How the Washington Redskins can Attack the Ravens Defense

December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized, Washington Redskins

1. Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III Running Wild:

The Ravens have been highly susceptible to the run this year, including allowing two teams (Chiefs and Cowboys) to run for over 200 yards this year.  The Ravens are also 22nd worst in the league in rushing touchdowns allowed, compared to giving up the fewest passing touchdowns in the NFL. The Redskins need to have another game plan like Monday night versus the Giants were they ran about 60% of the time. Between Morris's power and Griffin's speed, the Washington Redskins should hopefully be able to churn out yards and move down the field. That also has the added benefit of keeping the Ravens offense off the field.

2. Utilize the Play Action Passing, Particularly the Zone Read Plays:

-The Ravens can be an aggressive defense, and could really bite on the play action fakes in this game. They are going to try to stop the run, so that could leave them exposed when the Washington Redskins go play action. The zone read fake could be highly effective, and should allow for some nice intermediate throws.

3. Work Outside the Numbers:

-The Redskins haven't worked as much outside the numbers this year (with the exception of screens), but should find more success doing so against the Ravens secondary. The strength of the Ravens pass coverage right now is their safeties, as their corners are injured and not playing as well this year. Getting 1-on-1 match-ups with any of the Redskins relievers should be a win for the Redskins on the outside. Going inside you have to watch for safety help, particularly if the safeties are cheating up to defend the run.

4. Utilize the Quick Passing Game:

The Ravens have been getting some better pressure in recent weeks so quicker shorter passes, make the most sense for the Redskins. Even when using play-action, the Redskins should go quick instead of trying to go down the field, which could give the pass rush time to succeed.

  • Rob Yunich

    Clearly, if the Redskins can dominate time of possession with their running game, they will have a good advantage. Baltimore doesn't have the best passing attack, which is a good sign for the Redskins…

    • Steve Shoup

      The Redskins defensive specialty is making other quarterbacks look great so that's always a problem. Their best bet is to keep the ball away from the Ravens.

  • Jason Unger

    We're going to have a hard time containing RGIII, especially if Suggs is out (I can't believe he'd be playing, but we'll see…).

    The Ravens D has also been hurt by a bunch of screen passes this year, so that seems like a route you'd want to go.

    Of course, if RGIII decides to try and fumble the ball for a touchdown again, know that the Ravens D does do a pretty good job of recovering those :)

    • Steve Shoup

      Yeah if Suggs is out that very much helps the Redskins. I think the Skins have to be pretty mistake free if they want to win this game.