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August 11, 2014 in On The Clock

We have completed a update for the 2015 On the Clock Draft! And starting at the beginning of the season in September we will update the data EVERY Tuesday!

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2015 NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers

July 17, 2014 in Scouting Reports

By Staff Writer Justin Partlow:


With the NFL now more than ever a passing league, teams are looking to find that next wide receiver that can provide a spark and be someone that other teams don’t have. With last year’s class, we saw an overall effort that was unmatched in previous years. Never before have we seen so many talented players get drafted that in most years go earlier than they did. With the 2015 class though it’ll be another strong class, but it’ll be tough to ever see another class as we did in 2014. With talented top end guys, teams will be looking to add them earlier than later this year and take advantage of the skill that is there. Below I’ll take a look at three guys who I think will be the ones to watch in the 2015 class.

WR Devante Parker Louisville

For my money, Parker was one of the premier WR’s in all of college football and I was personally surprised when he decided to return to school. Parker though was smart, in 2015 he has the chance to be the top WR drafted and in 2014 he was going to be competing with 2-3 other guys in that same range. Parker is a freak athlete who has the vertical jump that can make WR coaches drool. Many times on film I watched Parker make a catch that was unreal, yet he just made it look like it was nothing. Parker with another strong year as is expected by him in the Bobby Petrino offense, then he could cement himself as the top overall WR. Teams will want him for all of his qualities he possesses, and it’s obvious the potential is really high with Parker.

WR Jaelen Strong Arizona State

Strong was the newcomer onto the scene that blew up and made everyone take notice of him. What separates Strong from many others in this class is the catch radius that he possesses. Many times Strong makes the almost impossible catches look like they are nothing more than normal. What makes Strong a viable target in the NFL is his ability to make the back shoulder catches that are almost as money of a play in the NFL as there is. Strong needs to refine his route running as he does look sloppy at the top of his routes at times, but as is the case with many of the top guys they all have their own warts in ways that need to be improved upon. Look for Strong to have another “strong” year and cement himself into that first round discussion.

WR Stefon Diggs Maryland

A bit of a wildcard pick here, but I’ve always been one to look for that guy who could have the breakout year before it truly does happen. Stefon Diggs for me will be that guy this year. A former 5-star recruit out of HS, Diggs burst onto the scene with a solid first year, and was on his way to a dynamic year last year until an injury sidelined him. Diggs isn’t the biggest player, but at the same time he’s also a dynamic threat when he has the ball in his hands. Diggs has shown ability to be a jackknife at WR and will play as a slot WR, split out wide and be used all over the field. The injury concerns haven’t left with Diggs, but at the same time he’s been someone who’s more of a durable guy instead of constantly injured. Look for Diggs to really breakout onto the national scene this year and get people to notice just how good of a player he is. Diggs with a strong year could go into the last first round, but also could be a very solid and effective 2nd round pick.

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2015 NFL Draft Preview: Running Backs

July 5, 2014 in Draft Reports

By: Justin Partlow


Taking a look at the next position in my draft preview series is the running back position. Traditionally the running back position was a strong suit, until the two back system came into play and many teams went away from drafting those backs early on in exchange for two guys later who could provide the same production. Fortunately for fans of running backs, the 2015 class looks to have a group of guys who can break the mold and become stars in the NFL. We’ve seen the running back class move into obscurity, but now it’s got it chance to move right back into the forefront of the NFL Draft. Below I’ll take a look at three guys who I think could have big impact years in college and be top end guys in the NFL.

RB Todd Gurley Georgia

For what it’s worth, I think of Todd Gurley as one of the top running backs in college football and would easily be a top 10 pick if he were to declare at the end of this year. Gurley is everything you want in a running back and then some. With his ridiculous power, ability to break away and get touchdowns and his surprisingly soft hands, he’s a dynamic threat in every sense of the game. Gurley though does have a bit of concern as he’s had some nagging injuries in college, but it doesn’t look to be a forefront issue when he reaches the NFL. The injuries though will be something to keep an eye on as he plays this upcoming year and if he has any more of those nagging issues. Gurley though is the perfect blend of speed, strength, and agility that teams want at RB, and should see himself go in the top 10 and at worst the top 15 picks come next draft.

RB Melvin Gordon Wisconsin

Another favorite of mine and how he plays the game, Melvin Gordon reminds me a little of Jamaal Charles at RB, but obviously not the same player as Charles has shown to be one of the top 3 RB’s in the NFL. Gordon is a dynamic player, he gets the ball in his hands and he’s already a threat to take it to the house every time. The issue though with Gordon is his hands, as he’s not shown enough in the passing game to be a reliable threat and that will cause some concern with teams. Gordon though is a great fit for teams who are moving more for that spread NFL offense that takes advantage of speed in all ways. Gordon will need to show teams better pass catching, but if he does he could cement himself as the 2nd RB off the board.

RB Duke Johnson Miami

Another guy who burst onto the scene as a RB, Duke Johnson was easily the heart and soul of the Miami offense until he suffered an injury last year and missed significant time. When Johnson went down, it was obvious how different the Miami offense was without him. Johnson is very good at getting into the open field and making plays with his feet. Johnson can take a small gain into something more with his vision, but that vision at times does cause him to have negative plays. Johnson though is someone to watch as he comes back from the injury. He may not be the highest rated guy compared to others like TJ Yeldon(who I believe is overrated), but Johnson will see his stock rise if he comes back healthy and shows what he can do.

2015 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks

July 3, 2014 in Draft Reports


By: Justin Partlow


The offseason is one of the most critical times of the year especially for NFL scouting departments as they line up the names to watch for the upcoming season. With another very good QB class at the top, look for the 2015 class to generate some early buzz and have it sustain throughout the year. The questions will arise as always with each prospect, but the 2015 class will have a solid overall group even if it’s not as deep as the 2014 class. Below I’ll take a look at three guys to watch the upcoming year at the QB position regardless of them being a senior or not.


QB Marcus Mariota Oregon

Marcus Mariota was thought to be one of the first picks in the 2014 class if he were to declare, but over time it seemed as if he wanted to return. Once it officially happened, Mariota has his sight set on becoming the top pick in the 2015 draft. Mariota is everything you want in more of the “new age” QB’s that are in the NFL. Mariota has a strong arm, and has pretty good accuracy. Mariota is extremely mobile, but uses his feet only to help his cause instead of just running to run. As my good friend and mentor Ben Allbright has brought up though with Mariota, he doesn’t make many of those tough throws you want to see on film, which does cause some pause and concern. Mariota is a top end talent, the question comes down to how much does that system help hide his flaws and what he does? 2014 will be a big college year for Mariota, and if he passes it then he could very well find himself entrenched into the #1 pick slot.


QB Brett Hundley UCLA

Another guy who at one time was considered to leave for the NFL Draft, Brett Hundley is a gifted athlete who is very raw still at the QB position. Similar to Mariota, Hundley is someone who has the arm strength you want and the athleticism needed to be one of the new age QB’s, but his rawness shows up on film time and time again. Many times on film it seemed as if Hundley would look only at the first or second read then run. While he can get away with that in college because of his gifted ability, teams will target him in NFL and make sure that he has to throw the ball and not use his legs. Hundley is another guy to watch because you want to see him make that next leap this year, but if he doesn’t then he could become one of the more puzzling draft prospects with how raw he still would be


QB Bryce Petty Baylor

Finishing off the guys to watch is someone I really enjoying watching in Bryce Petty. Petty took over this year after Baylor had a great string of years from RG3, then Nick Florence. Petty is another one of the guys who really breaks the mold of what was expected out of an Art Briles QB. Petty isn’t a great athlete, but he can still get yards and make plays with his feet. Petty has an above average arm, but doesn’t always have the best speed behind his passes from what I’ve seen. Petty has the chance to become a starting QB in the NFL, but with the Art Briles offense there will be concerns about how he can do after teams saw the struggles of RG3 in his 2nd year. Petty could be that guy that has the biggest rise of all QB’s in 2014, it’ll mightily depend on his ability to take that leap and limit the reservations that teams would have on him.



May 22, 2014 in Draft Grades, Draft Reports


This was the final year of draft purgatory for the REDSKINS because of the RG3 trade in 2012. So when reviewing this draft we have to keep in mind that RG3 is a part of it. If fully healthy GRIFFIN is a Franchise QB about ready to come into his own under the new coaching staff of JAY GRUDEN. And thanks to the EAGLES, the REDSKINS had Christmas in April with their signing of WR/DESEAN JACKSON.

Now on to the meat and potatoes of their DRAFT.




6’5       250 4.86/40   It certainly seemed like the Redskins were channeling their RYAN KERRIGAN-luv with this selection. MURPHY looks to be very similar to KERRIGAN, who has developed more than many felt he would coming into the League. The best comparison that I have heard for MURPHY is that he comes to the pro game with the same skill set/potential as MIKE VRABEL. His numbers from the Combine are fairly mediocre, but when you watch him play he’s nothing short of productive. He played with his hand both up and down for the stout Stanford D and produced 23.5 TFL & 15 sacks in 2013. My guess is he’s the replacement for BRIAN ORAKPO who may want way too much money long term for the Redskins tastes going forward. Was a team Captain.

PP rank #67.



Round 3 Pick 66       MORGAN MOSES/OT/VIRGINIA

6’6       315              5.35/40              Was a little disappointing at the Senior Bowl. He played/practiced way too upright and was beaten regularly to the outside by speedy pass rushing DE in Mobile. Then he went to the Combine and really posted some disappointing numbers. But his productivity in college, as well as 35.375” long arms still make him a solid developmental pick. MOSES will be highly motivated to prove teams were wrong in passing on him until Round 3. His slipping was great luck for Old DC. MOSES has starting potential and should accept coaching.

PP Rank #48.



Round 3 Pick 78       SPENCER LONG/OG/NEBRASKA

6’5 320   Lost most of his 2013 season to injury. We can assume he is progressing well medically for him to go this high. He’s a throwback to the HOGS of old. Operates primarily on strength and power. Was originally a walk-on at Nebraska. Has big strong hands (10.750”), with 33.125” arm length. Those are well above average for an Interior OL. He’s country strong and aggressive. Could move into the starting lineup soon. Another team Captain.

PP Rank #198.




5’11       197   4.62/40              An aggressive press-Corner who has decent ball skills and is a willing, effective tackler. Still has developmental skill work to do, including improving his ball awareness once the ball is in the air. He has a knack for separating people from the ball ala PEANUT TILLMAN. Expect him to contribute in sub-packages right away and fight for a starting job as early as 2015. A very good value pick in Round 4.

PP Rank #78. 


Round 5 Pick 142       RYAN GRANT/WR/TULANE

6’0       200       4.64/40    Only lack of pure speed kept this guy out of the Top 100. He had 70+ catches in both 2012 & 2013. He has hands that measure 9.675” and he uses them to catch the ball away from his body. He gets open deep despite a lack of top end speed and locates the ball well. He has the potential to be a productive No. 3/4 receiver in the NFL. Could beat out some underperforming receivers like HANKERSON for a roster spot, especially if he can help out on Special Teams.

 PP Rank #206.


Round 6 Pick 186       LACHE SEASTRUNK/RB/BAYLOR

5’9       200 4.51/40   Was thought originally to be a Top 100 player, but his workout numbers were a bit disappointing to personnel people. He does have some burst and quickness in his running, but at times he dances too long picking his running hole. He should make a nice compliment to Alfred Morris and could give ROYSTER a battle for the No. 3 RB slot. Solid value pick with potential to upgrade the overall RB group.

PP Rank #104



Round 7 Pick 217       TED BOLSER/TE/INDIANA

6’5       255       4.79/40              BOLSER provides something that the ‘Skins are short of… full sized, inline blocking TE. He demonstrated during Shrine Week that he is athletic enough to compete at the highest level both as a blocker and as a short/middle-of-the-field receiver. The team is hoping he can be a better all-around version of LOGAN PAULSEN. With a RB like MORRIS, BOLSER’s blocking in the Red Zone could be a welcome addition to the offensive arsenal. Was a tri-Captain for the Hoosiers.

PP Rank #257.




Round 7 Pick 228       ZACH HOCKER/K/ARKANSAS

6’0       190          At first blush this might seem like a questionable selection. But perhaps his versatility & potential have Salary Cap appeal to the organization over the long haul. HOCKER was able to reach the end zone with 68% of his kick-offs last season. He has also seen double duty as a K and P during his collegiate career. He has good leg strength and looks like he might be able to bulk up a tad and improve his overall accuracy. At the Shrine venue I asked him if his punting career was over. He hedged his answer by saying he intended to go to the Combine as a K, but if he had a bad day he would ask to be allowed to punt. We may have to wait until Training Camp to understand the big picture with him.



Considering the lack of a First Round pick this was a pretty solid effort. Long term they may have gotten two starting OL out of this Draft. MURPHY may ease the potential cap loss of ORAKPO, or KERRIGAN. BREELAND, BOLSER, SEASTRUNK & GRANT could all be upgrades at positions of need. The only area I see a deficiency is a lack of upgrading team speed with this group. As a group these players would rank below average in NFL level speed and quickness.


I don’t give out grades for team drafts any more, but if I did this one would certainly be above average! Combine these 8 players with the VFA group that was signed earlier and the overall REDSKINS roster has been significantly upgraded in my opinion.

Guess What's Back — On the Clock 2015!

May 16, 2014 in On The Clock

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Early Winners Of Undrafted Free Agency

May 11, 2014 in Draft Reports, Scouting Reports

The NFL Draft may have been over, but the procurement of college talent is still well underway. Teams began signing players who weren't drafted as soon as the 7th round ended and it will continue through when teams have their rookie tryouts as players who are signed now may be released and other UDFA's will take their place. UDFA announcements are far from official at this point, but we can get an early look at what teams have done well in signing UDFA's. Here is a look at the best UDFA class from each division.

(All UDFA signing information is from NEPatriotsDraft.com)

AFC EAST: Miami Dolphins:

-None of the AFC East teams really stand out, but the Dolphins walked away with the most interesting guys. Defensive tackle Anthony Johnson was a guy who has flashed a lot of potential and if he stayed in school, probably would have been in consideration for a top 100 pick next year (some felt he had that chance this year). He not only has a real chance of making it, but in 3-4 years he could develop into a starting caliber guy. Center Tyler Larsen is undersized, but he plays with great leverage and had a strong Senior Bowl week stonewalling most of the top DL he went up against. TE Gator Hoskins and CB Deion Belue are two other interesting names to keep an eye on. Both were considered draftable guys, and while they might just be practice squad names to watch this year they could have a future in this league.

AFC NORTH: Cleveland Browns

-All of the AFC North teams signed a couple interesting guys, but the Browns probably cast the widest net and will likely get the most value out of this group. Wide receivers Chandler Jones and Willie Snead were possible draftees, and both could get a long look in Cleveland given the state of their WR corps this year. Tight end Blake Jackson showed some nice pass catching ability in college and could earn a back-up spot down the road. Safeties Jason Hendricks and Nickoe Whitley could fight for a roster spot and help on special teams. Running back Isaiah Crowell has a lot of talent, but went undrafted due to off the field concerns. If he gets his act together he could be a great pick up. Finally, while all the hype will be on QB Johnny Manziel, the Browns picked up another similar quarterback in Conner Shaw. Shaw maybe won't ever be a starter, but he could be an interesting back-up option.

AFC SOUTH: Tennessee Titans

-The Titans didn't land the biggest UDFA class of these teams, but they got some intriguing players. Wide receivers Jaz Reynolds, Eric Ward and Josh Stewart could be competing for a spot. Running back Antonio Andrews performed well at the Senior Bowl and could be in the mix for a back-up job. Defensive end James Gayle could be asked to stand up in the Titans 3-4 and he looked good at the Senior Bowl before going down with injury. Center Gabe Ikard and safety Hakeem Smith, both were thought of as late round options and are nice pick ups here for the Titans.

AFC WEST: Oakland Raiders

-The Raiders brought in a pair of bigger receivers in Mike Davis and D.J. Coles, both of whom could have a shot of sticking around either at the bottom of the depth chart or at least on the practice squad. Tight end Jake Murphy is another guy who could be fighting for a roster spot and he could have a future at the next level. Linebacker Carlos Fields, RB George Atkinson III and OT Danny Kistler are all guys who could have a chance to make the roster as well.

NFC EAST: New York Giants

-The Giants didn't sign a lot of guys, but they did a really nice job adding some defensive line talent. Kerry Wynn could play base end or move inside for the Giants. New York also added DT's Kelcy Quarles who at one time was considered a top 100 pick and most thought would be drafted and Eathyn Manumaluena, who had a good career at BYU. Tight end Xavier Grimble many thought would be drafted and has a great chance to make it given the Giants thin roster at tight end. Safety C.J. Barnett could be a good special teams player as well.

NFC NORTH: Chicago Bears

-The Bears haven't signed a lot of guys yet, but they have brought in four guys worth watching. Quarterback Jordan Lynch was a Heisman candidate and while he's not really a good bet to stick at QB he's such a great athlete that the Bears could find a home for him. Linebacker Christian Jones was one of the better players on the Florida State National Championship defense and looked to be an early to mid round draftee. He did apparently fail a drug test at the Combine, but others did as well and they still found themselves drafted. Jones could end up being a steal given his talent and versatility. Linebacker DeDe Lattimore and guard Ryan Groy both were possible late round pick-ups making them good value signings here.

NFC SOUTH: New Orleans Saints

-The Saints brought in a number of guys who were considered draftable talents and really stockpiled some young talent here. They also did a nice job bringing in multiple guys at each position. Here are some of the more interesting guys they brought in. Safety- Ty Zimmerman and Pierre Warren, WR- Seantavious Jones and Brandon Coleman, RB- Tim Flanders, DL- George Uko, OLB – Kasim Edebali, Chidera Uzo-Diribe, CB- Brian Dixon, C- Matt Armstrong. Overall it's a nice mix of bigger school guys who were overshadowed and small school guys were overlooked. It wouldn't be surprising to see 2-4 of these guys make the 53 man roster and another couple to earn practice squad spots.

NFC WEST: San Francisco 49ers

-All of the teams in the West seemed to have the same approach with signing a smaller class, but focusing on 2-4 guys who could have a real shot of making the roster. All four classes are close, but the 49ers class gets the edge. Inside linebacker Shane Skov is very familiar with both the 49ers system and coaching staff and could have a real shot of making the roster even with the draft pick of Chris Borland. OLB Morgan Breslin had a huge Junior year with 13 sacks and 19 tackles for a loss, but saw his production slid in his senior year. As an UDFA he could be a diamond in the rough and a situational pass rusher for the 49ers. Offensive linemen Dillon Farrell and Fou Fonoti are both intriguing guys who could be options for the Practice Squad.

2014 NFL Draft: Best Available Undrafted Free Agents

May 10, 2014 in Big Board

  1. DE           Jackson Jeffcoat               Texas
  2. ILB          Christian Jones Florida State
  3. OLB        Morgan Breslin                USC
  4. DT           Anthony Johnson            LSU
  5. OT          Antonio Richardson        Tennessee
  6. ILB          Shayne Skov       Stanford
  7. G             Anthony Steen Alabama
  8. OT          James Hurst       UNC
  9. DE           George Uko        USC
  10. QB          Brett Smith         Wyoming
  11. CB           Loucheiz Purifoy              Florida
  12. S              Craig Loston       LSU
  13. CB           Marcus Roberson             Florida
  14. DE           James Gayle       Virginia Tech
  15. CB           Rashaad Reynolds           Oregon State
  16. S              Dion Bailey         USC
  17. ILB          Max Bullough    Michigan State
  18. CB           Victor Hampton                South Carolina
  19. WR         Brandon Coleman           Rutgers
  20. OLB        Howard Jones   Shepard
  21. C             Tyler Larsen        Utah State
  22. CB           Terrance Mitchell            Oregon
  23. DT           Kelcy Quarles    South Carolina
  24. DE           Ethan Westbrooks           West Texas A&M
  25. CB           Chris Davis          Auburn
  26. DT           Deandre Coleman           California
  27. OLB        Adrian Hubbard                Alabama
  28. S              C.J.Barnett         Ohio State
  29. WR         L’Damian Washington    Missouri
  30. S              Kenny Ladler     Vanderbilt
  31. OT          Austin Wentworth          Fresno State
  32. DE           Josh Mauro        Stanford
  33. S              Ty Zimmerman  Kansas State
  34. OLB        Kasim Edebali   Boston College
  35. C             Gabe Ikard          Oklahoma
  36. CB           Deion Belue      Alabama
  37. TE           Xavier Grimble USC
  38. OT          Cornelius Lucas               Kansas State
  39. RB           Antonio Andrews            Western Kentucky
  40. S              Hakeem Smith  Louisville
  41. TE           Joe Don Duncan               Dixie State
  42. P             Kirby Van Der Kamp        Iowa State
  43. ILB          DeDe Lattimore                South Florida
  44. OLB        Ron Powell         Florida
  45. G             Ryan Groy           Wisconsin
  46. DT           Jay Bromley       Syracuse
  47. S              Daniel Sorensen              BYU
  48. WR         Mike Davis          Texas
  49. RB           Kapri Bibbs         Colorado State
  50. TE           Jake Murphy      Utah
  51. RB           Rajion Neal        Tennessee
  52. S              Sean Parker        Washington
  53. CB           Lavelle Westbrooks        Georgia Southern
  54. S              Isaiah Lewis       Michigan State
  55. WR         Cody Hoffman  BYU
  56. TE           Jacob Pedersen                Wisconsin
  57. RB           James Wilder Jr.               Florida State
  58. RB           Darrin Reeves   UAB
  59. QB          Connor Shaw     South Carolina
  60. C             James Stone      Tennessee
  61. ILB          Brock Coyle        Montana
  62. S              Nickoe Whitley Mississippi State
  63. K             Chris Boswell    Rice
  64. OLB        Denicos Allen    Michigan State
  65. OLB        Tyler Starr           South Dakota
  66. WR         Bennie Fowler  Michigan State
  67. DT           Kerry Hyder        Texas Tech
  68. TE           Jordan Najvar    Baylor
  69. OT          Kevin Graf           USC
  70. DT           Villiami Moala  California
  71. FB           J.C. Copeland    LSU
  72. OT          Matt Patchan     Boston College
  73. RB           LaDarius Perkins              Mississippi State
  74. RB           David Fluellen  Toledo
  75. TE           Marcel Jensen   Fresno State
  76. CB           Carrington Byndom        Texas
  77. DT           Zack Kerr             Delaware
  78. WR         Austin Franklin New Mexico State
  79. RB           Isaiah Crowell   Alabama State
  80. TE           Asa Watson       North Carolina State
  81. WR         Chandler Jones San Jose State
  82. WR         Damian Copeland            Louisville
  83. OLB        Carlos Fields Jr. Winston Salem
  84. TE           Blake Annen      Cincinnati
  85. RB           Senorise Perry  Louisville
  86. G             Chris Burnette  Georgia
  87. K             Anthony Fera    Texas
  88. TE           Colt Lyerla           Oregon
  89. RB           Henry Josey       Missouri
  90. TE           Chris Coyle         Arizona State
  91. TE           Trey Burton        Florida
  92. OLB        Boseko Lokombo              Oregon
  93. S              Darwin Cook      WVU
  94. WR         Bernard Reedy  Toledo
  95. TE           Alex Bayer          Bowling Green
  96. WR         Kain Colter         Northwestern
  97. OT          Donald Hawkins               Texas
  98. WR         Willie Snead      Ball State
  99. FB           Ryan Hewitt       Stanford
  100. DT           Calvin Barnett   Oklahoma State
  101. QB          Jeff Mathews    Cornell
  102. TE           Michael Flacco  New Haven
  103. RB           Tim Flanders      Sam Houston State
  104. OT          Kenarious Gates               Georgia
  105. S              Pierre Warren   Jacksonville State
  106. RB           Damien Williams             Oklahoma
  107. C             Zac Kerin             Toledo
  108. RB           Jerome Smith    Syracuse
  109. OLB        Jonathan Brown               Illinois
  110. WR         Eric Ward             Texas Tech
  111. RB           Ben Malena        Texas A&M
  112. QB          Dustin Vaughan                West Texas A&M
  113. RB           George Atkinson III         Notre Dame
  114. OT          Jeremiah Sirles Nebraska
  115. ILB          James Morris     Iowa
  116. OLB        Shaquil Barrett Colorado State
  117. WR         Albert Wilson    Georgia State
  118. DT           Bruce Gaston    Purdue
  119. DE           Chaz Sutton        South Carolina
  120. WR         Kenny Shaw       Florida State
  121. DT           Eathyn Manumaleuna   BYU
  122. WR         Josh Stewart      Oklahoma State
  123. RB           Silas Redd           USC
  124. K             Cairo Santos       Tulane
  125. QB          Stephen Morris                Miami
  126. WR         Tracy Moore       Oklahoma State
  127. FB           Gator Hoskins    Marshall
  128. WR         Solomon Patton               Florida
  129. CB           Kameron Jackson             California
  130. DE           Chidera Uzo-Diribe         Colorado
  131. FB           Chad Abram       Florida State
  132. OLB        Xavius Boyd       Western Kentucky
  133. RB           Roderick McDowell        Clemson
  134. CB           Charles Sawyer Mississippi
  135. RB           Adam Muema   San Diego State
  136. RB           Stephen Houston            Indiana
  137. WR         Jaz Reynolds      Oklahoma
  138. QB          Bryn Renner       North Carolina
  139. ILB          Stephon Robertson        James Madison
  140. WR         Marcus Lucas     Missouri
  141. G             Andrew Norwell              Ohio State
  142. TE           A.C. Leonard      Tennessee State
  143. K             Cody Parkey       Auburn
  144. TE           Gabe Holmes     Purdue
  145. WR         D.J. Coles            Virginia Tech
  146. OT          Matt Hall             Bellhaven
  147. S              Avery Patterson               Oregon
  148. OT          Bryce Quigley    San Diego State
  149. TE           Blake Jackson   Oklahoma State
  150. FB           Nikita Whitlock                Wake Forest
  151. WR         Torrence Allen  West Texas A&M
  152. C             Jonotthan Harrison         Florida
  153. TE           Kaneakua Friel  BYU
  154. P             Tom Hornsey     Memphis
  155. S              Alden Darby       Arizona State
  156. RB           Jeremy Smith    Oklahoma State
  157. WR .       Kenny Bell          Alabama
  158. DT           Johnnie Farms  Memphis
  159. ILB          Greg Blair            Cincinnati
  160. S              Jeremy Deering                Rutgers
  161. RB           Venric Mark        Northwestern
  162. DT           Demonte McAllister       Florida State
  163. WR         Isaiah Burse       Fresno State
  164. RB           Brendan Bigelow             California
  165. C             Matt Armstrong                Grand Valley State
  166. WR         Noel Grisby        San Jose State
  167. S              Brian Jackson     Oregon
  168. P             Steven Clark      Auburn
  169. DT           Garrison Smith  Georgia
  170. RB           Glasco Martin    Baylor
  171. TE           Nic Jacobs           McNeese State
  172. ILB          Glenn Carson     Penn State
  173. TE           Asante Cleveland            Miami
  174. WR         Gregory Hardin North Dakota
  175. C             Gus Handler       Colorado
  176. WR         Ryan Lankford   Illinois
  177. DE           Colton Underwood         Illinois State
  178. QB          Kenny Guiton    Ohio State
  179. S              Isaiah Newsome              Louisiana Monroe
  180. CB           Keon Lyn              Syracuse
  181. WR         Kevin Ozier        Arizona State
  182. OLB        Brad Daly             Montana State
  183. P             Tyler Campbell Mississippi
  184. C             Khalil Wilkes     Stanford
  185. RB           Jeff Scott             Ole Miss
  186. DT           Tim Jackson        North Carolina
  187. DT           Chris Whaley     Texas
  188. TE           Jerod Monk        Baylor
  189. DE           J.R. Collins          Virginia Tech
  190. K             Chandler Catanzaro        Clemson
  191. P             Brian Schmiedebusch    Bowling Green
  192. OT          Rob Crisp             North Carolina State
  193. FB           C.J. Zimmerer    Nebraska
  194. TE           Jake Long            Nebraska
  195. K             Cade Foster        Alabama
  196. TE           Cameron Brate Harvard
  197. RB           James Sims         Kansas
  198. QB          Keith Price         Washington
  199. DT           Byran Jones        Arkansas
  200. OG          Antwan Lowery                Rutgers
  201. OLB        Marcus Whitfield             Maryland
  202. WR         Tony Washington             Appalachian State
  203. CB           Jabari Price         North Carolina
  204. RB           Marcus Coker    Stony Brook
  205. P             Matt Yoklic          Pittsburgh
  206. WR         Allen Hurns        Miami
  207. OT          Kelvin Palmer   Baylor
  208. OG          Austen Bujnoch                Cincinnati
  209. TE           Nehemiah Hicks               Texas A&M
  210. WR         Alex Amidon     Boston College
  211. RB           Wesley Tate       Vanderbilt
  212. S              Jerry Gates         Bowling Green
  213. DE           Ryne Giddins     South Florida
  214. CB           Jimmy Legree    South Carolina
  215. P             Cody Webster   Purdue
  216. WR         Chris Boyd          Vanderbilt
  217. OG          Trey Hopkins      Texas
  218. OLB        Jamal Merrell    Rutgers
  219. S              Daytawion Lowe              Oklahoma State
  220. WR         Corey Brown      Ohio State
  221. WR         Devon Smith      Marshall
  222. CB           Marcus Williams              North Dakota State
  223. DT           Donte Rumph    Kentucky
  224. QB          Tyler Russell      Mississippi State
  225. OT          Josh Wells           JMU
  226. TE           Eric Waters         Missouri
  227. OG          Dallas Lee           Georgia
  228. RB           Branden Oliver Buffalo
  229. DE           Jamil Merrell     Rutgers
  230. S              Malcolm Willis  Penn State
  231. CB           Damante Horton              Washington State
  232. RB           Jordan Hall         Ohio State
  233. S              Demetrius Wright           USC
  234. WR         Mike Williams   California (Pa)
  235. P             Richie Leone      Houston
  236. DE           Colby Way           Buffalo
  237. OG          John Martinez   USC
  238. OT          Michael Philipp                Oregon State
  239. OLB        Mike Olson         Wake Forest
  240. RB           Trey Watts           Tulsa
  241. ILB          Dan Fox                Notre Dame
  242. K             Jeff Budzien      Northwestern
  243. DT           Jeffery Whitaker              Auburn
  244. S              Shamiel Gary     Oklahoma State
  245. OG          Marcus Hall        Ohio State
  246. OLB        Shaun Lewis       Oklahoma State
  247. P             Cody Mandell    Alabama
  248. S              Tre’ Porter          Texas Tech
  249. DT           Derrick Hopkins                Virginia Tech
  250. OT          David Hurd         Arkansas
  251. CB           Todd Washington             Southeastern Louisiana
  252. DT           Luther Robinson              Miami
  253. DT           Wade Keliikipi  Oregon
  254. S              Mark Joyce         South Florida
  255. OG          Mason Walters  Texas
  256. DE           Jason Ankrah     Nebraska
  257. S              Isaiah Johnson  Georgia Tech
  258. DT           Chris Davenport               Tulane
  259. RB           Brennan Clay     Oklahoma
  260. ILB          Steele Divitto    Boston College
  261. S              Elisha Olabode TCU
  262. CB           Jordan Love        Georgia
  263. P             Harrison Waid   San Jose State
  264. OLB        Terrence Lewis Texas Tech
  265. OT          Parker Graham  Oklahoma State
  266. WR         Ben Edwards      Richmond
  267. OG          Andrew Rodriguez          Nebraska
  268. S              A.J. Marshall      Wake Forest
  269. S              Jason Hendricks               Pittsburgh
  270. RB           A.J. Blue              UNC
  271. DT           Kamal Johnson Temple
  272. CB           Ciante Evans      Nebraska
  273. OLB        Carl Fleming      Indiana (Pa)
  274. S              Jacques Washington       Iowa State
  275. TE           Zane Fakes         Ball State
  276. DE           Corey Miller       Tennessee
  277. QB          Jordan Lynch      Northern Illinois
  278. DT           E.J. Dunston       UCF
  279. P             Baker Swedenburg         Mississippi State
  280. OG          Brian Clarke       Bloomsburg
  281. S              Nick Perry           Alabama
  282. CB           L.J. Jones            Fresno State
  283. OT          Brent Qvale        Nebraska
  284. OLB        Tahj Jones           LSU
  285. K             Vincenzo D’Amato           California
  286. DT           Damien Jacobs  Florida
  287. CB           John Fulton        Alabama
  288. OG          Will Jackson       Georgia Tech
  289. OT          Fou Fonoti          Michigan State
  290. DT           Lawrence Virgil                Valdosta State
  291. DE           Tyler Scott           Northwestern
  292. TE           Matt Lengel        Eastern Kentucky
  293. CB           Jeremy Brown   Florida
  294. FB           Maurice Hagens               Miami
  295. OLB        Darrin Kitchens Florida
  296. ILB          Keith Smith        San Jose State
  297. CB           Louis Young        Georgia Tech
  298. S              Tanner Miller     Iowa
  299. DT           Maurice Couch  Tennessee
  300. QB          Brendon Kay      Cincinnati
  301. OLB        Eddie Lackey      Baylor
  302. DT           Quinton Washington      Michigan
  303. WR         Javontee Herndon          Arkansas
  304. OLB        Spencer Shuey  Clemson
  305. OG          Tyler Shatley      Clemson
  306. DE           Darryl Cato-Bishop         North Carolina State
  307. OT          Kyle Lichtenberg              Iowa State
  308. ILB          Chris Young        Arizona State
  309. DE           Tevin Mims         South Florida
  310. CB           B.J. Lowery         Iowa
  311. S              Adrian Phillips  Texas
  312. DT           Robert Thomas Arkansas
  313. S              Jordan Love        Towson
  314. OG          Will Simmons    East Carolina
  315. OT          Davonte Wallace              New Mexico State
  316. S              Abdul Smith       Temple
  317. ILB          Caleb Lavey        Oklahoma State
  318. S              Sam Holl              Baylor
  319. DE           David Gilbert     Miami
  320. P             Paul Layton        Temple
  321. OLB        Steven Jenkins Texas A&M
  322. QB          James Franklin  Missouri
  323. K             Andrew Furney                Washington State
  324. CB           Barry Browning Stanford
  325. OG          Ronald Patrick   South Carolina
  326. DT           Shaq Rowell       WVU
  327. DE           Jake Metz            Shippensburg
  328. OLB        David Mackall    Delaware
  329. ILB          Jack Tyler             Virginia Tech
  330. OLB        T.J. Stripling       Georgia
  331. DE           Walker May        Vanderbilt
  332. TE           Gabe Linehan    Boise State
  333. OG          Nicholas Kaspar                San Jose State
  334. CB           Tyler Patmon     Oklahoma State
  335. S              A.J. Highsmith   Miami
  336. ILB          D.T. Shackelford               Mississippi
  337. TE           Beckett Wales   Syracuse
  338. OLB        Kevin Greene    USC
  339. OG          Grant Enger        Oregon State
  340. DT           Jacobbi McDaniel            Florida State
  341. QB          Nathan Scheelhaase      Illinois
  342. DE           Jacques Smith   Tennessee
  343. OT          Jimmy Bennett Uconn
  344. CB           Najja Johnson   Buffalo
  345. DE           Denico Autry     Mississippi State


2014 NFL Draft: Best Available Players for Round 7

May 10, 2014 in Big Board

  1. DE           Trevor Reilly       Utah
  2. DE           Jackson Jeffcoat               Texas
  3. ILB          Christian Jones  Florida State
  4. OLB        Morgan Breslin                USC
  5. DT           Anthony Johnson            LSU
  6. OT          Antonio Richardson        Tennessee
  7. ILB          Shayne Skov       Stanford
  8. S              Ahmad Dixon     Baylor
  9. G             Anthony Steen Alabama
  10. OT          James Hurst       UNC
  11. DE           George Uko        USC
  12. QB          Brett Smith         Wyoming
  13. CB           Loucheiz Purifoy               Florida
  14. S              Craig Loston       LSU
  15. CB           Marcus Roberson            Florida
  16. DE           James Gayle       Virginia Tech
  17. CB           Rashaad Reynolds           Oregon State
  18. S              Dion Bailey          USC
  19. ILB          Max Bullough    Michigan State
  20. CB           Victor Hampton                South Carolina
  21. WR         Brandon Coleman            Rutgers
  22. OLB        Howard Jones   Shepard
  23. ILB          Yawin Smallwood             Uconn
  24. WR         Jeff Janis             Saginaw Valley State
  25. C             Tyler Larsen        Utah State
  26. CB           Terrance Mitchell             Oregon
  27. DT           Kelcy Quarles     South Carolina
  28. DE           Ethan Westbrooks           West Texas A&M
  29. CB           Chris Davis          Auburn
  30. DT           Deandre Coleman           California
  31. OLB        Adrian Hubbard                Alabama
  32. S              C.J.Barnett         Ohio State
  33. WR         L’Damian Washington     Missouri
  34. DE           Michael Sam      Missouri
  35. WR         Michael Campanaro        Wake Forest
  36. S              Kenny Ladler      Vanderbilt
  37. OT          Austin Wentworth           Fresno State
  38. RB           Storm Johnson  UCF
  39. DE           Josh Mauro       Stanford
  40. S              Ty Zimmerman  Kansas State
  41. OLB        Kasim Edebali    Boston College
  42. WR         Tevin Reese        Baylor
  43. C             Gabe Ikard          Oklahoma
  44. CB           Andre Hal           Vanderbilt
  45. CB           Deion Belue      Alabama
  46. TE           Xavier Grimble  USC
  47. OT          Cornelius Lucas                Kansas State
  48. RB           Antonio Andrews            Western Kentucky
  49. S              Hakeem Smith  Louisville
  50. TE           Joe Don Duncan               Dixie State
  51. P             Kirby Van Der Kamp        Iowa State
  52. ILB          DeDe Lattimore                South Florida
  53. OLB        Ron Powell         Florida
  54. G             Ryan Groy           Wisconsin
  55. DT           Jay Bromley        Syracuse
  56. S              Daniel Sorensen               BYU
  57. WR         Mike Davis          Texas
  58. RB           Kapri Bibbs          Colorado State
  59. TE           Jake Murphy      Utah
  60. OT          Seantrel Henderson       Miami
  61. RB           Rajion Neal         Tennessee
  62. S              Sean Parker        Washington
  63. CB           Lavelle Westbrooks         Georgia Southern
  64. S              Isaiah Lewis        Michigan State
  65. WR         Cody Hoffman  BYU
  66. OT          Charles Leno      Boise State
  67. TE           Jacob Pedersen                Wisconsin
  68. RB           James Wilder Jr.                Florida State
  69. RB           Darrin Reeves    UAB
  70. DT           Shamar Stephen              Uconn
  71. QB          Connor Shaw     South Carolina
  72. C             James Stone      Tennessee
  73. ILB          Brock Coyle        Montana
  74. S              Nickoe Whitley  Mississippi State
  75. K             Chris Boswell     Rice
  76. OLB        Denicos Allen     Michigan State
  77. DE           Ben Gardner      Stanford
  78. OLB        Tyler Starr            South Dakota
  79. WR         Bennie Fowler   Michigan State
  80. DT           Kerry Hyder        Texas Tech
  81. S              Jonathan Dowling            Western Kentucky
  82. TE           Jordan Najvar    Baylor
  83. OT          Kevin Graf           USC
  84. DT           Villiami Moala    California
  85. FB           J.C. Copeland     LSU
  86. OT          Matt Patchan     Boston College
  87. RB           LaDarius Perkins               Mississippi State
  88. RB           David Fluellen    Toledo
  89. TE           Marcel Jensen   Fresno State
  90. CB           Carrington Byndom         Texas
  91. DT           Zack Kerr             Delaware
  92. WR         Austin Franklin  New Mexico State
  93. FB           Trey Millard        Oklahoma
  94. RB           Isaiah Crowell    Alabama State
  95. TE           Asa Watson       North Carolina State
  96. WR         Chandler Jones San Jose State
  97. WR         Damian Copeland            Louisville
  98. OLB        Carlos Fields Jr.  Winston Salem
  99. CB           Travis Carrie        Ohio
  100. TE           Blake Annen      Cincinnati
  101. RB           Senorise Perry  Louisville
  102. G             Chris Burnette   Georgia
  103. K             Anthony Fera    Texas
  104. DT           Ken Bishop         Northern Illinois
  105. TE           Colt Lyerla           Oregon
  106. RB           Henry Josey       Missouri
  107. TE           Chris Coyle          Arizona State
  108. TE           Trey Burton        Florida
  109. OLB        Boseko Lokombo              Oregon
  110. S              Darwin Cook      WVU
  111. WR         Bernard Reedy  Toledo
  112. TE           Alex Bayer          Bowling Green
  113. WR         Kain Colter          Northwestern
  114. OT          Donald Hawkins                Texas
  115. WR         Willie Snead       Ball State
  116. FB           Ryan Hewitt       Stanford
  117. DT           Calvin Barnett    Oklahoma State
  118. QB          Jeff Mathews    Cornell
  119. TE           Michael Flacco   New Haven
  120. RB           Tim Flanders      Sam Houston State
  121. OT          Kenarious Gates               Georgia
  122. TE           Rob Blanchflower            Umass
  123. S              Pierre Warren    Jacksonville State
  124. RB           Damien Williams               Oklahoma
  125. C             Zac Kerin              Toledo
  126. RB           Jerome Smith    Syracuse
  127. OLB        Jonathan Brown               Illinois
  128. WR         Eric Ward             Texas Tech
  129. RB           Ben Malena        Texas A&M
  130. WR         Jeremy Gallon  Michigan
  131. QB          Dustin Vaughan                West Texas A&M
  132. RB           George Atkinson III         Notre Dame
  133. OT          Jeremiah Sirles  Nebraska
  134. ILB          James Morris     Iowa
  135. OLB        Shaquil Barrett  Colorado State
  136. WR         Albert Wilson     Georgia State
  137. DT           Bruce Gaston    Purdue
  138. DE           Chaz Sutton        South Carolina
  139. WR         Kenny Shaw       Florida State
  140. DT           Eathyn Manumaleuna   BYU
  141. WR         Josh Stewart      Oklahoma State
  142. S              Christian Bryant                Ohio State
  143. RB           Silas Redd            USC
  144. K             Cairo Santos       Tulane
  145. QB          Stephen Morris                Miami
  146. TE           Ted Bolser           Indiana
  147. WR         Tracy Moore       Oklahoma State
  148. FB           Gator Hoskins    Marshall
  149. WR         Solomon Patton               Florida
  150. CB           Kameron Jackson             California
  151. DE           Chidera Uzo-Diribe          Colorado
  152. FB           Chad Abram       Florida State
  153. OLB        Xavius Boyd        Western Kentucky
  154. RB           Roderick McDowell         Clemson
  155. CB           Charles Sawyer Mississippi
  156. RB           Adam Muema   San Diego State
  157. RB           Stephen Houston            Indiana
  158. WR         Jaz Reynolds      Oklahoma
  159. QB          Bryn Renner       North Carolina
  160. ILB          Stephon Robertson        James Madison
  161. WR         Marcus Lucas     Missouri
  162. G             Andrew Norwell               Ohio State
  163. TE           A.C. Leonard      Tennessee State
  164. K             Cody Parkey       Auburn
  165. TE           Gabe Holmes     Purdue
  166. DT           Beau Allen          Wisconsin
  167. WR         D.J. Coles             Virginia Tech
  168. OT          Matt Hall              Bellhaven
  169. S              Avery Patterson               Oregon
  170. OT          Bryce Quigley    San Diego State
  171. TE           Blake Jackson   Oklahoma State
  172. FB           Nikita Whitlock  Wake Forest
  173. WR         Torrence Allen   West Texas A&M
  174. C             Jonotthan Harrison         Florida
  175. TE           Kaneakua Friel  BYU
  176. P             Tom Hornsey     Memphis
  177. S              Alden Darby       Arizona State
  178. RB           Jeremy Smith    Oklahoma State
  179. WR .       Kenny Bell           Alabama
  180. DT           Johnnie Farms   Memphis
  181. ILB          Greg Blair            Cincinnati
  182. S              Jeremy Deering                Rutgers
  183. RB           Venric Mark        Northwestern
  184. DT           Demonte McAllister       Florida State
  185. WR         Isaiah Burse        Fresno State
  186. RB           Brendan Bigelow              California
  187. C             Matt Armstrong               Grand Valley State
  188. WR         Noel Grisby        San Jose State
  189. S              Brian Jackson     Oregon
  190. P             Steven Clark       Auburn
  191. DT           Garrison Smith  Georgia
  192. RB           Glasco Martin    Baylor
  193. TE           Nic Jacobs           McNeese State
  194. ILB          Glenn Carson     Penn State
  195. TE           Asante Cleveland             Miami
  196. WR         Gregory Hardin North Dakota
  197. C             Gus Handler       Colorado
  198. WR         Ryan Lankford   Illinois
  199. DE           Colton Underwood         Illinois State
  200. QB          Kenny Guiton    Ohio State
  201. S              Isaiah Newsome              Louisiana Monroe
  202. CB           Keon Lyn              Syracuse
  203. WR         Kevin Ozier         Arizona State
  204. OLB        Brad Daly             Montana State
  205. P             Tyler Campbell  Mississippi
  206. C             Khalil Wilkes       Stanford
  207. OLB        Corey Nelson     Oklahoma
  208. RB           Jeff Scott             Ole Miss
  209. DT           Tim Jackson        North Carolina
  210. DT           Chris Whaley      Texas
  211. TE           Jerod Monk        Baylor
  212. DE           J.R. Collins           Virginia Tech
  213. K             Chandler Catanzaro        Clemson
  214. P             Brian Schmiedebusch     Bowling Green
  215. OT          Rob Crisp             North Carolina State
  216. FB           C.J. Zimmerer    Nebraska
  217. TE           Jake Long            Nebraska
  218. K             Cade Foster        Alabama
  219. TE           Cameron Brate Harvard
  220. RB           James Sims         Kansas
  221. QB          Keith Price         Washington
  222. DT           Byran Jones        Arkansas
  223. OG         Antwan Lowery                Rutgers
  224. OLB        Marcus Whitfield             Maryland
  225. WR         Tony Washington             Appalachian State
  226. CB           Jabari Price         North Carolina
  227. RB           Marcus Coker    Stony Brook
  228. P             Matt Yoklic          Pittsburgh
  229. WR         Allen Hurns         Miami
  230. OT          Kelvin Palmer    Baylor
  231. OG         Austen Bujnoch                Cincinnati
  232. TE           Nehemiah Hicks               Texas A&M
  233. WR         Alex Amidon      Boston College
  234. RB           Wesley Tate        Vanderbilt
  235. S              Jerry Gates         Bowling Green
  236. DE           Ryne Giddins     South Florida
  237. CB           Jimmy Legree    South Carolina
  238. P             Cody Webster   Purdue
  239. WR         Chris Boyd           Vanderbilt
  240. OG         Trey Hopkins      Texas
  241. OLB        Jamal Merrell     Rutgers
  242. S              Daytawion Lowe              Oklahoma State
  243. DT           Kaleb Ramsey    Boston College
  244. WR         Corey Brown      Ohio State
  245. WR         Devon Smith      Marshall
  246. CB           Marcus Williams               North Dakota State
  247. DT           Donte Rumph    Kentucky
  248. QB          Tyler Russell       Mississippi State
  249. OT          Josh Wells           JMU
  250. TE           Eric Waters          Missouri
  251. OG         Dallas Lee            Georgia
  252. RB           Branden Oliver  Buffalo
  253. DE           Jamil Merrell      Rutgers
  254. S              Malcolm Willis   Penn State
  255. CB           Damante Horton              Washington State
  256. RB           Jordan Hall          Ohio State
  257. S              Demetrius Wright            USC
  258. WR         Mike Williams    California (Pa)
  259. P             Richie Leone      Houston
  260. DE           Colby Way           Buffalo
  261. OG         John Martinez   USC
  262. OT          Michael Philipp Oregon State
  263. OLB        Mike Olson         Wake Forest
  264. RB           Trey Watts           Tulsa
  265. ILB          Dan Fox                Notre Dame
  266. K             Jeff Budzien      Northwestern
  267. DT           Jeffery Whitaker              Auburn
  268. S              Shamiel Gary     Oklahoma State
  269. OG         Marcus Hall         Ohio State
  270. OLB        Shaun Lewis       Oklahoma State
  271. P             Cody Mandell    Alabama
  272. S              Tre’ Porter          Texas Tech
  273. DT           Derrick Hopkins                Virginia Tech
  274. OT          David Hurd          Arkansas
  275. CB           Todd Washington             Southeastern Louisiana
  276. DT           Luther Robinson               Miami
  277. DT           Wade Keliikipi    Oregon
  278. S              Mark Joyce         South Florida
  279. OG         Mason Walters  Texas
  280. DE           Jason Ankrah     Nebraska
  281. S              Isaiah Johnson  Georgia Tech
  282. DT           Chris Davenport               Tulane
  283. RB           Brennan Clay     Oklahoma
  284. ILB          Steele Divitto     Boston College
  285. S              Elisha Olabode  TCU
  286. CB           Jordan Love        Georgia
  287. P             Harrison Waid    San Jose State
  288. OLB        Terrence Lewis  Texas Tech
  289. OT          Parker Graham Oklahoma State
  290. WR         Ben Edwards      Richmond
  291. OG         Andrew Rodriguez          Nebraska
  292. S              A.J. Marshall      Wake Forest
  293. S              Jason Hendricks                Pittsburgh
  294. RB           A.J. Blue               UNC
  295. DT           Kamal Johnson  Temple
  296. CB           Ciante Evans      Nebraska
  297. OLB        Carl Fleming       Indiana (Pa)
  298. S              Jacques Washington       Iowa State
  299. TE           Zane Fakes         Ball State
  300. DE           Corey Miller       Tennessee
  301. QB          Jordan Lynch      Northern Illinois
  302. DT           E.J. Dunston       UCF
  303. P             Baker Swedenburg         Mississippi State
  304. OG         Brian Clarke        Bloomsburg
  305. S              Nick Perry           Alabama
  306. CB           L.J. Jones            Fresno State
  307. OT          Brent Qvale        Nebraska
  308. OLB        Tahj Jones           LSU
  309. K             Vincenzo D’Amato           California
  310. DT           Damien Jacobs  Florida
  311. CB           John Fulton        Alabama
  312. OG         Will Jackson        Georgia Tech
  313. OT          Fou Fonoti          Michigan State
  314. DT           Lawrence Virgil Valdosta State
  315. DE           Tyler Scott           Northwestern
  316. TE           Matt Lengel        Eastern Kentucky
  317. CB           Jeremy Brown   Florida
  318. FB           Maurice Hagens               Miami
  319. OLB        Darrin Kitchens Florida
  320. ILB          Keith Smith         San Jose State
  321. CB           Louis Young        Georgia Tech
  322. S              Tanner Miller     Iowa
  323. DT           Maurice Couch  Tennessee
  324. QB          Brendon Kay      Cincinnati
  325. OLB        Eddie Lackey      Baylor
  326. DT           Quinton Washington      Michigan
  327. WR         Javontee Herndon          Arkansas
  328. OLB        Spencer Shuey  Clemson
  329. OG         Tyler Shatley      Clemson
  330. DE           Darryl Cato-Bishop         North Carolina State
  331. OT          Kyle Lichtenberg               Iowa State
  332. ILB          Chris Young         Arizona State
  333. DE           Tevin Mims         South Florida
  334. CB           B.J. Lowery         Iowa
  335. S              Adrian Phillips    Texas
  336. DT           Robert Thomas Arkansas
  337. S              Jordan Love        Towson
  338. OG         Will Simmons     East Carolina
  339. OT          Davonte Wallace              New Mexico State
  340. OLB        Brandon Watts  Georgia Tech
  341. S              Abdul Smith       Temple
  342. ILB          Caleb Lavey        Oklahoma State
  343. S              Sam Holl               Baylor
  344. DE           David Gilbert      Miami
  345. P             Paul Layton         Temple
  346. OLB        Steven Jenkins  Texas A&M
  347. QB          James Franklin  Missouri
  348. K             Andrew Furney                Washington State
  349. CB           Barry Browning Stanford
  350. OG         Ronald Patrick   South Carolina
  351. DT           Shaq Rowell       WVU
  352. DE           Jake Metz           Shippensburg
  353. OLB        David Mackall    Delaware
  354. ILB          Jack Tyler             Virginia Tech
  355. OLB        T.J. Stripling        Georgia
  356. DE           Walker May        Vanderbilt
  357. TE           Gabe Linehan    Boise State
  358. OG         Nicholas Kaspar                San Jose State
  359. CB           Tyler Patmon     Oklahoma State
  360. S              A.J. Highsmith   Miami
  361. ILB          D.T. Shackelford                Mississippi
  362. TE           Beckett Wales   Syracuse
  363. OLB        Kevin Greene    USC
  364. OG         Grant Enger        Oregon State
  365. DT           Jacobbi McDaniel             Florida State
  366. QB          Nathan Scheelhaase       Illinois
  367. DE           Jacques Smith   Tennessee
  368. OT          Jimmy Bennett Uconn
  369. CB           Najja Johnson   Buffalo
  370. K             Zach Hocker       Arkansas
  371. DE           Denico Autry      Mississippi State

2014 NFL Draft Round 6 Best Available

May 10, 2014 in Big Board

DE Trevor Reilly Utah

DE Jackson Jeffcoat Texas

QB Zach Mettenberger LSU

ILB Christian Jones Florida State

CB E.J. Gaines Missouri

OLB Morgan Breslin USC

DT Anthony Johnson LSU

WR Robert Herron Wyoming

OT Antonio Richardson Tennessee

ILB Shayne Skov Stanford

S Ahmad Dixon Baylor

G Anthony Steen Alabama

OT James Hurst UNC

DE George Uko USC

QB Brett Smith Wyoming

RB Lache Seastrunk Baylor

CB Loucheiz Purifoy Florida

S Craig Loston LSU

CB Marcus Roberson Florida

DE James Gayle Virginia Tech

CB Rashaad Reynolds Oregon State

S Dion Bailey USC

ILB Max Bullough Michigan State

CB Victor Hampton South Carolina

CB Antone Exum Virignia Tech

DT Daniel McCullers Tennessee

WR Brandon Coleman Rutgers

OLB Howard Jones Shepard

ILB Jordan Zumwalt UCLA

ILB Yawin Smallwood Uconn

WR Jeff Janis Saginaw Valley State

C Tyler Larsen Utah State

CB Terrance Mitchell Oregon

DT Kelcy Quarles South Carolina

DE Ethan Westbrooks West Texas A&M

CB Chris Davis Auburn

DT Deandre Coleman California

OLB Adrian Hubbard Alabama

S C.J.Barnett Ohio State

WR L’Damian Washington Missouri

CB Bennett Jackson Notre Dame

DE Michael Sam Missouri

WR Michael Campanaro Wake Forest

S Kenny Ladler Vanderbilt

WR T.J. Jones Notre Dame

OT Austin Wentworth Fresno State

RB Storm Johnson UCF

RB Marion Grice Arizona State

DE Josh Mauro Stanford

QB David Fales San Jose State

S Ty Zimmerman Kansas State

OLB Kasim Edebali Boston College

WR Tevin Reese Baylor

C Gabe Ikard Oklahoma

CB Andre Hal Vanderbilt

CB Deion Belue Alabama

TE Xavier Grimble USC

DE Jeoffrey Pagan Alabama

OT Cornelius Lucas Kansas State

RB Antonio Andrews Western Kentucky

S Hakeem Smith Louisville

G Jon Halapio Florida

TE Joe Don Duncan Dixie State

P Kirby Van Der Kamp Iowa State

ILB DeDe Lattimore South Florida

OLB Ron Powell Florida

WR Matt Hazel Coastal Carolina

G Ryan Groy Wisconsin

DT Jay Bromley Syracuse

S Daniel Sorensen BYU

WR Mike Davis Texas

RB Kapri Bibbs Colorado State

TE Jake Murphy Utah

OT Seantrel Henderson Miami

RB Rajion Neal Tennessee

RB Tyler Gaffney Stanford

S Sean Parker Washington

CB Kendall James Maine

QB Keith Wenning Ball State

CB Lavelle Westbrooks Georgia Southern

S Isaiah Lewis Michigan State

WR Cody Hoffman BYU

OT Charles Leno Boise State

TE Jacob Pedersen Wisconsin

RB James Wilder Jr. Florida State

RB Darrin Reeves UAB

DT Shamar Stephen Uconn

QB Connor Shaw South Carolina

C James Stone Tennessee

ILB Brock Coyle Montana

S Nickoe Whitley Mississippi State

K Chris Boswell Rice

OLB Denicos Allen Michigan State

DE Ben Gardner Stanford

OLB Tyler Starr South Dakota

S Jamea Thomas Georgia Tech

WR Bennie Fowler Michigan State

DT Kerry Hyder Texas Tech

S Jonathan Dowling Western Kentucky

TE Jordan Najvar Baylor

OT Kevin Graf USC

DT Villiami Moala California

FB J.C. Copeland LSU

OT Matt Patchan Boston College

RB LaDarius Perkins Mississippi State

RB David Fluellen Toledo

DE IK Enemkpali Louisiana Tech

TE Marcel Jensen Fresno State

CB Carrington Byndom Texas

DT Zack Kerr Delaware

ILB Andrew Jackson Western Kentucky

WR Austin Franklin New Mexico State

FB Trey Millard Oklahoma

RB Isaiah Crowell Alabama State

FB Jay Prosch Auburn

TE Asa Watson North Carolina State

QB Tajh Boyd Clemson

WR Chandler Jones San Jose State

WR Damian Copeland Louisville

OLB Carlos Fields Jr. Winston Salem

CB Travis Carrie Ohio

DE Zach Moore Concordia St. Paul

TE Blake Annen Cincinnati

RB Senorise Perry Louisville

G Chris Burnette Georgia

K Anthony Fera Texas

DT Ken Bishop Northern Illinois

WR Quincy Enunwa Nebraska

TE Colt Lyerla Oregon

P Pat O’Donnell Miami

G Zach Fulton Tennessee

RB Henry Josey Missouri

TE Chris Coyle Arizona State

TE Trey Burton Florida

OLB Boseko Lokombo Oregon

S Darwin Cook WVU

WR Bernard Reedy Toledo

TE Alex Bayer Bowling Green

WR Kain Colter Northwestern

OT Donald Hawkins Texas

WR Willie Snead Ball State

RB Alfred Blue LSU

FB Ryan Hewitt Stanford

DT Calvin Barnett Oklahoma State

QB Jeff Mathews Cornell

TE Michael Flacco New Haven

RB Tim Flanders Sam Houston State

OT Kenarious Gates Georgia

TE Rob Blanchflower Umass

S Pierre Warren Jacksonville State

RB Damien Williams Oklahoma

C Zac Kerin Toledo

RB Jerome Smith Syracuse

OLB Jonathan Brown Illinois

WR Eric Ward Texas Tech

CB Brandon Dixon Northwest Missouri State

RB Ben Malena Texas A&M

WR Jeremy Gallon Michigan

QB Dustin Vaughan West Texas A&M

RB George Atkinson III Notre Dame

OT Jeremiah Sirles Nebraska

ILB James Morris Iowa

OLB Shaquil Barrett Colorado State

WR Albert Wilson Georgia State

DT Bruce Gaston Purdue

DE Chaz Sutton South Carolina

WR Kenny Shaw Florida State

DT Eathyn Manumaleuna BYU

WR Josh Stewart Oklahoma State

S Christian Bryant Ohio State

RB Silas Redd USC

K Cairo Santos Tulane

QB Stephen Morris Miami

TE Ted Bolser Indiana

WR Tracy Moore Oklahoma State

FB Gator Hoskins Marshall

WR Solomon Patton Florida

CB Kameron Jackson California

QB Garrett Gilbert SMU

DE Chidera Uzo-Diribe Colorado

FB Chad Abram Florida State

OLB Xavius Boyd Western Kentucky

RB Roderick McDowell Clemson

CB Charles Sawyer Mississippi

RB Adam Muema San Diego State

RB Stephen Houston Indiana

WR Jaz Reynolds Oklahoma

QB Bryn Renner North Carolina

ILB Stephon Robertson James Madison

WR Marcus Lucas Missouri

G Andrew Norwell Ohio State

TE A.C. Leonard Tennessee State

K Cody Parkey Auburn

TE Gabe Holmes Purdue

DT Beau Allen Wisconsin

WR D.J. Coles Virginia Tech

OT Matt Hall Bellhaven

S Avery Patterson Oregon

OT Bryce Quigley San Diego State

TE Blake Jackson Oklahoma State

FB Nikita Whitlock Wake Forest

WR Torrence Allen West Texas A&M

C Jonotthan Harrison Florida

TE Kaneakua Friel BYU

P Tom Hornsey Memphis

S Alden Darby Arizona State

RB Jeremy Smith Oklahoma State

WR . Kenny Bell Alabama

DT Johnnie Farms Memphis

ILB Greg Blair Cincinnati

S Jeremy Deering Rutgers

RB Venric Mark Northwestern

DT Demonte McAllister Florida State

WR Isaiah Burse Fresno State

RB Brendan Bigelow California

C Matt Armstrong Grand Valley State

WR Noel Grisby San Jose State

S Brian Jackson Oregon

P Steven Clark Auburn

DT Garrison Smith Georgia

OLB Marquis Flowers Arizona

RB Glasco Martin Baylor

TE Nic Jacobs McNeese State

ILB Glenn Carson Penn State

TE Asante Cleveland Miami

WR Gregory Hardin North Dakota

C Gus Handler Colorado

WR Ryan Lankford Illinois

DE Colton Underwood Illinois State

QB Kenny Guiton Ohio State

S Isaiah Newsome Louisiana Monroe

CB Keon Lyn Syracuse

WR Kevin Ozier Arizona State

OLB Brad Daly Montana State

P Tyler Campbell Mississippi

C Khalil Wilkes Stanford

OLB Corey Nelson Oklahoma

RB Jeff Scott Ole Miss

DT Tim Jackson North Carolina

DT Chris Whaley Texas

TE Jerod Monk Baylor

DE J.R. Collins Virginia Tech

K Chandler Catanzaro Clemson

P Brian Schmiedebusch Bowling Green

OT Rob Crisp North Carolina State

FB C.J. Zimmerer Nebraska

TE Jake Long Nebraska

K Cade Foster Alabama

TE Cameron Brate Harvard

RB James Sims Kansas

QB Keith Price Washington

DT Byran Jones Arkansas

OG Antwan Lowery Rutgers

OLB Marcus Whitfield Maryland

WR Tony Washington Appalachian State

CB Jabari Price North Carolina

RB Marcus Coker Stony Brook

P Matt Yoklic Pittsburgh

WR Allen Hurns Miami

OT Kelvin Palmer Baylor

OG Austen Bujnoch Cincinnati

TE Nehemiah Hicks Texas A&M

WR Alex Amidon Boston College

RB Wesley Tate Vanderbilt

S Jerry Gates Bowling Green

DE Ryne Giddins South Florida

CB Jimmy Legree South Carolina

P Cody Webster Purdue

WR Chris Boyd Vanderbilt

OG Trey Hopkins Texas

OLB Jamal Merrell Rutgers

S Daytawion Lowe Oklahoma State

DT Kaleb Ramsey Boston College

WR Corey Brown Ohio State

WR Devon Smith Marshall

CB Marcus Williams North Dakota State

DT Donte Rumph Kentucky

QB Tyler Russell Mississippi State

OT Josh Wells JMU

TE Eric Waters Missouri

OG Dallas Lee Georgia

RB Branden Oliver Buffalo

DE Jamil Merrell Rutgers

S Malcolm Willis Penn State

CB Damante Horton Washington State

RB Jordan Hall Ohio State

S Demetrius Wright USC

WR Mike Williams California (Pa)

P Richie Leone Houston

DE Colby Way Buffalo

OG John Martinez USC

OT Michael Philipp Oregon State

OLB Mike Olson Wake Forest

RB Trey Watts Tulsa

ILB Dan Fox Notre Dame

K Jeff Budzien Northwestern

DT Jeffery Whitaker Auburn

S Shamiel Gary Oklahoma State

OG Marcus Hall Ohio State

OLB Shaun Lewis Oklahoma State

P Cody Mandell Alabama

S Tre’ Porter Texas Tech

DT Derrick Hopkins Virginia Tech

OT David Hurd Arkansas

CB Todd Washington Southeastern Louisiana

DT Luther Robinson Miami

DT Wade Keliikipi Oregon

S Mark Joyce South Florida

OG Mason Walters Texas

DE Jason Ankrah Nebraska

S Isaiah Johnson Georgia Tech

DT Chris Davenport Tulane

RB Brennan Clay Oklahoma

ILB Steele Divitto Boston College

S Elisha Olabode TCU

CB Jordan Love Georgia

P Harrison Waid San Jose State

OLB Terrence Lewis Texas Tech

OT Parker Graham Oklahoma State

WR Ben Edwards Richmond

OG Andrew Rodriguez Nebraska

S A.J. Marshall Wake Forest

S Jason Hendricks Pittsburgh

RB A.J. Blue UNC

DT Kamal Johnson Temple

CB Ciante Evans Nebraska

OLB Carl Fleming Indiana (Pa)

S Jacques Washington Iowa State

TE Zane Fakes Ball State

DE Corey Miller Tennessee

QB Jordan Lynch Northern Illinois

DT E.J. Dunston UCF

P Baker Swedenburg Mississippi State

OG Brian Clarke Bloomsburg

C Matt Paradis Boise State

S Nick Perry Alabama

CB L.J. Jones Fresno State

OT Brent Qvale Nebraska

OLB Tahj Jones LSU

K Vincenzo D’Amato California

DT Damien Jacobs Florida

CB John Fulton Alabama

OG Will Jackson Georgia Tech

OT Fou Fonoti Michigan State

DT Lawrence Virgil Valdosta State

DE Tyler Scott Northwestern

TE Matt Lengel Eastern Kentucky

CB Jeremy Brown Florida

FB Maurice Hagens Miami

OLB Darrin Kitchens Florida

ILB Keith Smith San Jose State

CB Louis Young Georgia Tech

S Tanner Miller Iowa

DT Maurice Couch Tennessee

QB Brendon Kay Cincinnati

OLB Eddie Lackey Baylor

CB Kenneth Acker SMU

DT Quinton Washington Michigan

WR Javontee Herndon Arkansas

OLB Spencer Shuey Clemson

OG Tyler Shatley Clemson

DE Darryl Cato-Bishop North Carolina State

OT Kyle Lichtenberg Iowa State

ILB Chris Young Arizona State

DE Tevin Mims South Florida

CB B.J. Lowery Iowa

S Adrian Phillips Texas

DT Robert Thomas Arkansas

S Jordan Love Towson

OG Will Simmons East Carolina

OT Davonte Wallace New Mexico State

OLB Brandon Watts Georgia Tech

S Abdul Smith Temple

ILB Caleb Lavey Oklahoma State

S Sam Holl Baylor

DE David Gilbert Miami

P Paul Layton Temple

OLB Steven Jenkins Texas A&M

QB James Franklin Missouri

K Andrew Furney Washington State

CB Barry Browning Stanford

OG Ronald Patrick South Carolina

DT Shaq Rowell WVU

DE Jake Metz Shippensburg

OLB David Mackall Delaware

ILB Jack Tyler Virginia Tech

OLB T.J. Stripling Georgia

DE Walker May Vanderbilt

TE Gabe Linehan Boise State

OG Nicholas Kaspar San Jose State

CB Tyler Patmon Oklahoma State

S A.J. Highsmith Miami

ILB D.T. Shackelford Mississippi

TE Beckett Wales Syracuse

OLB Kevin Greene USC

OG Grant Enger Oregon State

DT Jacobbi McDaniel Florida State

QB Nathan Scheelhaase Illinois

DE Jacques Smith Tennessee

OT Jimmy Bennett Uconn

CB Najja Johnson Buffalo

K Zach Hocker Arkansas

DE Denico Autry Mississippi State