Redskins’ Weekly Training Camp Thoughts

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1- Biggest news of camp so far is the horrible day that Bashuad Breeland had last week.

In the morning he found out he would be suspended for the opener versus Miami for last year’s pot arrest.  I almost forgot that happened it was so long ago but the rules are the rules and the suspension is gonna happen.  It got worse in the afternoon when Breeland went down and was carted off the Richmond turf.  Everyone’s worse nightmare for any player a team needs to contribute all season.  It ended up not being as bad as feared although Breeland may miss more than the opener now with a MCL injury.

Breeland showed a lot of promise and may have been one of the few bright spots of the one off season where Bruce Allen made the calls.  The Redskins are fortunate to have Deangelo Hall back and Chris Culliver signed to finally give them some decent depth at corner.  And fortunate it happened in July and not late August.  Now we sit back and hope the team can make it unscathed the rest of the camp.

2- DeSean Jackson brought up something this week that seems to be the “Redskin Way” of the past few years.  Jackson told us that no one can stop him, even Revis or Sherman.

I like that he has confidence but it seems like we get way too much of this from a team that wins 3-4 games a year.  Last season everyone in camp told us that Barry Cofield was the best nose tackle in football.  How did that work out over the past 12 months?  It just seems like the Skins players, coaches and PR loves to tell us how good they are way too much for a team that doesn’t win.

Back to Jackson being the latest to talk.  Jackson shows us at times how crazy good he can be but at times, not all the time.  How many catches did he have last year?  Guess.  It’s 56.  That is it.  How many touchdowns?  Guess again.  6.  That is not unstoppable.  And his team won 4 games.  Revis’ team won the Super Bowl against Sherman’s team.  But many Redskins fans believe that Jackson is unstoppable.  You want to know how?  Just reply to one of these stories on facebook and see what people say in reply.  So maybe the new “Redskins Way” works on a lot of fans.  Probably the same who still have Griffin up there with Rodgers and Brady.

3- I said the biggest news from last week was Breeland’s bad day.  I was wrong because the biggest news was the signing of Junior Galette.

I touched on this last week before they made it official and my stance is still the same.  I don’t think this was a good call by the Redskins.  The only good part is that Galette signed a one year minimum salary deal as he still gets 14 million or so from the Saints.  To me that is the only good part.  Please watch the video and see where Galette full-on hard as he can tried to whip a woman with his belt.  It was not good.  Add to that the other issues Galette has and his exit from the Saints.  I don’t think this was worth it.

Scot McCloughan must have changed his thoughts from earlier when he came here and said they wanted to sign good character players.  Unless this truly wasn’t his call but I think he signed off on it.  Now this team does need talent and Galette can get to the passer, but based on his past but they should have passed.  Let Trent Murphy and Preston Smith battle and see what they got here since both of them were high picks.  This team is not one player away.  It’s closer to ten players away.

And we still don’t know what discipline Galette may face from the NFL.  That video is bad so he could easily be facing something like a 6-8 game ban I would think.  Maybe he gets 6, plays 10 and shows something and helps this team to 8-8.  Then do you give him a big deal at season’s end to keep him?  Ask anyone from the Saints and they will say he changed once he was paid.  Is this really worth it?


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