Mistakes I’ve made in NFL DFS the last Two Seasons: Part 3 – Information Overload Paralysis

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As you read from Part 1, I need to make improvements to my NFL DFS game to get back in the green! I am determined to find my mistakes and make improvements for the 2022 season. Part 3 focuses on a mistake I do more and more every year.


Issue/Mistake #3 – Information Overload Paralysis:

As I mentioned in Part 2, there are a lot more content, data and subscription DFS websites that are excellent. That is awesome! If you use the information in the right way. Each year, I’m adding more content that I read, watch, listen to, and subscribe to. Again, great content is not the problem. Fanspeak plans to be another free source of great DFS and sports betting content this season.


But I think it is HOW, WHEN, and WHO you digest this content. For me, I can improve how I absorb the content by doing so in shorter segments. When I listen to 4 shows in a row one night, my head is spinning and it is hard for me to compartmentalize the analysis.


As for when, my problem is I tried to listen to too much content Saturday and Sunday as I was building lineups. I was doing so hoping to get an edge on any late injury updates and news. And of course, these last two years we really had to pay attention to Covid news. But it was crippling for me to try to take in all this content while building lineups in the 11th hour (more on that problem later in this series).


I can also improve who I listen to or read analysis. This is not a knock on any analyst at all. There are so many amazing DFS analysts out there, but a lot are different types of players than me. Therefore, they may have different strategies. As I mentioned in Part 1, I play mid-stakes GPPs that usually have a field size of 1,000-5,000 entries. I am also a hand builder and never max enter contests unless they are 3 or 5 max. So while a Milly Maker analyst, cash game analyst, or high stakes/small field analyst are very good at what they do and what they provide to those players, it might not be the right person for me.


Answer:  Manage the How, When and Who’s of Content I Read/Watch/Listen

-How – Spreading out the content I read and watch throughout the week is key for me. I also am a visual learner, so for points that are particularly important, I need to take notes.

-When – Limit the content I try to watch on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. Just find one source for news and maybe one show that is a good fit for me on Sunday mornings.

-Who – I subscribe to Run the Sims for data/projections and I’ll probably just subscribe to one other content-based site with analysis to read articles from each week. The content site I choose should have analysts that are similar GPP players to me or speak to the types of contests I play.

Then there is plenty of great free content out there too in substacks, websites and on YouTube. I’ll find the right combination of content this year and I will make a content schedule for myself that is spread out appropriately.

Remember, we hope you use Fanspeak.com as a free resource this season for DFS analysis!



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