The Kirk Cousins saga continues

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Where is this whole Kirk Cousins 2016 thing going now? Talks are supposedly not happening and now the insiders are even saying there is a chance the franchise tag won’t be placed on Cousins at all? I am shocked it is getting to this point but we are still talking about the Redskins so anything is possible I guess. What would I do? Figure it out long term for sure. And if that is impossible because Cousins thinks he deserves a Rodgers deal say then use the franchise tag.

Since the long term deal sounds less likely to happen soon lets focus on the franchise tag. This has to be done at the least for 2016. You have no other option. Say a team signs Cousins to an offer sheet then McCloughan has to decide if the two first rounders are worth it. Not Snyder, Allen or Gruden, McCloughan is the one that has to make the call. I doubt a team would do this, but there is one that could think about it at the back of the draft. Maybe the Houston Texans feel it is worth the move but I doubt they would.

I know the whole Kirk Cousins did it over 7 or so games and why should he get $19 million off that? Add to that the comparison of Nick Foles which I don’t think is fair. Aaron Rodgers sat for 3 years then got his chance the played well and then got paid. Why isn’t his situation talked about when it comes to Cousins? I don’t think Cousins will be what Rodgers is now but lets not let another team find out. Cousins did what he did with no running game at all, a brand new inexperienced offensive line and lost two of his receiving weapons for some time. What if they can get these guys experience and keep them on the field? The Redskins need to find out what this team can do at it’s full potential, even if its under the tag.

Now why wouldn’t they be sold on at least tagging Cousins? You ready for the regular conspiracy theory? Well, it is not really a conspiracy, because we have seen this organization do insane things. My guess is that Gruden is sold on Cousins, while I think McCloughan is happy, but may think the franchise tag is a smarter call right now. That leaves the owner and the thought he is not ready to sign off on a large deal for Cousins. Would it be crazy to think he has his eye still on something else? No, I was very positive in the direction this team was going with McCloughan after just one year. But in the back of my mind I still have lets say a 25% chance that they will screw this up. There is way too much evidence to back this. I don’t need to give you guys the list, again.

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