Redskins Weekly: Discussing Griffin’s Upcoming Release

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Not that it is any bit of a surprise but finally someone with the Redskins said that Robert Griffin would be moving on before next season.  Bruce Allen did not shock the world with his comments to a radio station in San Diego but finally we can move on.  There is no other option now then to just release the former rookie of the year and why not do it now?  The Redskins lost any chance of trading Griffin when they decided to pick up the monsterous 5th year option.  I am sure they could have found a trade partner back before the deadline if this burden was not there.  It was a mistake last Spring and that has not changed.

Now where does Griffin go?  Everyone just assumed Dallas a few weeks ago and when Johnny Manziel continued to destroy what he has left of a career that looked even more likely.  But I think the Cowboys have thought this one out and should look at other options.  I laugh at the analysts who continue to say RG3 behind that Dallas line…it doesn’t matter if he plays like he has the past two years that will not make a difference.  Is Dallas really thinking it is worth putting a ton of work in and changing some of their offense?  With Romo now an injury concern at all times they may just go the route of drafting a QB as an heir apparent.  This year would be the year to do it with high picks in the early rounds.  I still think the best option for them off the Redskins is Colt McCoy as a backup to Romo.  He would have been a huge help for them over Matt Cassel last season.

If not Dallas, where?  The Los Angeles Rams have come up as a possibility and why not?  They have a huge mess at the position and now a ton of cap space to make moves.  Obviously they could be in line to draft a quarterback and probably should but if they fall into the LA-like glam to make a splash who else better than Griffin? It would be ironic to go to the Rams but it could end up being the end of Jeff Fisher there.  From his greatest move to potentially his worst.  This could be Griffin’s best chance to play and start in 2016 so he must look at it.  And having Todd Gurley with him can’t hurt.

I think the best thing for Griffin would be is for Andy Reid to have interest.  But it would take a team like the Eagles and Doug Pederson to go get Chase Daniel from KC.  Reid has a lot of success working with QBs and could be the best guy for Griffin.  He would sit behind Alex Smith for sure but the offense is as close as RG3 could get to being a fit for his past skills.

I hope for Robert Griffin III‘s sake he has some really good people helping him make this decision.  He has had some really bad advice and backing in the past but the past few months he has played it very smart.  And I hope for his sake he looks at himself as someone who needs to work to get better and not as a former rookie of the year.



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