Redskins Weekly – Getting over the Cowboys loss to prepare for the Bears

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1- The Dallas game sucked.  It really sucked on all levels as the Redskins blew a chance to take control of the NFC East. 

But unlike everyone else in the division they failed.  As for the game I will get to DeSean at some point.  For most of the game I hated what the offensive game plan was.  Dallas was ready for the Redskins offense most of the night.  Let’s throw two extra offensive lineman and let them guess what we were doing.  Failure.  At least the running game eventually showed some life with Matt Jones once Cousins was finally able to move the offense.

And you can’t be given golden opportunities by Darren McFadden and fail to take advantage.  That is getting real old.  Now am I shocked the Skins could lose to the Cowboys?  No, but did you see Matt Cassel early on?  He is awful and no way should have kept the Cowboys in a game where they turned the ball over.  Wasn’t it ironic that Jason Hatcher got hurt versus the Cowboys?  Like rain on your wedding day.  Sorry for that.  At least Mason Foster came in and made plays and hopefully can be a serviceable player from here on.

2 – As for DeSean Jackson here I go. 

I am probably not going to trash him as much as most other than saying it was a poor decision and even worse execution.  By throwing him out there the coaching staff are saying we need something big here so go do it.  And then he tried and threw up all over the field.

I remember a Monday Night Dallas game in the Deion Sanders game I was at where the Skins needed a return and Deion went back.  He jumped up and down like DeSean and then took the punt off his facemask.  At least he recovered the punt but the Redskins still lost.  DeSean did bounce back and if the Skins want to win this division he will need to step up again.  I am over it.

3- As for this week Washington rolls into Chicago to battle the Bears. 

Good news is protesters are all over blocking Michigan Ave so DeSean won’t be distracted by a shopping trip.  Last time the Skins went there DeAngelo Hall picked Jay Cutler off four times.  What are the odds this happens again?  992939393-1?  Chicago is coming off as disappointing loss as possible as dropped a game to Blaine Gabbert.  That after winning in Lambeau.

So which team shows up for the Bears?  Which team shows up for Washington?  Hopefully not the Gruden team that can’t win outside of FedEx.  Got a bad feeling here because I just think Cutler is better than Cousins, Fox is better than Gruden and we lose the battle of who battled for our defensive coordinator.   Tough loss as the road woes continue…..Bears 23-16.



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