Redskins Weekly: Recapping Draft & Big Offseason Moves

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A lot has happened the past couple weeks after a slow start to the league year so lets start with the first big news.

1- Josh Norman was a good signing.  Hands down. 

I think too much is made about big money going to free agents but I feel this one is legit.  This isn’t Janoris Jenkins or Byron Maxwell.  Those guys have not done what Norman did last season.  Or make a Pro Bowl or come close to being defensive player of the year like Norman.  From what I see the scheme the Redskins use won’t be a mismatch from what he was successful doing in Carolina.  And I don’t see this as a Nmandi situation either.  I never was a fan of him in Oakland.  No one ever saw him play because the Raiders were awful and when he got to Philly he was exposed.  Norman from week 3 or 4 on was in the spotlight last season.
What if the worst happens?  He is a dud or injuries happen?  It becomes a two year deal then and they can cut ties and take a dead money hit.  I hope that doesn’t happen but it isn’t a franchise killer.  I am excited to see what Norman can bring to a mess of a secondary in a division with two elite receivers.

2- As for the draft I was also happy with what happened. 

By now you have heard all the analysis of the picks from experts you can probably handle.  I do go along with the main point of the McCloughan draft that is popular.  The guy doesn’t freak out and just take what they need now, he sticks to his board and looks long term.  Gone are the days of being weak at receiver and taking three in the 2nd round.  Thomas, Kelly and the future DA Fred Davis will still go down as the Washington Redskins saddest days.  I don’t have much more to say until July and August when we get to see these guys get on the field.

3- I am thrilled the Jordan Reed extension is done now. 

And I think it was a fair deal for both and a good thing we didn’t wait on this till the season started.  We now know the only thing that can hold Reed back are injuries and that is a true concern.  Based on his concussion history for sure.  But it had to be done since he is the best current weapon they have on offense.  Down the stretch especially we saw what Reed can do.

Now that leaves the Cousins situation as the only true contract for 2017 concern to me.  Let’s see what Gallette has in a regular season game before thinking of resigning him obviously.  And I don’t think McCloughan should make a drastic move anytime soon on extending Garcon or DeSean Jackson.  With the cutting of Culliver, after June 2 they team should have plenty of space to maneuver.



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