Redskins #MockOne Results

February 26, 2013 in Washington Redskins Draft

MockOne is a draft where bloggers and draftniks of all 32 teams come together to conduct a draft. Teams are on the clock and are capable of trading with G.M.'s of other teams to help add to some of the realism. I was the G.M. of the Washington Redskins and below is a run down of the Redskins picks and my thoughts with those selections. For the full Mock go here

2. S Eric Reid, LSU-

-I couldn't believe the way these safeties were falling as just Vaccaro and Cyprien were off the board when my pick came up. I originally tried to swing a couple trade down deals but didn't feel I was getting enough value back in counter offers, and with Reid still there staying put seemed to work. Reid isn't as consistent as I'd like to see, but he has elite potential and should be considered a great value at this pick.

3. OL Barrett Jones, Alabama-

-I love Barrett Jones and this is ridiculously low for him (though I realize some people bump him down) No he would test the best at the Combine if he were allowed to workout, but the kid can play football. He was an All-SEC guard, before moving to LT his junior year where he won the Outland Trophy and was an All-American, then he moved to center this past year where he won the Rimington award. He plays with excellent technique is and is incredibly smart. He's also a leader and shows incredible toughness, as he played in the National Championship Game with torn ligaments in his foot. He could probably play any position on the line, though is probably best suited inside at either guard or center. He would maybe get a RT look, but really he should compete and win the starting LG job.

4. OL David Quessenberry, San Jose State-

-Another offensive lineman I'm pretty high on. Quessenberry has a lot of versatility like Jones, but he's probably best suited at RT. He should be capable of competing and even winning the RT job at some point this season. Offensive linemen have the benefit of helping in both the run and pass game, and Quessenberry and Jones should make RG3 and Morris that much more dangerous. I considered some corners and safeties, but didn't feel there was any good value here, when I couldn't trade back I went with Quessenberry.

5. OLB/DE John Simon, Ohio State-

-I really didn't go into this draft thinking I'd be taking John Simon, and never would I have thought I would take him with a late 5th round pick. Simon is a two year captain at Ohio State, who has always gotten praise for his leadership and work ethic. While not working out at the Combine due to injury he's expected to test well at his Pro Day, given his dedication to working out. He was highly productive these past two years and was first team All-Big Ten this past season. He's a bit shorter than most teams will like as a DE/OLB, but he can get pressure and get penetration, there is zero reason to have him fall this far. The Redskins pass rush was pretty non-existent without Brian Orakpo last season and that can't happen again. Simon gives them depth in that department, and Haslett can get creative he will find a way to have Orakpo, Kerrigan and Simon all on the field together at once.

5. RB Kenjon Barner, Oregon-

-Barner was another guy I was slightly surprised to see this low. While there are questions about how he can do running inside or in any feature back role, he's a tremendous value at this point. Barner would be a great complement to Alfred Morris and the perfect weapon for the zone read offense. He can help also by catching balls out of the backfield and returning kicks/punts.

6. TE Michael Williams, Alabama-

-I think this is a good value pick for Michael Williams. No he's not going to stretch the field or put up great receiving numbers, but he fits the Redskins perfectly. The Redskins run the ball 53% of the time last season and were among the league's worst teams at throwing the ball deep (over 20 yards). Williams may still not be a great receiving option, but he should do well in the short area, particularly the red zone. Adding him in addition to the offensive linemen, should make everyone else better. Griffin should have a lot more time in the pocket and Morris won't have to deal with breaking so many tackles, at or behind the line of scrimmage.

7. CB Micah Hyde, Iowa-

-Hyde is a nice value pick here in the late 7th round. He fills a need position and has shown some starting potential down the line. He should help on special teams early in his career as well.

  • John Manuel

    I think Shanahan (and AJ Smith) would be thrilled to have that

    • Parks Smith

      Who wouldn't welcome "The Lord of No Rings"?

      • Steve Shoup

        haha what's sad is it's a still such a positive since he actually has a scouting background

  • http://lovethefrsttwo Jorge Villadiego

    then the 6th

  • Parks Smith

    Love the draft, although I took you as more of a wheeler and dealer! haha. I think the only pick I'm not in love with is Quessenberry. I admittedly don't know enough about him but Dion Sims would've been hard to pass up for me. At least you avoided the temptation of the Honey Badger in the 4th Round haha.

    I'm curious, why do you have Quesenberry over Aboushi and Brennan Williams?

    • Steve Shoup

      haha I tried to make some deals, but no one was biting. I offered one team a deal where according to the chart I was giving up 100 points and he wouldn't even counter.

      I considered Sims in the 4th, but wanted a guy for RT. Quessenberry impressed me at the Senior Bowl quite a bit, and I just feel that Aboushi is falling. I did consider Brennan Williams, but just felt a bit more comfortable with Quessenberry, esp. due to his versatility.

  • Brian Lowery

    I think that, we're Cyprien and Vacarro the only ones off the board, I'd take Elam over Reid. Granted Elam is more of a SS, but seeing him tear it up in the SEC, run a 4.4 40, and do pretty dang well in all the positional drills, I think he has great potential in any role Haslett could think of for him. He would be perfect for playing close to the line then bailing off into a different coverage as we saw the secondary do many times last year. Even though there's Merriweather, his bum knees are a huge concern and we have no idea how healthy he'll be. Take the versatile guy.

    On another note… I'd take the Honey Badger… I kinda love the kid, but at the same time, I wouldn't blame any team for not drafting him…

  • OlSkool1972

    Based on who was on the board each time you picked I agree with the Quessenberry, Barner, Michael Williams, and Hyde picks. My only differences would have been Jordan Poyer CB Oregon State in 2nd, JJ WIlcox S Georgia Southern in 3rd, and Duke Williams S Nevada in 5th.

  • Reggie B

    This draft was dumb. Do we really need more offensive linemen if we just drafted 4 n the last 2 years. We're not building by getting guys that we already have. Hurt, Gettis, Compton, and LeRebius need a chance 1st. We barely need a safety, but ppl continue to act like we didn't just draft 1 last year Jordan Bernstein. He didn't make the 53 man roster 4 nothing last season. We gotta gives guys a chance 1st b4 we waste picks. Our needs should be to get .RGIII nd Garçon some help. We need an offensive playmaker or an ILB not to just develop but get some playing time. Seeing how drafts never go how you really want it.. we need to use the best player available in this particular draft. We can't get an elite player so why reach just to fill needs that we might not have. Now if we get rid of Josh Wilson (total liability) That is a great thing for Crawford. He's git skills and needs more opportunities to showcase them. Our best option for the 2nd round is WR or Terron Armstead
    His athletic ability is unmatched by any olineman in the draft and will not be around in the 3rd maybe not even the 2nd when Redskins pick. I know if Tavon Austin drops to the 2nd they better trade up to get him. RGIII needs that gun in his arsenal. ELECTRIC only word needed to describe him.

  • Jonathan Turrell

    I think the Redskins need more help in the secondary then your draft provided. CB – David Amerson, Leon McFadden or Jordan Poyer. FS – Phillip Thomas or DJ Swearinger. I just think their defensive backfield needs an overhaul, not just one safety (No matter how good) and a 7th round CB. Just my opinion. I liked Brennan Williams at OT as well. Despite his injury issue, I think he could a GREAT late round find.

    • Steve Shoup

      I thought I'd go corner, but I just wasn't as comfortable with some of the options in the 3rd or 4th and didn't want to reach. I kept getting great value with some of those picks, so I decided to go with upside over need.