12 Minute Games to Keep You Amused During Half Time

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Excluding the Super Bowl halftime, most NFL games don’t put a great deal of thought into the entertainment that will fill that twelve-minute pause. Many of us are content to nip to the bathroom, refill our drink, chat about the first half, or generally fill that break in some sensible way. The rest of us, however, grew up in a generation with a concentration span that’s getting shorter and shorter, so those twelve minutes can start to feel like a long time! We’ve rounded up some quick play games that you can stash into your halftime arsenal just in case you get bored waiting for the action to kick off again.

Line Rider

Line Rider is one of the simplest games out there, but it has lasted for nearly two decades, which is surely testament to its never ending appeal. For those who’ve never played before, the game is very simple. You have a pencil to draw a line with and a little man on a toboggan slides along on your line. You can try to create the longest downhill ski slope in the world. You can see how high you can get him to jump. You can build a huge downhill ramp and watch him plummet to the bottom of the screen. The choice is entirely yours and that kind of freedom is exciting. If you really want to keep it football-themed, you could see if you could get the line rider to ride around the name of the team you support.

Fat Rabbit

The fat rabbit slots game is cute, fun, and easy to finish in twelve minutes or less. The aim of the game is to feed the rabbit in order to win prizes. For those who already use online slots games, it will be super straightforward to pick up. Beginners might take a couple of spins to completely understand what’s going on with this hairy critter, but the interface is really simple. Although this one isn’t really football-themed on the face of it, there’s a funny connection with the NFL and rabbits. A while back ESPN released a documentary about the number of NFL players who hail from Muck City. This is an area in Florida where it’s common to chase and catch rabbits that grow fat on sugarcane. The theory is that the rabbit catching is responsible for developing lightning-fast reflexes and sprint speeds in the boys that take part in it. Perhaps Fat Rabbit could achieve the same? If not, it’s still good fun!

Madden NFL Mobile

There’d be no NFL halftime countdown without a mention for Madden. As those who play it will know, Madden requires a little more than twelve minutes to achieve an outcome, but Madden 2021 for mobile can be played a whole lot more quickly. You can achieve a surprising amount with your team in twelve minutes and, if you don’t get as much done as you’d hoped, then you can just pause and start again once the football is finished!

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is a bit of a wildcard, but it is so appropriately named that it had to make the list. It hasn’t yet been released but is due to be this August. The game takes a real-time twelve-minute format, making it absolutely perfect for slotting into halftime. The twelve minutes that you are given begin with a knock at your front door and end with your death. A policeman arrives, accuses your wife of murder, and then beats you to death. It’s not very cheerful and you’ll need all the cunning of a top eSports player to even begin to solve how to escape this twelve-minute hell, but it promises to be incredibly playable. Perhaps so much so that you might spill over into the second half.

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