2014 Senior Bowl Interviews: C Bryan Stork

2014 Senior Bowl NFL Draft

Interviews were conducted at the Reese’s Senior Bowl – either during the week of practices or after the game as noted: 

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Bryan Stork – Center (Florida State)        Stork, Bryan (Center)_small


On what he wanted to showcase to NFL scouts during Senior Bowl Week

To show that I can handle all the stuff they throw at me. It ain’t easy now! Show that I’m worthy of stepping up and being in a position to play at this level.


On what traits he will bring to an NFL team

Mental toughness and hard work.


On what was the most trying time for him as a player at Florida State

I’d say just battling injuries. The league we play in – it ain’t easy, you know. We play some good people. So it would be just that – battling injuries. But if that’s all you got, then you ain’t got bad problems!


On who was the toughest player he ever faced on his own team and the toughest he ever went up against on another team

Timmy Jernigan on our team. And honestly, I didn’t really struggle much with any other team. But Jernigan is the guy.


On how good Timmy Jernigan is compared to other guys he’s faced

Timmy is amazing. He’s super talented, he’s strong. When he gets to 530 lbs. on the bench, they stop him and tell him that he doesn’t need to be benching any more. He can squat a house! He’s just an amazing athlete. He has so much power in his hips. He plays so low to the ground. Me being a simple white guy, it ain’t easy to get down there! That’s the toughest guy I’ve ever played against.


On which is the toughest – the Senior Bowl roster he is on or his Florida State roster this year

Honestly, it wouldn’t be fair for me to say, because I know our guys in and out, but I don’t know these guys in and out. There is a lot of great talent here, but there is a lot of great talent on Florida State’s roster.


On what kind of versatility he can be to an NFL team if he just can’t be that starter early on

I can be the putty. That’s how I started out playing at Florida State. Just being the putty – I can play every position. I know I’m 6’4”, 305 lbs., but I can kick out to left tackle believe it or not. Just bringing versatility to the offense.


On what was the best piece of advice he received from the coaches at Florida State on entering the draft process

I wouldn’t say that it was right before entering this process; it was the whole five years. It was Coach Trickett. He was teaching more about life than just football. Your work ethic, how you present yourself, carry yourself, your body language. Things like that. That had a lot to do with my success.



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