NFL Draft Preview: TCU vs. Baylor

NFL Draft

TCU at Baylor

Two undefeated teams emerge from the Big 12 in the game of the week which includes plenty of prospects to know for the upcoming NFL Draft!


Bryce Petty, Baylor

Bryce Petty will continue to be a divisive prospect as one of the better senior QB prospects for the 2015 NFL Draft. After suffering cracked bones in his spine, it appears Petty’s season could be in jeopardy but he can back with a solid game against Texas last week. Baylor’s system can shield many flaws from QBs, but Petty appears to be one of the QBs who benefit from the system. He does read defenses well and gets the ball out quickly, two attributes that could make him a viable NFL quarterback, but the physical tools are limited. He doesn’t throw a tight spiral, leading to erratic ball placement on many of his throws. He won’t attempt to fit the ball into tight spaces and if he does, it usually goes poorly. Accuracy would appear to be a positive, but he doesn’t lead his WRs particularly well. Petty has enough tools to be a back-up in the NFL and maybe find his way into some spot starts a la Austin Davis, but he is not the potential top 100 pick many thought.

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Antwan Goodley, Baylor

Goodley has an intriguing build being under 6’0 but at 220 pounds. He has bulk to be a slot WR and take shots over the middle while he has shown big play ability down the field. He isn’t the most refined route runner and can get jammed at the line, but he has the physical talents to provide a #3 or #4 option for a pro team. If Goodley can blow up toward the end of the season and have a big offseason, he could emerge as a top 100 option.

Levi Norwood, Baylor

Norwood is a fluid all around WR who can provide a versatile bench option for an NFL team. He’s been one of the primary punt returners for Baylor and that might end up as his best NFL role. He has been sitting out with a wrist injury for most of the season and will have a chance to redeem his draft stock this week. He has solid hands but lacks separation ability at the college level which doesn’t bode well for the pros. A late round special teamer.


Spencer Drango, Junior, Baylor

Drango is a potential first round pick with some big time physical talents. At 6’6, 310 pounds, Drango moves like a 290 pounds tackle but plays with the power of his size. He has a ton of experience, but has yet to show the consistency to feel confident about him as a franchise left tackle. Drango does have a very good kick slide and flashes stud potential, but will have stretches of play where he gives up easy pressure. He doesn’t show a killer instinct and does do poorly against pure speed rushers. If Drango improves, he could end up a similar player to the Patriots Nate Solder, which may lead a team to draft him in the first round.


Chucky Hunter, DT, TCU

Hunter is a solid middle plug who could play NT or 3-technique depending on the scheme. He provides a solid run stuffer who stands up well against run blocking and has enough range to bring down a RB up the gut. Hunter won’t wow with big athleticism or a great first step, but he is technically sound with solid leverage and strength that could find him in a rotational role in the NFL. A midround pick could net a team a solid defensive line contributor and though he has lacked penetration this year, he should have potential to disrupt Baylor’s offense this week.

Shawn Oakman, DE, Junior, Baylor

Oakman is one of the most physically intimidating players in the whole country. Listed at 6’9 280 pounds, he has a gigantic wingspan and utilizes it to his advantage. As a first year starter, expectations were high for Oakman and he has lived up to expectations already notching 5 sacks so far this season and 2 additional tackles for loss. He is extremely strong, both in his upper and lower body and keeps offensive linemen at bay with his arm length. The athleticism from someone of his height and size is astounding, and he can play multiple positions along the defensive line both inside and outside, allowing for versatility in most defensive schemes. The upside is tremendous, but his starting experience is limited. Another big game for Oakman against TCU could prop him into the top half of the first round.


Bryce Hager, Baylor

Hager has been the go to leader for the Baylor defense for two years, playing middle linebacker and calling defensive changes and shifts for the team. He doesn’t have tremendous upside as his lateral mobility is limited, but Hager is a good form tackler and plays downhill. His coverage skills are inconsistent, but definitely not a strength. He is a likely late round pick with good back-up and special teams upside.


Sam Carter, SS, TCU

Carter is one of better pure in the box strong safeties in college football, but he doesn’t provide the athletic ability to have huge NFL potential. He has provided some solid special teams play along with his starting safety play, so a late round special teams pick is not out of the realm of possibility.

Kevin White, CB, TCU

White is an ideal nickel corner with good quickness and athleticism but his size (under 5’10 at 174 pounds,) will likely stop him from being more in the NFL. He has loose hips with great turn and run ability. He doesn’t make a ton of big plays, but every game White turns in a solid performance. Late round pick with nickel starting upside.

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