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1- No real review of the Jets game needed. 

They went and played a better team on the road with a roster that was highly depleted.  So bad Robert Griffin had a space on the active roster.  So I guess I have to discuss the current quarterback situation even though it’s gonna sound a lot like the situation two months or so ago.  Kirk Cousins hasn’t been great and ran with his opportunity to be the long term starter.  In face he hasn’t run at all which also surprises me.  But he still should be the starter for the near future.  It still makes no sense to make a move to McCoy or Griffin.

Especially Griffin who still has the 16 million dollar for next year sitting there.  Griffin won’t do any better and we know this since we have seen him play the last two years.  Unlike national media guys who question why Griffin hasn’t gotten another chance and have simply not seen him in this offense.  Unless Art Briles is on the Redskins sidelines Sunday keep him on the bench.  Actually I wish they would have just ended this and released him by now but this is the Redskins.  A team that simply does stupid things but must love winning 3-4 games but being the talk of the NFL still.  That is all I got for now on this continued mess.

2- What has happened to the Redskins run game and their run defense? 

Both of these were strengths early in the season but now are a concern.  Morris and Jones rolled through the Callahan offensive line to big games in weeks 1 and 2 but now are stuck in the mud.  It has been ugly as Chris Thompson has become the only back making plays but those are in the passing game.  I know the losses on the line have to be an effect but that can’t be it all.  Or was Shaun Lauvao the second coming of Larry Allen?  Joking but this team will need to get things going once again.  It would help if the passing threats of Desean and Jordan Reed get back but who knows when that will be?

As for the defensive line injuries are not an excuse.  Simply because they have been pretty healthy up front.  Everyone was sold that “Pot Roast” Knighton was a beast but I had concerns when he only got a one year deal?  He has played like a one year deal minimum salary guy so far and needs to get it going or it’s a quick stop in DC.  Even a true beast like Keenan Robinson has been quiet the past few weeks.  I thought with the depth that the Skins built on the line guys would be fresh but that isn’t the case.  The past few weeks have looked like Dana Stubblefield is back.

3- Great matchup this week as the Buccaneers come to town. 

Larry Michael will be the only one who can try to sell this as an interesting game.  Speaking of announcers betting we get FOX’s 8th team this week.  Ok, I just looked it up and it’s actually was scheduled preseason to be Kenny Albert and Moose Johnston.  Wonder if that has held up?  Doug Martin has to be more excited to play this Skins D than getting rid of the Muscle Hamster name.  But I think we get revenge on last year’s beat down the worst place Bucs laid on the Skins.  Capt. Kirk is back baby!  Redskins 23-13.


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