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Drew Lock:

-Lock was the best overall QB for me today as I thought he showed the best all-around combination of arm talent, accuracy and ball placement. Lock threw the ball well on deep and intermediate routes and his passes had a noticeable zip on him. Lock did have some inconsistency with his accuracy, but some of that seemed to be from trying to be more anticipatory with his throws. Lock seemed to be attempting to lead receivers more than the other quarterbacks and didn’t always completely connect with them (not surprising because it was day one of practice). There are accuracy questions with Lock in general, but it wasn’t a major concern. I also liked Lock’s ball placement as he fit some passes in some tight windows, where his velocity allowed him to get the ball into areas before the defender could react. I wouldn’t say it was a “great” day for Lock overall, but I did feel he was the best all-around QB.

Daniel Jones:

-Jones gave Lock a run for his money in terms of the best QB on the field today at the Senior Bowl. Jones played well overall and was very accurate in short and intermediate throws. One issue for me was that he didn’t throw with a ton of anticipation as he threw behind receivers at times taking a safe completion over a potential bigger play. Jones struggled more on deeper throws and throws across the field, where his velocity was pretty average. On multiple deep passes the receiver had to slow up or out right come back to the ball. I think Jones has a bit more arm strength, but he seemed to be playing it safe on day 1 of practice.

Ryan Finley:

-Finley had a solid all-around practice and was probably the 3rd or 4th best QB (with Stidham in the other spot) from either team. Finley’s accuracy was his greatest strength and he really good on a number of intermediate throws. He doesn’t have the biggest arm and had a few miss throws, but overall it was a positive day for the NC State QB.

Wide Receivers:

Andy Isabella:

-Isabella was one of the more impressive players on the field today. He weighed in 5’8 7/8″ 185 lbs and 8.5 inch hands, which was a little smaller than expected. That didn’t matter though once he was on the field as he was the most electric receiver on either squad today. While he will be primarily pegged as a slot receiver, Isabella is more well rounded than most smaller guys with that label. He has elite speed to go along with his short area quickness, and is extremely dangerous on deep routes. He catches the ball well and does a nice job tracking it in the air. His size will limit some teams interest in him, but he has the potential to be a big weapon and difference maker at the next level.

Penny Hart:

-Hart is a smaller slot receiver type coming in at 5’8″ 185 lbs and nearly 9 inch hands from Georgia State. He looked really smooth in practice consistently getting open on short and intermediate routes and catching just about everything thrown his way. Hart showed nice speed down field as well, and looks like a smaller school guy to watch this week.

Terry McLaurin:

-McLaurin didn’t come in with a lot of draft hype, but he had a good first day highlighting his big play ability. At Ohio State the last couple of years he wasn’t the number one or two target, but he’d be their deep passing weapon. He had a couple really impressive deep catches in practice today, including one where he made a nice adjustment to the ball and shielded it from the defender. McLaurin showed nice route running throughout the day, getting a decent amount of separation on intermediate routes.

Offensive Line:

Garrett Bradbury:

-Bradbury had a good overall day, and one of the better practices for the North offensive line. He lost a few battles in 1-on-1’s, but overall held up well and could anchor versus some of the better interior defensive linemen.

Michael Deiter:

-Deiter struggled throughout the day as he got bull rushed multiple times in 1-on-1’s and had a couple of bad reps in team drills as well. It was definitely a disappointing showing for the Wisconsin lineman who came in with higher expectations. It’s just one practice so you don’t want to completely define a player on it, but clearly this is something to watch going forward for the rest of the week.

Dalton Risner:

-Risner was another highly touted offensive lineman who struggled today. Though perhaps the most versatile lineman in Mobile this week, Risner spent a lot of time at offensive tackle and he struggled versus EDGE rushers. Hopefully Risner can move inside some where I think he is better as a center or guard option. Again you don’t want to write off a player after one practice, but it was a really disappointing showing at tackle as he struggled to get to the corner to cut off speed rushers and his footwork seemed rushed.

Chris Lindstrom:

-Lindstrom had a solid day inside showing good physicality and had a couple notable blocks in full team drills. He did have a couple bad reps in 1-on-1’s, but was okay there overall. He anchored better than most, and I liked his hand usage.

Tight End:

Drew Sample:

-Sample looked to be the best all-around TE of the day on either squad. Coming in at nearly 6’5″ 250 lbs, Sample has a nice combination of size, and receiving ability. Sample is a physical inline blocker who excels in the run game setting the edge. As a receiver Sample has decent movement skills and can win in the intermediate area. He did a nice job using his body to shield the ball from the defender on a couple of occasions. From the reps I watched Sample did a nice job catching the ball with his hands and was able to adjust to some slightly off target passes.

Donald Parham:

-Parham weighed in at 6’8″ 243 lbs with 10.5 inch hands and 36 inch arms. Parham, who played at Stetson faced a pretty big upgrade in competition level at practice. Overall he was solid catching the ball and shows nice movement ability. The biggest issue is he’s a bit of a tweener between a receiver and tight end. He’s not physical at all as a blocker and would be a big liability if asked to line-up inline. He can be split out, but right now he’s very one dimensional and a developmental guy.

Defensive Line:

Zach Allen:

-Allen is a bit of a tweener, as he’s not a true speed EDGE and probably can’t stand up in a 3-4, but he’d be on the lighter side to play as a down lineman in an odd man set. Overall though Allen shows the ability to provide quality pass rush from the outside and kick inside to generate pressure as an interior nickel rusher. He lacks the elite trait you typically want in a pass rusher, but the overall ability was on display in practice.

Renell Wren:

-Wren was a really impressive force inside creating havoc in 1-on-1 drills. He was so quick off the snap and played with a lot of power that he gave opposing offensive linemen fits throughout practice. It was a really impressive day for Wren as his explosion was something that is tough to find in the NFL and he looks like a true gap penatrator who can be a quality interior pass rusher.

Anthony Nelson:

-Nelson had a really good day of practice, particularly in team drills where he was disruptive on a number of occasions. The former Hawkeye defensive lineman did a nice job using his quickness to threaten offensive linemen, and then use his hands to disengage with them when they tried to block him.

Khalen Saunders:

-Khalen Saunders wow’d media and scouts at the end of practice as he did a back-flip, which is no small feat for a player who weighed-in at 6′ 320 lbs. Saunders was also an interesting story as he decided to stay at practice despite his fiancee going into labor yesterday. We here at Fanspeak congratulate Saunders and his fiancee for the birth of their child and hope both the mother and child are doing well.

Saunders the Western Illinois defensive tackle was notable for more than just his after practice back-flip and the news of him becoming a father. Saunders flashed a lot throughout practice as he played with a lot of power and quickness off the snap. He had some huge reps in 1-on-1 drills and was immovable at times during running plays. He was a little inconsistent at times and would play out of control on occasion, but overall it was a good day for him.

Defensive Backs:

Nasir Adderley:

-Adderley was very impressive throughout practice and he clearly looks to be one of if not the best defensive back here at the Senior Bowl. He’s got incredible range at safety and shows great instincts coming up in run support. His coverage skills are impressive and he was just always around the football.

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