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The season is just around the corner and that mean it is time for our final mock draft using the On the Clock mock draft simulator. There is still time to use the mock draft simulator. Just go to to use it. It is definitely a helpful tool for all of you who waited until this close to the first week of the season to complete your league’s fantasy draft. It is also a great form of entertainment for those of you who love participating in drafts, but have already finished your league’s draft.

For this mock draft, I was given the second overall pick by a random online number generator. I really am not a fan of having this high of a pick in a league with fourteen or more teams. Yes, I get one of the best players in the league, but I have such a long wait until my second pick. In a dynasty league, every pick must be a good one. If one does not go well it can haunt you for year.

Jamaal Charles is the best running back in PPR scoring formats.

Jamaal Charles is the best running back in PPR scoring formats.

The first player I selected should not come as a surprise to anyone. I grabbed Jamaal Charles. LeSean McCoy went with the first overall pick, which made my choice very simple. However, I would have taken Charles either way. They are pretty much equal in PPR scoring formats. The only reason why McCoy would have been the first overall pick here is because he is a year younger than Charles. However, since it is only a year difference I would rather have the guy who scores more touchdowns. McCoy was a bit streaky last year when it came to finding the end zone. This was definitely not the case for the Chiefs’ running back.

I then had to watch as every player I wanted flew off the board. Like I have already stated, I do not like have a high pick in larger leagues. When it came time for me to pick, every single player I wanted was gone. I just had to choose the best of a bad situation. I grabbed Julius Thomas. Usually I would never take a tight end this high unless his name is Jimmy Graham, but I had run out of options.

I then took T.Y. Hilton. This made up for my pain in the second round. Hilton is an absolute stud for dynasty league. Not only has he shown us he has some great potential, but he is about to take over as the Colts’ undisputed number one wide receiver. Reggie Wayne is 35 years old and coming off a season ending injury. Hilton flourished last year when he was thrown into the main receiving role. It will not be long until this is a normal thing for him instead of a temporary role.

I knew I wanted a young running back in the fourth round. Jamaal Charles is 27 years old, so it I figured it would be a good idea to pair him with a youthful running back that has shown he can carry the load. I choose Trent Richardson. This was a pretty difficult decision. I do not know whether I will get the Richardson from 2012 or 2013. This gamble will either pay off big or haunt me for years to come.

In the fifth, I selected Mike Wallace. Wallace showed some great things when he was in Pittsburgh, but since becoming a Dolphin he had never really lived up to his high expectations. I do not believe this is a lack of talent. Instead, I believe the reason behind this is that Wallace has never been paired with a capable quarterback. Dolphins’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill made some great strides last season before a poor offensive line. The Dolphins worked hard this offseason to fix the holes in the line to allow Tannehill to continue to grow. Eventually Tannehill will become a very good passer. When he does Mike Wallace will once again become an elite wide receiver.

I then waited and watched as all the best young quarterback started flying off the board. By the time I was up Foles, Kaepernick, and RGIII were all gone. I knew that is was now or never if I wanted one of the top young passers. I took Russell Wilson. Wilson could prove to become one of the best quarterbacks in the league at some point. However, at this point, it is tough to see him ever becoming an elite fantasy quarterback. He seems like one of those players who is very good in real football, but does not put up the stats to make him a great fantasy player. I can live with him and hope I am wrong, but I will want a young quarterback with more fantasy football potential at some point in this draft.

It is not time to give up on this former top five draft pick.

It is not time to give up on this former top five draft pick.

I then took DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins is set to eventually take over as the Texans’ number one wide receiver. Andre Johnson is 33 year old now. The day Hopkins becomes the main guy in Houston will be a huge day for fantasy owners who have him in their dynasty leagues.

After another long wait, I drafted Ray Rice. A lot of fantasy owners are ready to give up on Rice. It may not be the time to throw him to the wind. Just two years ago he was considered one of the elite fantasy running backs. I figure that with Richardson as a starter, I would definitely want someone I could rotate in and out this season based on the defenses they are facing from week to week.

My ninth rounder was spent on the rookie wide receiver that I am highest on. As far as long term potential goes, there is no better rookie wide out to own than Kelvin Benjamin. Benjamin has all the physical traits one looks for in a top wide receiver. He also fell into a great situation in Carolina. With Cam Newton as his quarterback and a pretty lack luster corps of fellow wide outs, Benjamin is looking like he will become a super star sooner rather than later.

It is always nice to get a starter in the later rounds. I got Jeremy Maclin in the tenth. At this point, I would definitely start Maclin over Mike Wallace. Maclin has so much potential and could end up being a top fantasy football wide receiver in 2014. It is all a matter of if he can stay healthy. His injury history is why he drops in drafts. Those who can stomach the risk may be in for a great season.

Like I said earlier, I knew that by taking Russell Wilson I would want to grab another quarterback at some point in the draft. Though I may have reached a bit at this pick, I wanted this guy really badly and was willing to over pay for him. Blake Bortles has looked amazing in the preseason. He is looking like a true NFL caliber quarterback. It is no surprised the Jags choose him over the other highly ranked quarterback prospects.

I then went with another rookie. I choose Andre Williams. Rashad Jennings is definitely the main running back in New York for 2014 and maybe even 2015. However, at 29 years old, Jennings is closer to the end of his career than the beginning. The Giants brought in Williams to be their back of the future. He has everything the Giants look for in a running back. He is a big back who can wear the interior defenders down. I see him as becoming a young Brandon Jacobs in a couple of years. I will have to wait for this to happen, but I have running backs that are going play well for the next two years.

The Seahawks defense is young and under contract for a long time. They are a sure bet in dynasty leagues.

The Seahawks defense is young and under contract for a long time. They are a sure bet in dynasty leagues.

I then choose the Seahawks’ defense. The Seahawks’ defense is loaded with young talent. The front office locked up all these young guys for a long period of time this offseason. The Hawks did not bring in a single new free agent because they wanted to spend their money to keep their championship caliber defense together for another couple of years. This means I will have a great defense for at least three to five years.

I then took Mason Crosby. Crosby was just so good last year and was actually even better when Aaron Rodgers was still on the field. With Rodgers back, Crosby just seems like the best option once the top three kickers have been taken.

I grabbed a sleeper with my final pick. I choose Martavis Bryant, a wide receiver who was drafted in the fourth round by the Steelers. Bryant is a huge target for Roethelisberger. With the possibility of having both Steelers’ running backs suspended, Big Ben is going to need a scoring threat in the red zone. Bryant seems like this could be his type of role.


At the completion of the fourteen team dynasty league mock draft with a PPR scoring format my team looked like this:


Owners must expect a decrease in production from Julius Thomas this season, but he is still going to be great for a long time.

Owners must expect a decrease in production from Julius Thomas this season, but he is still going to be great for a long time.


If you would like to see the full result of this mock draft, go to


I am not sure how much I like this team. I love having Jamaal Charles, but I firmly believe that having one superstar is not enough to win a fantasy football championship. The good thing is this is a young team. A lot of the players could develop into stars. I would definitely need some luck to claim a championship in the first year of this league, but there is no reason why one could not be in my future.

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