Redskins Cap Series Part 1: Washington Redskins Salary Cap for 2013

February 7, 2013 in Washington Redskins Salary Cap

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Part 1:  Redskins Salary Cap Breakdown

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Part 3:  Redskins Unrestricted Free Agents

Part 4:  Savings From Cuts

Part 5:  Savings from Restructuring and Final Thoughts


Here is my updated look at the Washington Redskins 2013 Salary Cap situation. All numbers are the players' cap number and not just their salary. Numbers are primarily from Spotrac, though other media reports were used to cross check numbers. There are discrepancies depending on what source you use, but I wanted to use one source as consistently as possible to try to maintain a constant and not add extra variables. Spotrac is becoming more and more of an industry source, so while their numbers may not be perfect, they are about as close as you can get. I would caution that overall, you should factor in a $2-3 million + or – to the final number, but given that John Clayton reported the Redskins were $4 million over the cap, it seems to be fairly accurate.

In part one I look at how the cap stands now, based on the 40 players under contract who participated on the team last year and have a reasonable chance to have a shot for a roster spot this year. For other guys who are signed and not listed, they are by in large, league minimum guys, who likely won't count to the Rule of 51 (only the 51 highest contracts are counted against the cap). I also projected cap hits of the incoming rookies, and the bare minimum it will take to field a roster. In part two, I take a look at the restricted free agents on a case-by-case basis and project what they might cost, and what that will mean to the cap. Part three looks at the Redskins current unrestricted free agents, and who might be back at what cost.

Quarterbacks: $5.387

Robert Griffin: $ 4.789

Kirk Cousins: $ 0.598

Running back: $1.738

Alfred Morris: $ 0.511

Roy Helu Jr.:  $0. 672

Evan Royster: $ 0.555

Tight End: $0.600

Niles Paul: $ 0.600

Wide Receiver: $22.904

Pierre Garcon: $8.200

Josh Morgan: $6.750

Santana Moss: $6.167

Leonard Hankerson: $0.732

Aldrick Robinson: $0.480

Dezmon Briscoe: $0.575

Offensive Line: $22.196

Trent Williams: $8.000

Jammal Brown: $4.850

Chris Chester: $4.300

Will Montgomery: $2.837

Maurice Hurt: $0.555

Josh LeRibeus: $0.644

Adam Gettis:  $0.530

Tom Compton: $0.480

TOTAL: $52.825 for 20 players

Defensive Line: $18.900

Stephen Bowen:  $5.500

Barry Cofield: $6.300

Adam Carriker : $4.750

Jarvis Jenkins: $1.304

Chris Neild: $0.566

Doug Worthington: $0.480

Linebacker: $15.893

Brian Orakpo: $4.225

London Fletcher: $7.250

Ryan Kerrigan: $2.378

Perry Riley: $1.455

Keenan Robinson: $0.585

Cornerback: $14.129

DeAngelo Hall: $8.300

Josh Wilson: $5.333

Richard Crawford: $0.496

Safety: $6.105

Jordan Pugh: $0.633

Jordan Bernstein: $0.495

Brandon Meriweather: $3.000

Reed Doughty: $1.375

DeJon Gomes: $0.602

TOTAL: $55.027 for 19 players

Special Teams: $0.480

Kai Forbath: $0.480

Overall Total: $108.332 for 40 players

Salary Cap:

2013 Projected NFL Cap: $120.900
2012 Carry over: $4.200
2013 Dead Cap: $1.969 (mainly from Chris Cooley)
2013 Cap Penalty: $18.000
2013: Redskins Cap $ 105.131
Cap Overage: $3.201

Draft Pick Compensation: (projected cap hits)

*Note the pick number in rounds 4-7 will change based compensation picks, but it should only have a minimal impact on these numbers

2nd round (Pick 51): $0.738

3rd round (Pick 85): $0.540

4th round (Pick 115): $0.513

5th round (Pick 146): $0.450

5th round (Pick 154): $0.441

6th round (Pick 180): $0.425

7th round (Pick 211): $0.418

Total: $3.525

Four undrafted free agent rookies at the rookie minimum ($0.405): $1.620 (note this doesn't include any bonuses)

*This would be the bare minimum the Redskins could spend to fill out their roster to the top 51 contracts. These minimum salaries would be the price of undrafted free agents who didn't even get a bonus (which is rare).

Bare minimum the Redskins need to free up: $8.346 million

*This is the total needed to be freed up in order to field the roster of the 40 players listed above, the seven draft picks and four rookie free agents. This is to give perspective of the Redskins cap situation before any cuts. Also, it shows where the Skins stand before one restricted free agent is tendered, unrestricted guy is re-signed or any other free agents are brought in. Tomorrow I will take a look at how the Redskins can free up money for all these things to occur, but just consider what poor shape they are in with regard to the Cap at this point.

Redskins Cap Links:

Part 1:  Redskins Salary Cap Breakdown

Part 2:  Redskins Restricted Free Agents

Part 3:  Redskins Unrestricted Free Agents

Part 4:  Savings From Cuts

Part 5:  Savings from Restructuring and Final Thoughts



  • Megan Shoup

    How much do we save by cutting Jammal Brown's worthless butt?
    Really hope that Moss, Hall and Carriker would be willing to restructure to keep them but save money!

    • Steve Shoup

      only about $1.3 million on Brown.

      They can restructure some guys, but really we need to be cutting players to maximize our cap space. If the Giants can cut Bradshaw, Canty and Boley, pretty sure we can cut guys like Hall and Carriker.

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  • Adam


    Does cutting Carriker really save us anything?

    He just signed a new deal last year and I'd have to think all his guarenteed $ would accelerate if we cut him and we would lose cap space by cutting him, not save money.

    The guy we could cut and save $ is Stephen Bowen, but I'd rather just restructure him so we can keep him.

    Sadly, the two best candidates for cutting now that we've cut brown are Moss and Fletcher. I love both guys, but Moss will be 34 is June, and cost 6.3 million. Fletcher will be 38 and May and cost us 6.2 million in cap space. Both guys are too old to restructure.

    It's time to move on from our old great vets from last decade and move toward our youth. We have to make room to re-sign our younger players like Fred Davis, Alexander, DYoung, Kory L, Rob Jackson, Logan Paulsen and sign some younger FAs like a FS, RT and nickel cb.

    • Steve Shoup

      cutting Carriker saves us $2.5 million, while the money does accelerate the good news about that awful contract is they kept the guarantee low.

      Lichtensteiger is a journeyman guy who has struggled/been injured his entire tenure in Washington, if he is too return so should Polumbus b/c essentially they are the same player.

  • James Taylor

    I understand were you all are coming from about cutting J. Brown but, who will the redskins be able to get to replace Hall or Carriker with limited salary? I say stay the course and keep building trough the draft. The Giants are thinking long term the redskins should do the same.

    • Steve Shoup

      you have to make cuts somewhere, if you don't cut Hall and Carriker 3-5 other guys will need to go. The Giants are thinking longterm and I agree the Skins should do the same, that is why when they cut guys like Canty, Boley and Bradshaw we shouldn't balk at cutting guys like Hall and Carriker.

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