Prospect Comparison: OT Brandon Scherff vs. Cedric Ogbuehi

NFL Draft

Left Tackle is always a position in demand during the NFL Draft, and this year will be no different. Many years underclassmen will dominate the top of the OT rankings, but two seniors stand out as potential top ten picks. Cedric Ogbuehi of Texas A&M and Brandon Scherff of Iowa have their ups and downs, but are good prospects that can be potential franchise left tackles.


The bigger the better for offensive lineman, as long as they can move effectively. Iowa’s Brandon Scherff stands at 6’5 320 pounds with good girth and a back end anchor that can work against power rushers. Cedric Ogbuehi is no slouch himself at 6’5 300 pounds, but he has a thinner gut and lower body that has been a bit of trouble against more power rushers. Scherff’s frame is a little bit dumpy and not as defined, while Ogbuehi has a muscular frame that looks impressive and more like a linebacker than an offense tackle. Even with that, Scherff gets the size advantage and it also will allow him to be versatile and move positions down the line if need be.

Advantage: Brandon Scherff

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Athletic ability is Cedric Ogbuehi’s calling card. He moves off the snap tremendously well and has a very solid kick slide. He has fluid footwork and rarely lets a speed rusher get around him to get pressure on the quarterback. Ogbuehi has also been used as a lead blocker on outside runs, QB runs, and screens. Brandon Scherff does move well for a player of his size. He stays balanced and has fluidity for a 320 pounder. He can get caught kick sliding to the edge though and struggles against speed. Scherff does have explosive ability in the run and pass game and his quickness off the snap is pretty special. Both players have solid athletic ability, but Ogbuehi gets the athletic advantage.

Advantage: Cedric Ogbuehi

Pass Blocking:

Brandon Scherff’s explosive play helps him against pass rushers and he can usually put down a power rusher with ease. He does have short arms, so when he faces speed rushers with a variety of pass rush moves, he does not always keep them away from his body. Scherff’s kick slide is solid, but he does play too high in it and his pad level can lead to technique problems. He punches well and wins more than he loses, even against some of the best pass rushers in the Big Ten. Scherff wins with technique and power over pad level and foot speed. Ogbuehi has a huge wingspan and athletic feet that he will use to put down opposing pass rushers. He is lightning quick to engage and get into his kick slide, especially if defenders attempt to seal go around the edge on him. Having QBs like Johnny Manziel and Kenny Hill have definitely helped him do his job well, but there is no doubt he is a major talent. Pass blocking is a strength for both players, and both should be solid handling the blind side in the NFL but Ogbuehi gets the advantage with his long arms and dominance against speed rushers. He is much more inconsistent than Scherff (see the 2014 Arkansas game,) but the upside is there.

Advantage: Cedric Ogbuehi

Run Blocking:

Brandon Scherff is a dominant force in the run game. He uses his size, anchor, and strength to his advantage. He stays low in the run game and explodes through his pads to jolt the defender, even on stunts. He almost always finished blocks and will try to lay the opposing defender on the ground. The killer attitude combined with his size and strength provided a sealed edge for outside runs and not allowing defensive linemen to disengage and make plays vs. the runner on inside runs. Cedric Ogbuehi is a solid run blocker but unspectacular. He plays more of a finesse run blocking game and tries to keep punching the defender instead of making immediate contact. He does use good pad level in the run game and can secure the opponents pads, not allowing them to shed the block and get at the RB. Scherff definitely takes this category and a power run team may prefer him.

Advantage: Brandon Scherff

The first senior offensive tackle to come off the board will likely be one of these two men, and it may come down to personal preference and scheme from the team that takes them. Scherff lacks pass protection upside, but his size and power make him an ideal candidate in that scheme. Ogbuehi has all the physical upside but his inconsistency, especially in the run game, puts more risk into drafting him.

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