Discussion Question: Which QB in the Draft is the Best for the Browns?

February 16, 2014 in NFL

Before the Browns recent front office upheaval Johnny Manziel was considered the favorite as the next QB of the Cleveland Browns. Now with the new GM in place , which of the top 4 quarterbacks do you think is the best fit for the Browns and why?



  • Brian

    Personally hoping they give Hoyer the opportunity to start. I would Draft Bortles and allow him to grow behind Hoyer year one. Bortles is a big physical QB who needs to perfect his release/throwing motion. Tighten it up and improve his accuracy. At 26, all I know as a Browns fan is the carousal of QB's. Would be nice to give one a fair shake. Sit him a year, let Gordon and Cameron grow. Fix your interior O-line in the draft and add a 2nd WR in FA. Possibly Sanders from Pitt. But this also would mean the Browns show some logic.