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The 3 Most Popular E-Sports Games of All Time

There are numerous e-sports games available that inspire people all over the world. But which ones are the most popular in the US? Keep reading below to find out all you need to know about the different genres available and which e-sports games are the best of all time:

The Different Genres

Before we look into the most popular e-sports games of all times, we need to talk about the different genres available. The main genres are:

  • First person shooters – these simulate a firefight from a first person perspective.
  • Real-time strategy – players are expected to develop their strategy whilst they play. This type of game requires strategic foresight, tactical skills and quick reactions.
  • Online trading card games – these games combine the task of collecting cards with strategic skill. Players have to continually expand their decks. These games aren’t about fulfilling missions, instead, they thrive on defeating opponents.
  • MOBA (Mobile online battle arena): These are strategy games. They are usually team focused.
  • Battle Royale – this style of game is all about survival of the fittest. The aim of the game is to be the last one standing.

The Best E-Sports Games of All Time

Now that you know the different genres available, we can start talking about the best e-sports games available in the US. Keep reading below to find out about some of the most popular games of all time:

  1. Apex Legends – This game hasn’t been available for very long, but it’s already made its way into the list of the most popular e-sports games of all time. This free to play game is easy to understand and great fun to play. The main genre of this game is Battle Royale, but it also has a number of elements from other genres included in it. The objective of this game is to be the last man standing.
  2. World of Warcraft – most people have heard of this amazing game. It’s by far the most popular multiplayer game available to date. In this game, players are immersed in a fictional world in which they are expected to battle alongside or against millions of other players.
  3. CS: GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) – this is the latest release in the Counter-Strike game series. In this game, two teams are pitted against one another. You will have to work together with the players in your team to accomplish a number of objectives. One team is called the terrorists and the other is known as the counter-terrorists. The aim of this game is teamwork.

E-Sports Gaming and Betting

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There are so many amazing e-sports games available that it’s often hard to know which one to try first. Why not give one of our top three e-sports games a try?

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