How to Make Money Playing Fantasy Football

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As a growing industry, it seems like fantasy sports have taken North America by storm. In fact, almost 57 million people invest every year. Even more impressive? 73% of the 57 million people investing in fantasy sports put their money into fantasy football leagues. Eight hundred million dollars is spent every single year, including magazines and television channels.

What Does Fantasy Football Involve?

In order to make educated choices, participants research the league thoroughly. There are games to watch, commentator opinions, feedback on how the team is doing, forums to browse, and even mathematical calculators to help determine outcomes. Football stats are readily available online, making it a lucrative and fun experience for any fan.

How Does Someone Get Started?

Before diving into daily fantasy sports betting, you’re going to want to research and become a bit of an expert in the realm of all things football. That means learning about players, real-life events, teams, league politics, and more. The idea is to understand enough of the game to plan for any situation throughout the season.

Getting an Edge Above Everyone Else

Earning money isn’t just a guessing game; it takes more than instinct to make money with fantasy football. Taking advantage of mathematical formulas, line-up optimizers, and predictive models can all help improve your chances of succeeding. You’ll want to watch the games or, at the very least, follow a sports website that tracks game highlights. Joining a forum discussing the league is another fabulous way to get insider opinions on how to track your team throughout the season. Discussions will provide views on strategies, actionable advice, and opinions on players (and performance).

Start Small Before Throwing Your Money Away

One of the easiest ways to make money with fantasy football is by learning the workings of the league. Every league and website runs with different rules and regulations. It’s always important to find out how to use the platform before getting started. Likewise, it’s always a wise idea to set a budget before getting started. Most venues will offer cash games or tournaments; knowing the buy-in and rules surrounding these can help keep your budget in check.

What’s a 50/50 Play?

Cash games are commonly called 50/50 play, with 100 entrants. All winnings are split between the top 50 people in the pool, whether you place first or in 49th position. The rules of this game are pretty simple; you need to perform better than the average. Simply focus on fielding a team that will score well (in other words, go for mainstream teams).

Are Tournaments Worth It?

Unlike 50/50 play, tournaments are a whole new monster to play. These tournaments can be arranged a few ways but will often insist on a ‘winner-takes-all’ mentality. Experienced gamers understand that tournaments require a completely different approach to win; you’ll want to think outside the box to succeed. Irrational thinking can go a long way, combined with strategic pairs of players that will optimize your points. For example, a quarterback and his preferred receiver can help earn points quickly. You’ll get them for the touchdown and also the touchdown pass.

Is Fantasy Football Legal?

Although participating in a fantasy football league is legal, there are some stipulations when it comes to earning money while playing. There are currently seven states that prohibit participating in leagues for profit. These states include Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, Arkansas, Montana, Washington, and Tennessee. Other states may have specific laws pertaining to fantasy sports. For example, Nevada laws have determined fantasy football to be gambling. As such, it requires a registered license to operate in the state.

Do I have to Declare Winnings?

Any earnings through fantasy sports must be declared as income to the government if the profits are over $600 per calendar year. This money reports under miscellaneous income and is taxable. Any expenses paid can be deducted from the winnings, including the entry fee at the beginning of the season. This means you’ll only pay taxes on the portion of income after your deductions.

Final Thoughts on Fantasy Football

There is considerable money to be made playing fantasy football, especially if you’re willing to put in the research. Understanding the players, game, and dynamics is essential for your success. Likewise, the more you watch, the more you’ll know. Novice players should always plan their bankroll before committing to a league. Finally, a fantasy football team mustn’t take the fun out of the game; remember to enjoy the sport along with the earnings.

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