If Griffin starts the year, is the season lost?

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If the Redskins are dead set on giving Robert Griffin starts in the first four games of the season no matter what other than injury are they throwing the season?  Are they as bad as the Philadelphia 76ers?  If what is being reported is true I am on the edge of jumping ship with this team.  Maybe I should have waited until after the Baltimore game to write this but I agree way too much with guys like Jason Reid who consider this move throwing the season away from the beginning.

I can’t see Washington winning any of the first four games if the Griffin we have now seen for over the year is behind center.  Unless he gets hurt, which isn’t out of the question.  I am shocked this has gone on this far without any of the other players in the locker room being able to no longer keep quiet and speak their mind.  For once I would understand it due to the frustration they must feel to know the hard work they put in will be wasted.  If I were Pierre Garcon or Desean Jackson I would have consider giving up money to get out of town pretty soon.  At some point the other 52 players not loved by the owner as much as the 1 costing them need to rise up.

So what if Griffin is once again horrible on Saturday night?  Do the few who support him continue to blame Jay Gruden?  It doesn’t matter because Gruden has been put in a terrible situation in DC.  I still think this team would get a huge moral boost if Griffin was let go.  The ultimate addition by subtraction unless the owner was to someday step down.  But that is not going to happen and when I hear people who cover the Redskins when they start 0-4 say Dan Snyder is livid he will have no one else to blame once again.  But my guess is Gruden or down the road McCloughan will end up paying the price.

I know I come off as truly a negative fan the past few weeks but this has gotten to rock bottom for me with the decisions and how this organization is run.  All the excitement of finally adding a true player personnel guy in Scot McCloughan is long gone.  I can listen to everyone in Ashburn tell me how great the defense is going to be improved but I doubt it matters if they are on the field most of the game.  Clinton Portis can say Griffin shouldn’t be used in the preseason and I can get a laugh out of that one to at least ease the pain.

As for Portis, it is sad to watch him report from the sidelines.  Please Redskins hire a real reporter to do that job!  That is what real teams do.  Then again you have the worst play by play homer making those decisions which embarrass the organization also.

This preseason came in with some hope that a team that is 7-25 over the past two seasons could improve but now I am looking at another mess of a season.  More off the field drama than wins, which would be nothing new.


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