Redskins Weekly: Preparing for Packers & Playoffs

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1- Nothing to say on the Dallas finale. 

Not worth the time other than to celebrate Big Ty stopping the bum Greg Hardy from cashing in.  Playoff week is the biggest topic but there is another one that is getting almost as much discussion.  And it does involve the Dallas Cowboys of course.  I am hearing way too much concern around town about Robert Griffin playing for the Cowboys next season.

Stop whining people.  For beginners, there is nothing the Redskins can do now.  They have to cut him and he is not going to want to come back here.  It’s over.  Celebrate your memories of 2012 and get over it.  You can fault the Skins for picking up the 5th year option for some moronic reason but that is it.  Maybe they could have gotten a conditional pick a few months back?  Maybe.

And for those that think he is just going to go Dallas and be a star again please watch 2013 and really watch 2014.  Plus, Dallas has Tony Romo and we should be way more concerned with the potential of him coming back healthy.  And Dallas and Jerrah probably has his eyes on his crush Johnny Manziel anyway.

I have no ill will towards Robert and won’t be pricking a voodoo doll of him in whatever team he goes to next.  I am happy if he succeeds.  But he isn’t the same player he was in 2012 when the offense of the Shanahans was electric at times.  If he plays in that offense maybe he gets it back but I am truly not sure.  Even when Gruden tried read option Griffin just wasn’t the same.  And I am not surprised after the injuries he has endured.  I know he is tough, but they take a toll.

2- As for the Green Bay Packers and Sunday’s playoff game. 

Green Bay looks pretty bad right now.  No one can argue that.  Fortunately no one else on NFC was good enough to catch them once they struggled after the 6-0 start.  But they still have Aaron Rodgers and he can change things.  I didn’t think the Packers were that great last season but they should have been in the big game thanks to Rodgers.  But Rodgers can’t be the normal Rodgers if his depleted offensive line can’t keep him up.  I think this is biggest difference in this game and how shocked am I to say that the Skins have a strong advantage in o lines.

And that will be huge because you have be ready for vets like Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers.  I think they could completely change the game but having a pair of strong tackles should make a difference.  Could this game come down to playoff coaching and player experience.  Scary to say but yes and the Pack have to look at that positively.  But gotta watch how it plays out with Sam Shields all week.  If he can’t go I will feel a lot more confident.

In the end….I got Washington 27 Green Bay 17.  You like that?


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