5 Redskins that need to impress these final two weeks

Washington Commanders

Note: Kirk Cousins is an obvious choice so this is 5 guys outside of Cousins.

WR Aldrick Robinson:

-Robinson is set to be an exclusive rights free agent this offseason, meaning that if the Redskins want him back he’s not going anywhere. Now the Redskins should at least bring him to camp even with a new regime in town, but the question becomes what is his role at that point. After being considered basically a one trick pony for much of Robinson’s career, he showed last week that he can be more than just a deep threat for the Redskins. If he can have two more productive weeks, it could make the Redskins feel slightly more confident in their receiving corps next season. Right now that is a huge question mark for the Redskins as both Josh Morgan and Santana Moss are free agents and Leonard Hankerson will be recovering from an ACL injury. The Redskins need to add at least two receivers this offseason, but the question becomes how much do they have to invest? If Robinson shows some signs of development and productivity, the Redskins might be able to get away with adding only two WR’s and not need to spend as much (in either money or draft picks) for both.

DL Chris Baker:

-Baker has played solid in a platoon role, especially over the last month or so. The Redskins are likely to part ways with Stephen Bownen and Adam Carriker after this season so they could look to re-signing Baker as a cheap stopgap option for their defensive line. Now the Redskins will first need to decide what type of defense they are running (though Baker could fit into either one). If the Redskins don’t view Baker as a cheap option to bring back for a couple of years they could need to make a bit of investment into the DL. It’s a need as is, but it can’t afford to get any weaker than right now.

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DL Jarvis Jenkins:

-Jenkins is under contract for one more season, but the Redskins still are’t sure what they have in the 2011 2nd rounder. Jenkins has missed a good deal of time to injury and suspension, and his play has been streaky when he’s on the field. At times he looks like he can be an above average starter (or better), but other times he gets lost and doesn’t make much of a play. He may end up working out better if the Redskins make the switch to a 4-3 system, but in case they don’t Jenkins needs to show more consistency these final two games.

LB Nick Barnett:

-Nick Barnett hasn’t gotten too much time so far this year, but he’s an interesting guy to watch these final two weeks. It’s basically official now that London Fletcher announced he was likely to retire after this year, that the Redskins are going to need some serious linebacking help. Riley is a free agent and Keenan Robinson is coming back from missing the full season. Whether the Redskins sign Riley or some other free agent, they could look to go cheap for another linebacker (either in a 3-4 or 4-3) and a veteran like Barnett could be an option. Though it will be a different staff next year, if Barnett can show a bit more on tape these last couple weeks, he could earn a starting role next year.

CB David Amerson:

-Amerson continues to be a mixed bag, flashing big time ability, but also making plenty of mistakes and lacking consistency. The Redskins other 3 corners who have played significantly are all free agents, and maybe only Hall would return. The Redskins desperately need Amerson to lock down a starting role next year and play at a pretty high level.


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