Redskins Notes before the 1st Preseason Game

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1- As the Redskins prepare for the first preseason game on Thursday lets unfortunately discuss the current state of guess who? Robert Griffin III. I hate talking about him but I have reached a point in my feelings on Griffin and the Redskins. As Griffin plans to be under center versus Cleveland we found out that him and his father were working out on the Richmond practice field after the camp day ended. At first I my thoughts were this is not a big deal, but then I thought about it for a bit and thought it maybe is a bigger deal given the history.

I don’t understand the mind of Robert Griffin III at all. I have given up. Maybe this shouldn’t be a story, but he has to know the backlash this will cause based on the past interference his father has played in his relations with the team. There is no need for him to be out there. I can’t remember Archie Manning ever being involved with either of his sons workouts in camp. He knows what is best and lets the team and their coaching staff do their jobs. But this isn’t all on Griffin to me.

This organization is not capable of handling everything that involves having a player like RG3 on it. From the owner, to the GM and to the way too inexperienced head coach. The Patriots could handle the RG3 show. So could the Seahawks, Steelers and Ravens, but not the current state of the Washington Redskins. They had a coach who had the experience to deal with it, but Griffin and others helped force him out. The PR machine of the Redskins isn’t solid, the coach we still have too many questions about, and the we all know the past relationship the owner has with Griffin. Something that was overlooked last season now was Gruden’s failure to get a QB coach on staff. This was completely an idiot move by a first coach with a first year Offensive coordinator. Thankfully he has fixed that, but what it sounds like was that Matt Cavanaugh was not out there with RG2 and 3. I hope he plays well but if he doesn’t it will be best to end this quickly in my opinion.

2- As for the upcoming game I really want to see improvement from the special teams since they have been horrible for years now. And we should get to see plenty of guys play a lot on Thursday who can make this team with the special teams unit.  Evan Spencer has a chance to make this team and be a huge part of any special team revival. So hope for him to also do things at receiver to warrant him on the 53 since most think he is already one of the best special teamers in camp.

Finally guys I think need to show something:

Morgan Moses- honestly I forgot a few months ago about him even after only one year. Fears of Andre Johnson for me (remember that guy?). But he has been given a huge chance starting Thursday and could turn me on him for the good.

Spencer Long- If Scherff and Moses take the right side for now I would love to see Long step up and challenge Lavauo on the left guard spot.

Jamison Crowder– I wish he was playing, he would have been fun to watch, but I guess I will have to wait until week 2 of the preseason.

All safeties- Duke, Jeron, Dashon, Akeem, etc. Two of you please give us something better than the bast five years.

Murphy, Smith, Jeffcoat- I want to see the OLB’s other than Kerrigan step up. They were determined by the Skins to not be ready when the team signed a troubled Junior Galette. I hope they got the message.

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