enter. I need to focus on the quality of each lineup I’m building.

Finally, I also shouldn’t make any impulsive decisions based on a Sunday morning show. I cannot get off my convicted play or plays just because a show says something else. It is one thing if it is aligned with my process for the week. But it can’t just be a peer pressure type impulse to change my lineup.



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