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By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:


Tom Brady is taking his shots. Not the ones on the field, but the ones on all the major sports talk shows and articles. Most experts are saying this is not Brady’s season. Despite Brady being arguably the best quarterback in NFL history he is projected to do badly. While the truth is he has lost a lot of weapons-Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and Danny Woodhead, it doesn’t matter.

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

What all these so called “experts” are saying is it really doesn’t matter who is catching the balls from Brady. Brady makes his receivers better. He will be head and shoulders above almost every quarterback in the league whether he’s throwing to Wes Welker or Danny Amendola. Below is receivers from Brady’s career with the stats from their season before Brady and then their first season with Brady.

Season Before Brady:                                                  1st Season With Brady:

  1. Troy Brown (944 yards 4 TD)                                   1. 1,999 Yards 5 TD
  2. David Patten (546 Yards 1 TD)                                2. 749 Yards 4 TD
  3. Fred Baxter (22 Yards)                                           3. 148 Yards 2 TD
  4. Christian Fauria (188 Yards 1 TD)                            4. 235 Yards 7 TD
  5. Tim Dwight (31 Yards 1 TD)                                    5. 332 Yards 3 TD
  6. Reche Caldwell (352 Yards 1 TD)                            6. 760 Yards 4 TD
  7. Randy Moss (553 Yards 3 TD)                               7. 1,493 Yards 23 TD
  8. Wes Welker (687 Yards 1 TD)                                8. 1,175 Yards 8 TD
  9. Deion Branch (112 Yards 1 TD)                              9. 706 Yards 5 TD
  10. Brandon Llyod (283 Yards)                                    10. 911 Yards 4


If you look at the stats above a lot of the receivers listed you probably had never heard of them. But yet when they came to New England they did amazing. It wasn’t because they all of a sudden became superstars. It was because they had Brady throwing to them. Brady is just too good not to draft him. I don’t see any drop-off in his production this season. History proves Brady can make even the worst receivers into serviceable pass-catchers. What makes this season so different?



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