Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings for Rookie Non- Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football Fantasy Football Rankings

This year is dynasty league fantasy drafts; wide receivers are going to be all the rage. However, there are a lot of good options at other positions. Best of all these players will probably come much cheaper than they would in other years because of the number of great wide receivers in this year’s draft. Obviously, if you can get your hands on one of the top wide outs, you should probably grab that guy. If not, there is no reason not to look at the other positions. They could end up paying huge dividends down the road. 

Wide receivers are not the only players you should look at from this years draft in you dynasty league.

Wide receivers are not the only players you should look at from this years draft in you dynasty league.

10. Jace Amaro

             Jace Amaro was the second round draft choice by the New York Jets. The tight end from Texas Tech should turn out to be a pretty good pro. He has much more value in the immediate future than he does in the long term. With a young quarterback throwing to him, he will be very valuable right away in PPR Leagues. However, his value might start to decline as Geno Smith gains more confidence and begins to take more chances down the field.

 9. Jimmie Grappolo

             Tom Brady has to retire at some point. When he does it looks like Jimmie Grappolo will be the guy in New England to replace him. What is so appealing is that he will be learning from one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He may end up being the next Aaron Rodgers who had to wait for his turn to start behind Brett Favre. Of course, this may never actually happen so there is some definite risk involved. However, backups to Brady have a long history of getting starting jobs with other teams. This may be the more likely scenario for Grappolo.

 8. Jeremy Hill

             Jeremy Hill has a chance to make an immediate impact with the Cincinnati Bengals. However, his value as a fantasy football keeper will always be limited due to Giovanni Bernard. No matter what happens the Bengals are going to have this bruiser back split time with the lightning fast Bernard. This is a big cap on his long term value.

Devonta Freeman is going to be a highly sought after high risk/ high reward running back in dynasty leagues.

Devonta Freeman is going to be a highly sought after high risk/ high reward running back in dynasty leagues.

7. Devonta Freeman

             The Falcons really like what Devonta Freeman brings to the table. They see him as the pass catching, change of pace back that Jacquizz Rodgers was never able to become. His value in dynasty leagues is much greater than in a redraft league. Steven Jackson is well over thirty now and his best days appear to be behind him. Therefore, it looks like the Falcons’ backfield will one day be occupied mostly by Freeman.

 6. Teddy Bridgewater

             Whether or not teddy Bridgewater is the Vikings quarterback this season does not really matter in dynasty leagues. There is a chance he will be taking some snaps on game day by the end of the season, but make no mistake, the Vikings brought him with a plan to make him the starter one day. The Vikings have a lot of young weapons on offense and Bridgewater will have the time to get comfortable with the playbook and his new receivers.

 5. Eric Ebron

             The Detroit Lions hope one day Eric Ebron is going to develop into a huge pass catching threat at the tight end position like Jimmy Graham or Vernon Davis. When exactly this is going to happen is anyone’s guess. The Lions have three tight ends on the roster as of right now and are in no rush to get their new offensive weapon out on the field. Ebron appears to be more of a long term investment for dynasty owners. If the Lions wait too long to get him going it could end up back firing. However, his ceiling is just too high to ignore.


4. Johnny Manziel

             What are the chances that Johnny Manziel is not going to be the Browns’ starting quarterback at some point this season? It looks like the team is committed to having Brian Hoyer start for now, but training camp has not even started yet. This could change at any moment. No matter what, Manziel will be the day one starter in 2015. His ability to run and his pass accuracy make him a strong candidate to be a top fantasy football quarterback.

 3. Carlos Hyde

             Like so many others on this list, Carlos Hyde is one of those long term investments. Frank Gore will eventually retire. He is already 31 and he has put a ton of wear on his body. The backfield will then be handed over to either Carlos Hyde or Marcus Lattimore. Lattimore already has one major knee surgery under his belt which makes him a huge risk. If Hyde is impressive, the 49ers will go with him simply because of durability factors. Best of all, San Francisco is one of the only teams who do not employ a running back committee. Whoever they start is going to geta ton of carries. 

Bishop Sankey has great value both now and for the long haul.

Bishop Sankey has great value both now and for the long haul.

2. Bishop Sankey

             Bishop Sankey has the most value in redraft leagues of any rookie from the 2014 NFL Draft. He also has a great deal of dynasty league value. He is more than likely going to be the Titans starting running back from day one. Even if he is not the number one back, he will end up getting a good number of carries. He does not make the number one spot on this list because of the potential for the number one guy.

 1. Blake Bortles

             Nobody has more upside in dynasty leagues than Blake Bortles. The Jaguars picked him third overall for a reason. They expect him to be the franchise quarterback. The team has brought in a lot of young guys to help Bortles turn the league’s laughing stock into a contender. The Jags have no intention of starting hi this season, but eventually he will be under center. Once he is, the sky is the limit.

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