Redskins Weekly: Cousins Contract & Preparing for Panthers

Washington Commanders Washington Redskins Keys to the Game

1- After the epic beat down of the Saints the talk of the week is all about is it time to send the Brinks truck to Kirk Cousins‘ house? 

Let’s go with the No’s and what they say.  It was the Saints and everyone has been lighting them up this season.  Which is true but Cousins did what he had to do on Sunday.   The past month has been good for Kirk and has quieted most critics especially in DC and he has assured himself he should finish the season as the starter.  So now what do you do?  Are the Redskins risking too much by waiting and seeing a possibility of having to franchise Cousins to keep him and risk paying him $22 million next year?  What if they did that and then kept RG3 at 16 and put $38 million towards these two?  Haha, I hope that doesn’t happen.

Does Cousins want to still deal with the doubters here and could he be licking his chops to enjoy free agency like a starting QB would?  Guys like Chris Cooley says he wants to stay and even Cousins says he wants to grow with his teammates.  But a quick rundown of teams looking for QBs in 2016 should include; San Francisco, St. Louis, Cleveland, and Houston.  And could include Philly, Detroit, New Orleans, Buffalo, New York Jets, and Denver.  Plenty of options for Cousins.

So I think it is best to start making a move now.  Everyone gets scared of the numbers they here when quarterbacks get contracts.  But missing out on a solid starter and passing hurts more than a one year cap hit down the line.  I think the Ryan Tannehill deal is one that should be looked at.  The Redskins could handle the cap numbers for the first two years and if it ain’t working they can move on with non-devastating John Mara-BS penalty hits in the end.  And the cap is going to continue to go up.  And finally Tannehill isn’t Tom Brady but he has a slightly better track record than Kirk so I think they could even reach a better deal.

2- As for the Panthers on Sunday I bet Cousins goes out there and poops the bed and we want McCoy in two weeks.  Just joking. 

I am like the Saints game really interested in this one.  I guess that is a good thing since we waxed the Saints.  The Panthers are going to lose soon.  9-0 isn’t going to be 12-0 in three weeks.  I just hope it is the Skins who put the 1 under the losses and not the Cowboys.  Thanksgiving with Greg Hardy and Dez Bryant next week by the way.

I like the Panthers and really like Cam Newton even if his stats don’t look like Brady or Carson Palmer.  Yes, I just replaced Rodgers and Manning with Palmer for now.  He has deserved it.  But I saw the whole games versus Indy and Philly and both could have been losses at home.  And Luke McCown stopped talking to Verizon cell towers to almost win in Carolina also.  But I do have a bad feeling that this Panther team is going to be too physical for the Skins.  Although the Skins teams of the past would get worked on Sunday for sure and this one is different.  I am going to say Carolina 20-16.  But I hope I am wrong here because we would have a true season going on if I am.



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