Redskins Preseason Week 2 Notes – RG3, Cooley & More

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1-This team cannot get away from being the laughing stock of the NFL. 

The Raiders are officially off the block and Redskins fans can no longer say at least we aren’t the Raiders.  No team makes no on the field playing headlines like the Redskins.  No one.  It has gotten sick and it’s time to make a major change to end this.  You all know what I am referring to first of all with Robert Griffin calling himself the best QB in the NFL.  I really don’t care about those who defend it as confidence, it is not, it is just stupidity.  Something he continues to be very good at while not being very good at playing quarterback.

I think it is time to just end this.  Why wait it out?  This team needs a major change of course again other than just hiring a new GM in Scot McCloughan.  They need a PR complete blowup and it would make it easy to start by getting rid of Griffin to start and moving on.  Who cares now how many picks they gave up?  It doesn’t matter anymore as he continues to embarrass himself.  Will it happen?  Probably not because the gentleman who has turned this team into a mess probably won’t let it happen and will ride Griffin until he takes this team to 1-6 or something like that.  I wanted to give him a chance but his lack of success on the field has finally been matched by his cluelessness off the field.

2- That wasn’t the only thing everyone is laughing about this week.  Sad thing is this one involves a player who everyone has had a ton of respect for since he was drafted years ago. 

I admire Chris Cooley and hope he has success in his attempt at a comeback.  And I hope he gets a chance with a team soon but if McCloughan doesn’t want to go that route then I am fine passing on him.  Even with the tight end woes the team has.  But I think it was idiotic for Cooley to openly come out that 3 of the 4 decision makers want him back in DC.  Obviously the three are Snyder, Allen and Gruden.  Two guys we don’t want making these decisions and one who needs to be concerned with coaching the players given.

I like to listening to Cooley on the radio and think he does a good job.  He has been critical of certain players which I am slightly surprised by.  But he hasn’t been really critical of the guys at top and that is no surprise.  I thought it was a poor decision in the past to have Cooley as a faceman on the battle to save the Redskins name.  I thought it was amateur hour to send him out as a popular player to defend the name in interviews.  Maybe it was Cooley’s call to do this but it didn’t work for me.  But Cooley pretty much called out McCloughan and now put himself against a new popular GM with the fans.  And if Cooley signs with the Skins what does that mean?  Who is making the calls?  And now Redskins fans see this team heading down the same road again.  Everyone let McCloughan do his job for at least one year.

3- Speaking of our new GM I think he has kinda reached the end of the celebration and now it is time to start to see results.  As I said let’s let him do his work but we can start to at least judge the early moves. 

We can talk all day about the early Scherff move to guard and if he was now picked way too early.  I am not and gonna to let that one play out.  But I think we can question the lack of addressing the tight end position in the draft or in free agency.  He was able to bring Niles Paul back but the injury was crushing to a guy they hoped to be a huge contributor.  I wasn’t convinced Logan Paulsen would be back but he was but now joins Paul on IR.  We can talk all day about the promise of Jordan Reed but I haven’t seen it because he is always hurt.  He promised us 16 games but who knows what that means?

McCloughan was able to add picks in the draft but failed to select a tight end in the same draft.  Probably a mistake now but was overlooked at the time.  I am not saying he should have taken Maxx Williams in the second but grabbing one in the 5th, 6th or 7th would have been nice.  Now the team is in a huge bind and there is a lack of experienced guys out there.  As I said I am cool with the team passing on Chris Cooley.  My guess is the GM waits until the cut down from 90 happens and hopes better talent becomes available.  Will it put them behind?  Yeah, but I didn’t expect McCloughan to get this thing done in 8 months.


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