Top Storylines to Watch Going into Redskins’ Training Camp

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1- Can Gruden coach?

I know we don’t know this yet and last year wasn’t a positive for him.  He brought in his defensive coordinator to improve an embarrassing unit. But what it will come down to is how he handles the quarterback situation.  Gruden was handed the same 3 guys from last year’s 4-12 team, which is unfair to him.  But he has to make something out of at least one of these guys or it could be two and done.

2- Early evaluations of the McCloughan picked players. 

Hiring Scot McCloughan was everyone’s biggest move by this organization in years and I was surprised the Redskins didn’t print shirts like Super Bowl teams do.  I don’t expect fans to be patient with top picks like Scherff, Smith and Jones so they need to get on the field this season or the shirts will stop printing quick.

The draft has been his thing but free agency he was active and those guys need to produce ASAP.  In the end, the real question when it comes to McCloughan is will the guys above him let him do his job?  Even if McCloughan improves the talent would you be shocked if he is two and done or something like that?  This owner seems to screw up things that are good.

Side note, I think it’s stupid to bring in Junior Galette.  They just spent two 2nd round picks in OLB’s.  Let them see what they can do since all spring the skins hyped them at minicamps.

3- Can we for once in years have a decent secondary? 

I really liked bringing in Chris Culliver and again love the signing compared to the Eagles paying double for Maxwell.  He should be the best corner they have had since Shawn Springs I would say.  If D Hall can come back and Breeland and hopefully Amerson can improve in camp I like what they have.

As for safety I am not as positive.  I have more hope than the past few years but I need to see these guys like Ihenacho and Johnson battle strong to start.  And pray that Goldston can get back to his 49ers play and not from the Bucs.

4- Does Desean Jackson make it through camp without blowing up? 

I just tried to make this point interesting because the real question is can Robert Griffin get him the ball!  Griffin has to be better and the team knows.  And I guess the 35 or so scouts and personnel people who crapped on him know also.

Will they change the offense to more 2012 plays or try to see if Griffin can do more conventional offensive sets?  If it’s the latter then I guess we will have a QB battle by seasons start if not earlier.  Going back to Jackson and also Garcon.  These guys might destroy Richmond if they have deal with the play that Griffin showed in 2014.

5- Who gets cut? 

I am kinda surprised Perry Riley is still around and I think if young inside backers step up could he be in trouble?  What about a guard like Shaun Lauvao in the second year of a four year deal? The Skins line depth is still a question mark but I feel like they have a few guys who could push him.  For bigger names that is all I got which just shows that this team does need to build better talent over the next few years.  Chris Simms disagrees but he was probably high when he jumped on the Skins bandwagon.


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