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It is hard to believe we are already on the last string of the fanspeak.com On the Clock mock drafts. The season is right around the corner, so if you still need to draft your fantasy team be sure you go to https://fanspeak.com/fantasyotc/ to get some last minute practice in. Being prepared for your draft is the most important thing you can do to improve your chances of having a championship season.

This mock draft was set up for a ten team dynasty league that awards points for each reception. I was given the ninth overall pick by a random online number generator. My strategy going into this draft was to grab up the best players available in order to have early success in this league. After getting those players, I wanted to ensure that I had some young players on the bench that could develop into stars in the future.

Le'Veon Bell looked excellent during the later half of his rookie season and should be able to build off his success for years to come.

Le’Veon Bell looked excellent during the later half of his rookie season and should be able to build off his success for years to come.

With my first draft pick I was stuck between Giovani Bernard and Le’Veon Bell. Bernard is a PPR beast, but Bell seems like the more complete player. I choose Bell, not only for his rushing and receiving abilities, but also for the fact that he does not have anyone to take touches away from him. I am just not willing to spend my highest draft pick on a guy who is not going to be on the field at all times.

I followed this pick up with Adrian Peterson. Peterson may be aging and he may not be the best PPR back in the world, but he is still a top five running back regardless of how the points are award in fantasy leagues. Having Peterson opens up a lot of options for me when it comes to selecting running backs later on in the draft.

I spent my third round pick on T.Y. Hilton. Hilton exploded last season after Reggie Wayne went out due to injury. No matter what, Hilton will be either the Colts’ number one or number two wide receiver this season. After Wayne retires, he is definitely going to become the team’s undisputed number one. There is a lot of potential here in both the short and long term.

I then grabbed up Pierre Garcon. It is pretty difficult to pass on the receiver who led the NFL in receptions in 2013 in a PPR league. Garcon did this without a healthy Robert Griffin III and with no true second wide receiver to take pressure off him. This year he will have his quarterback back to full strength and his team brought in DeSean Jackson to help keep Garcon away from double coverage.

Michael Crabtree was my next pick. Crabtree was so dominate in the last few games of the season in 2013. He almost made you completely forget he spent most of the season on the bench with a torn ACL. Crabtree is just 26 years old and the obvious number wide receiver in San Francisco. He is primed for big things in the upcoming years.

It is too hard to pass on Drew Brees. Even in dynasty leagues, he has a ton of value.

It is too hard to pass on Drew Brees. Even in dynasty leagues, he has a ton of value.

It was impossible to pass up Drew Brees in the sixth round. He is the only quarterback in history to have throw for 5,000 passing yards in a season multiple times. He may not be a very young player, but his talent makes him well worth taking at this point in the draft. It just meant I would have to take a young quarterback later on.

I then took two rookie running backs in a row. I went with Terrence West and then Carlos Hdye. West has a much better chance of putting up fantasy points right away. Nobody really knows how good Ben Tate is going to do in his first year as a featured back. With his injury history, it is very likely the Browns will want to give a number of touches to West this year. Expect West to become the Browns’ featured back in a couple of years. As for Carlos Hyde, he will not be a starter for me at any point this year. However, once Frank Gore retires in San Francisco, Hyde is going to be a stud. The 49ers do not share the load and it is very likely their rookie will be the one to step up into the workhorse role.

My ninth rounder was spent on Dennis Pitta. Now I will be honest, I am not a fan of Pitta. I think everyone over hypes him because of how well he did during the 2012 playoffs. However, at this point there really were not many quality tight ends on the board. I figured by grabbing the Ravens’ tight end I could at least use him as trade bait.

I then took DeSean Jackson. I love the combination of Garcon and Jackson on my roster. It will allow me to figure out who is going to become the team’s favorite wide receiver and I benefit either way. I also really like having four very good, young wide receivers.

My next pick had to be spent on a veteran running back. Since I choose the two rookies I really did not have a running back that I could use this year if one of my starters had a bye week or got injured. Therefore, I had to take DeAngelo Williams. Williams is a much overlooked running back in fantasy football. It is simply because he just does not score. However, he is a starter and can fill a void nicely when needed.

At this point it was time to take my quarterback of the future. I choose Johnny Manziel. Manziel has not looked very good in the preseason, but he is still adjusting to life in the NFL. I do not think he will ever be as dominant as he was in college, but I can see a couple of good seasons in the future. If nothing else, I can always draft another young quarterback down the road. Manziel is what I would consider a dynasty league experiment. He is one of those quarterbacks who could be very good in the future; however he does have a lot of bust potential.

Johnny Football is poised for a boom or bust career. Take caution when drafting him in any format.

Johnny Football is poised for a boom or bust career. Take caution when drafting him in any format.

For my last position player pick I went with Jarrett Boykin. Boykin is expected to be the Packers’ third wide receiver this season. However, with Jordy Nelson entrenched in the slot, more than likely the Packers will be forced to have Boykin play along the sides of the field. This is a very good thing. Aaron Rodgers has one of the strongest arms in the game and anyone who is going to be the target of his deep ball is sure to score some touchdowns. Boykin has a great opportunity here.

In the fourteenth round I choose my kicker. I went with Justin Tucker. I had my choice of any kicker in the league, but I had to take Tucker because he is the youngest of the top three going into this season.

My last pick was spent on my defense. I went with the Ravens defense. The Ravens took C.J. Mosely in the first round of the 2014 draft which tells me they are going to start focusing on getting younger guys on their defense. They have gotten rid of all the guys who are getting close to retirement and it looks like a new era is about to begin for this unit.


If you would like to see the full results of this mock draft go to https://fanspeak.com/fantasyotc/share.php?d=fe50e617c9b39a258d1a1d872f123b8a. At the end of the ten team PPR format dynasty league mock draft my roster looked like this:

How can you not draft Adrian Peterson with a second round pick?

How can you not draft Adrian Peterson with a second round pick?


I like this team. I feel that the starting roster is very strong. I really love my wide receivers. I may have two older studs in Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees, but I feel like I have enough youth on my bench to ensure my safety in the future. This is the type of dynasty league team I like. I want to always have the best chance at winning. I am not one to give up winning now for winning in the future. I am also not one to give up winning in the future for winning now. The goal for me is to always be winning. I think this is a team that could do just that.

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