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Now you get to be your team's general manager throughout the ENTIRE Offseason! Navigate your team through NFL free agency and then make picks in upcoming NFL Draft. See the summary page to see your new 2020 team!
1. Select your team.
2. Clear cap space and/or restructure players contracts.
3. Re-sign and tag players.
4. Simulate ten days of free agency
5. Then considering cuts and additions you made in free agency, run On the Clock and make picks in the 2019 NFL Draft! Follow the steps to set up the On the Clock portion of the simulation.
6. Share your results and new team for 2019 online!

ULTIMATE GM SUBSCRIBERS: By purchasing the Ultimate GM subscription, you will have access to On the Clock Premium as well. It will just be separate simulations. But you will have access to both Premium simulators!


NFL Free Agency Data Updates:

  • We will take off signed free agents first.
  • Then we will estimate contracts of signed players.
  • When contract info becomes final, we will update final contract information.
  • Please keep that in mind that over the next week or two, some contracts will be estimates until we can finalize data.
  • Thanks for your patience! Enjoy!