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2018 NFL Mock Draft

UPDATED:  04/25/18

2018 On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator – Run your own Mock drafts!


ROUND 1 – Trade Mock:


1- Cleveland Browns: QB Sam Darnold, USC
Cleveland is taking a QB here it just becomes a question of who, with the odds on favorite being Darnold.

2- New York Giants: QB Josh Allen, Wyoming
The Giants could move this pick via a trade, but I think it’s more likely they keep the selection and draft the heir apparent to Eli Manning. I think this is too high for Allen, but this is probably the best spot for him since he can easily sit for 1-2 years.

3- New York Jets (via Colts): QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma
The Jets previously traded up to land a quarterback with this pick and you could make they case that they get to choose from the top two options in Mayfield and Rosen. Either one would make sense here.

4- TRADE(A) Buffalo Bills via Cleveland Browns (via Texans): QB Josh Rosen, UCLA
If the Giants aren’t willing to trade and quarterbacks go 1-2-3 in the draft they will have to be getting pretty nervous about landing their signal caller. While the Browns could definitely look to stay at this selection, the Bills offer will likely be too good to pass up.

5- TRADE (B) Tampa Bay Buccaneers via Denver Broncos: RB Saquon Barkley, Penn State
With four quarterbacks off the board the Broncos will likely sit out the QB market year early in the draft this year. Though they could consider Barkley, moving back two spots has to be appealing to them. For the Buccaneers moving up doesn’t cost too much and they land the best running back in the class to fill a major hole on offense.

6- TRADE (C) Arizona Cardinals via Indianapolis Colts (via Jets): QB Lamar Jackson, Louisville
The Colts have already traded back once in this draft, but are probably likely to do so again. With so many quarterbacks getting drafted early it’s pushing talent down in the round, so Indianapolis can still land a really good player and add additional assets to help their rebuild. As for the Cardinals, they have to do something big to move up from 15, and they are desperate for a young quarterback to develop behind Bradford this year.

7- Denver Broncos (via Tampa Bay Buccaneers): EDGE Bradley Chubb, NC State
This pick would likely come down to between Quenton Nelson and Chubb, but I think Chubb might win out here as the Broncos know that building their defense back up could make them a contending team again.

8- Chicago Bears: G Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame
The Bears could go a number of different directions here, but passing up the best offensive lineman in this class and a guy who could be an All-Pro is going to be tough. They gave Mitch Trubisky weapons in the offseason, but now the Bears need to fix his offensive line.

9- San Francisco 49ers: EDGE Harold Landry, Boston College
This is an odd spot for the 49ers as they could use a receiver or offensive linemen, but neither make much sense this high if Nelson is off the board. They could go corner or linebacker, but I think they will address their pass rushing woes with this selection.

10- Oakland Raiders: LB Roquan Smith, Georgia
This pick will likely be on the defensive side and it could be any top LB, EDGE, CB, or S on the board. Smith would give the Raiders a highly athletic linebacker who can help vs the run, in coverage and as a blitzer.

11- Miami Dolphins: DB Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama
Dolphins could go any number of directions with this pick as they could use upgrades on both sides of the ball, but nabbing Fitzpatrick here makes a lot of sense.

12- Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo Bills thru Bengals): CB Denzel Ward, Ohio State
Browns trade back from the 4th pick and still land the top corner in the class, who can match-up versus number one receivers both inside and on the outside.

13- TRADE (D): New England Patriots via Washington Redskins: QB Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State
The Patriots likely acquired their extra picks in an effort to move up in the draft and while they could go “all-in” to try to get in the top 5 or 6 to land a QB, they could look to target Rudolph here in the middle of the round and still keep some of their other high picks. From the Redskins perspective, they could go DL or S here, but with so much depth they can move back and still land a good player.

14- TRADE (E): Dallas Cowboys via Green Bay Packers: DL Vita Vea, Washington
Another team that benefits from the run on QBs, the Cowboys land a top interior defender and jump up a few picks to ensure he doesn’t get stolen. The Packers move back a few spots and pick up some assets for their trouble.

15- Indianapolis Colts (via Arizona Cardinals): LB Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech
Colts move back twice from 3rd overall, pick up a ton of premium assets and still end up with a potential difference maker on defense in Edmunds. He quickly could become a star player on a defense that is short on top tier talent.

16- Baltimore Ravens: C James Daniels, Iowa
Maybe a slight reach here, but the Ravens are desperate to replace Jensen at center and Daniels has All-Pro upside at the position and should really strengthen their offense. Receiver would be an option here, but after getting burned with their last first rd receiver the Ravens should opt for a player with a bit more certainty.

17- LA Chargers: S Derwin James, Florida State
James is a star talent and very easily could be a top 10 pick, but with 6 quarterbacks off the board in front of him he slides down to the Chargers spot. LA adds a major playmaker to an already quality defense.

18- TRADE (F): Carolina Panthers via Seattle Seahawks: CB Jaire Alexander, Louisville
The Seahawks could definitely look to trade back as they are likely heading into a rebuilding year and they are missing their next couple of picks. For Carolina jumping up to land a corner makes sense as it’s one of their weaker areas.

19- Green Bay Packers (via Dallas Cowboys): G Isaiah Wynn, Georgia
The Packers could help Aaron Rodgers by strengthening his line up front. The offensive line has struggled some of late and adding a technician like Wynn who can line-up at multiple positions is a nice upgrade.

20- Detroit Lions: RB Derrius Guice, LSU
The Lions could consider a number of options here, but I think it could be tough to pass up on the second best RB in the class, considering how bad the production has been in recent years for the Lions out of the back-field.

21- Cincinnati Bengals (via Bills): LB Leighton Vander Esch, Boise State
Though offensive or defensive line could make sense here, the Bengals need to find a LB to replace Burfict in the short term, and possibly long term as well. Vander Esch, gives them a versatile guy who can replace Burfict and when he’s returned from suspension he can play alongside him as well.

22- Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo Bills thru Chiefs): OT Mike McGlinchy, Notre Dame
The Biggest need for the Browns after QB is Offensive tackle, particularly guys who could handle LT and try to replace Joe Thomas. With the extra pick here Cleveland gets the best tackle in the class.

23- Washington Redskins (via New England Patriots (via Rams): DL Da’Ron Payne, Alabama
The Redskins had one of the worst run defenses in the league last year and get to add one of the better run defenders in this class. Payne can play both the nose tackle role and DE in the Redskins base defense, and can contribute in the sub-packages as well.

24- Seattle Seahawks (via Carolina Panthers): S Justin Reid, Stanford
I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trade of Earl Thomas coming, but even if he’s still on the team next year, the Seahawks need to prepare to life without Thomas and Kam Chancellor going forward. Reid is a versatile safety who can fill one starting role for Seattle.

25- TRADE (G) Pittsburgh Steelers via Tennessee Titans: LB Rashaan Evans, Alabama
The Steelers make the move up here to find a replacement for Ryan Shazier with this pick. Evans is a really good LB prospect and should be a quality immediate starter for the Steelers. The Titans bump back a few spots here in a small trade.

26- Atlanta Falcons: DL Maurice Hurst, Michigan
Hurst’s medical situation makes it tough to predict where he will end up going, but the latest reports are promising, and if the Falcons medical staff has cleared him, this would be a great pick for them as he can be a disruptor from the interior.

27- TRADE (H) Indianapolis Colts via New Orleans Saints: EDGE Josh Sweat, Florida State
Colts move up a few spots to get back into the 1st round to not only ensure they land their guy, but they also add value in picking up the 5th year option on the player. That means more for a team like Indianapolis who seems like in a rebuild mode. Adding an edge rusher is key for the Colts and Sweat has a ton of upside. For the Saints they are missing their 2nd so moving back some and getting some extra picks helps them out.

28- Tennessee Titans (via Pittsburgh Steelers): EDGE Marcus Davenport, UTSA
The Titans have solid starter edge rushers, but both are older and depth is a real concern. Davenport is a raw talent so this would be a good fit for him as he wouldn’t need to be an every down player as a rookie.

29- TRADE (I) Cleveland Browns via Jacksonville Jaguars: WR Courtland Sutton, SMU
Acquiring a 4th 1st rd pick seems like a fantasy, but it could happen in a scenario like this. That 5th year option has real value, and the Browns could jump a few teams in the market for a wide receiver. Though Cleveland’s receiver corps looks good, there are a lot of question marks on them long term. Sutton would give Cleveland a receiver to grow with Darnold long term. Also, by using the Texans 2nd rd pick to move up, the Browns retain the top pick for Day two which gives them plenty of options with trade scenarios.

30- Minnesota Vikings: G Will Hernandez, UTEP
The biggest weakness for the Vikings right now has to be their interior line play. Adding Hernandez goes a long way to fixing that and should allow this offense to be among the league’s best.

31- New England Patriots: OT Kolton Miller, UCLA
The Patriots haven’t replaced Nate Solder yet, so using their 2nd pick in the 1st round to add a blind-side protector would be a strong investment. Miller is a bit raw, but he could push for the starting job this year and definitely would be the long term option.

32- Philadelphia Eagles: WR D.J. Moore, Maryland
The Eagles don’t have any pressing needs so this pick could go any number of directions including considering any trade back scenarios, but if they stay here I could see them add a big play threat like Moore.

Round 1 Trade recaps:

Trade (A): Cleveland Browns give up the 4th overall pick to the Buffalo Bills for the 12th pick, 22nd pick, 53rd pick, 121st pick and a 2019 2nd round pick.

Trade (B): Denver Broncos give up the 5th overall pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 7th pick, 102nd pick, 180th pick, and a 2019 3rd round pick.

Trade ( C): Indianapolis Colts give up the 6th overall pick to the Arizona Cardinals for the 15th pick, 47th pick, 134th pick, and a 2019 1st round pick.

Trade (D): Washington Redskins give up the 13th overall pick to the New England Patriots for the 23rd pick, 43rd pick, 95th pick.

Trade (E): Green Bay Packers give up the 14th overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys for the 19th pick, 81st pick, 116th pick and a 2019 5th round pick.

Trade (F): Seattle Seahawks give up the 18th overall pick to the Carolina Panthers for the 24th pick, 85th pick, 197th pick.

Trade (G): Tennessee Titans give up the 25th overall pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 28th pick, 148th pick, 220th pick and a 2019 4th round pick.

Trade (H): New Orleans Saints give up the 27th overall pick to the Indianapolis Colts for the 36th pick, 104th pick, 140th pick.

Trade (I): Jacksonville Jaguars give up the 29th overall pick to the Indianapolis Colts for the 35th pick, 114th pick.