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EJ’s Top 20 Fantasy Quarterbacks – Part 1

Steve Shoup

By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:


The list below includes my top 20 rated quarterbacks coming into this fantasy season. I took into account past success as well as the quarterbacks’ current situation to bring you the best and most complete list I could assemble. Note that my next 10 quarterbacks will be included in a second part.

1. Drew Brees:        drewbrees

Brees is an amazing player to watch. Year after year he is top five in yards, touchdowns, and completion percentage. I expect Brees to have an even better year than his last as head coach Sean Payton is back.

2. Aaron Rodgers:

There is some concern for Rodgers. He lost Greg Jennings and Donald Driver in the offseason. Despite this, the Pack will be on the attack. Rodgers is too good not to be throwing the ball 30 times a game. Expect Green Bay to run the ball more this season than in recent years, but Rodgers will still carry the bulk of the offensive work.

3. Tom Brady:

Many people expect a decline in Brady’s play. He did lose his leading receiver in Wes Welker, and All World tight end Rob Gronkowski can’t stay healthy. But Brady has been known to make stars out of even the most unheard of receivers (Welker.)

4. Peyton Manning:

I always worry about players who have suffered significant injuries (Manning missed the entire 2011 season). However Manning showed no signs of pain or any slowing down last year. This season Manning’s numbers should improve with the addition of Wes Welker.

5. Colin Kaepernick:

To many people Kaepernick should be number 1. But if you know me you know I like to have years of consistency behind every player I pick; especially quarterbacks. Despite this, you can’t go wrong with Kapernick. He has more weapons around him than almost anyone in the league. He has a great offensive line and coach. He’s a little low just because of only one season at the helm. But don’t be afraid to jump on this guy if you happen to have the top pick in your Fantasy draft.

6. Russell Wilson:

The day Wilson was drafted I said he would be the starter in Seattle by the first game of the season. He exceeded even my expectations and had a phenomenal year. In the offseason Seattle traded for Percy Harvin from Minnesota and this will boost his already high level of play to one that can barely be touched.

7. Cam Newton:

Newton had a dip in his numbers last season but I see him coming back strong this year. He has all the tools and Carolina is working to put more weapons around him. Newton will bounce back big this year.

8. Robert Griffin III:

We’re seeing a trend here; all these quarterbacks can run and pass. The fact that Griffin is so low is because he runs too much. Griffin could be the top player in this group but he tore his ACL in the playoffs. I think he will come back very strong from his injury but one can never be too cautious.

9. Matt Ryan:

Many thought he could be the MVP last year. Ryan started off last season hot and his play was good all through the year. Ryan is moving up in this crazy world called the NFL and has a talented mass of receivers at his disposal.

10. Matthew Stafford:

The sleeper of Fantasy football! Stafford is poised to have a big year this year. The Lions throw the ball a lot and this is great because it means Stafford will always get you some decent points (at least.) But it also means he will throw a lot of interceptions. Fear not! The Lions have a huge addition in runningback Reggie Bush. Bush will take the work load off of Stafford and is a fantastic receiver out of the backfield. Who knows? Jahvid Best might even come back this year. Stafford is a high risk/ high reward guy. Be careful with him but I believe at anything he will be a good contributor to your team’s success.



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