Redskins Weekly: Preparing for the Jets

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1- First a review of the Atlanta loss. 

I really liked the late drive by Cousins and the offense when it seemed like the game was over after Atlanta scored.  All around impressive as Cousins looked like a Brady or a Rodgers to get into the position to kick the field goal.  A field goal from 52 that Dustin Hopkins drilled. Even though he finally missed one and everyone questioned cutting Forbath, he has been solid and the correct move.

I really like what Jamison Crowder is giving the offense now also in place of Andre Roberts.  Only five games in so I expect this to get better.  They really need to get the ball downfield since teams are not fearing this from Cousins at all but hopefully DeSean returns this week and it changes.  If he can’t go, then use more Rashad Ross to keep the defense honest.

So far I am happy with Joe Barry and what he is doing compared to the defenses of the past.  Maybe his talent is better but not on Sunday.  The defense made Matt Ryan look like a normal QB for most of the afternoon which no one expected.  I know Julio Jones was hobbled but still guys like Breeland and Blackmon stepped up in coverage.  What was surprising compared to the earlier games was how Washington got ran on.  The Falcons and Devonta Freeman gashed the Skins and kept them in the game.  Hopefully this was a one week thing and the run defense can get going again.

2- I agree with something Chris Cooley said about the running back situation.  I think Jay Gruden has to decide on a back and go with it. 

The split is way too even and neither back can get it going.  And in the past couple weeks the running game has suffered.  Unless Shawn Lauvao was just that good?

So who is it?  Morris, Jones or the guy who has been most effective the past few weeks in Chris Thompson?  I think you have to still go with Alfred Morris as the main back and roll with it for now.  I love what I see at times from Matt Jones but it is Morris who has done it for over three years and I don’t believe has any signs of slipping.

3- I think I had this team at like 6-10 but now can we see 8-8? 

Believe it or not I feel this team actually finds the middle at 7-9.  The win against Philly and the tough loss in Atlanta shows promise.  But this team has already been crushed by injuries and we are only five weeks in.  Hopefully the gets more guys back than lose even more guys over the next few weeks.  But again McCloughan is in season one and hasn’t had the chance to build depth just yet.  Then again, 7-9 could tie for first in the end.

4- Based on the past couple weeks and that the Jets lost at home to the Eagles this week is looking kinda good. 

If other teams don’t fear Cousins no one fears Ryan Fitzpatrick.  And I think Breeland is a good matchup against Brandon Marshall.  But the Jets defense should come to play and Chris Ivory is a lot better than people think.  I feel a tough letdown after two close down to the wire battles.

I got Jets 20-16.


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